Shocking! men this is how Delhi Metro hates you


This message found in Delhi Metro is sending shock waves through India. Social media is shocked by the extreme form of misandry shown by Metro authorities that left men in India fuming in anger.

The message displayed in Delhi Metro read –

Do you know why we don’t have a men’s coach in metro?

That’s because there are hardly any men in Delhi.


be a man”

The message in a way term all men as molesters and that enraged women too. However, many women were found to support this message and bashed men for being butthurt by this.

If this was done against women, NCW, WCD or even courts would have taken suo moto action against Metro authorities for such sexist message. However, because this is said against men, no authority seems to be bothered.

Men’s rights groups are however taking on metro authorities directly and planning strict action against metro authorities.


20 exclusive loan benefits for women that men never get

These are 20 benefits that women get for their loans from various banks and financial institutions that men don’t get. On the contrary, there is no benefit that men get for loans but women don’t get.

Home Loan

1.   SBI




What is important to note that even the weaker segment people don’t get cheaper loan beyond 28 lacs. But even highly earning progressive family women get cheaper loans.

ICICI bank offers same amount of loan at 0.05% premium to salaried men.

3. HDFC Bank


HDFC also charges 5 basis point lower rate for women applicants

4.   Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers Home loan at interest rate of 9.75% to women and at 9.85% to men for amount upto 75 lakhs.

Other benefits for women

  1. Delhi and Haryana women pay two percent lower stamp duty than men on property registration.
  2. Women need to be either sole owner or primary owner in a co-owned affordable house. A poor man can’t get affordable housing in his own name.

  3. Women are also eligible for tax deduction of Rs. 2 lakhs on interest paid on home loans.

  4. Women are also allowed to deduct the interest rate paid against the mortgage loan against the net rental value when they rent out their home.

  5. Banks give preference to women loan applicants over male applicant. Thus getting such an application rejected is less if the applicant or primary applicant is a woman.

Car Loan

10.   State Bank of India


Women pay lower interest for SBI car loans as well

11.   Federal Bank

Federal Bank offers car loan @ 10.5% to women while the rate is 11.3% for others including weaker and sections.

12.   Andhra Bank

For women they offer auto loan 1% above the base rate while for men they offer 1.75-2% above the base rate.

13.   Mahindra Finance

Mahindra Finance offers 0.5% rebate to its women customers.

  1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank offers loans at base rate to women. There is no bank that offers loan at base rate to men.

Education Loans

Not only home loan or car loans, women are given special discounts in education loans as well. Andhra Bank and Indian Overseas Bank give 0.5% discount on education loan to women.

15. HSBC’s India Student Education Loan Program – Offers 50 basis point discount to girl students

16. Central Bank of India’s Cent Vidyarthi Program – They offer a lower base rate of interest for female students at 1.5%, as compared to 2% for male students.

17. Corporation Bank’s Corp Vidya Program The bank offers concession in rate of interest at 50 BPS for girl students.

18. Overseas Bank’s Vidya Jyoti Program – The bank allows interest concession at 0.5% on all education loans to girl students for pursuing education in India and Abroad.

19. State Bank of India’s SBI Student Loan Scheme –Like other banks, SBI also has a lower rate of interest for girl students at 0.5%

20. Allahabad Bank’s education loan – Rebate of 1% allowed under all slabs for girl students.

There may be other banks offering other facilities only to women that are not captured here.

Buying flat in joint name?

If you are an Indian man looking for some tax benefit and lower interest liability by buying a flat in your wife’s name (or in joint name) while you keep paying the EMI solely, remember DV case still allows her to throw you out of that house while you keep paying the EMI and maintenance to her. Let her pay the EMI and get all benefits of the loans, while you enjoy the life without owning any property.



Exclusive: Yes, I have seen molestation in Bangalore


Today, I read your article where you showed that one of the molestation complainants has changed her story. Initially she told that she was in MG Road, Bangalore  but later claimed she was molested in Indira Nagar. It wouldn’t have made any sense to me if I hadn’t attended a Cubbon Park meeting of a group organizing a campaign called #IWillGoOut. I chanced upon their meeting on 7th January when I went to the park to meet a friend of mine.

The meeting was protest of mass molestation in Bangalore, we read in newspapers. The news enraged me the most as I was really scared of women’s safety in the city. Everyone in the meeting was talking about mass molestation but none of them seemed to have seen anything other than utter chaos. They all believed in media reports.

I found a few guys who were there as martial arts trainers and they were training women how to crush the balls of guys next to them. In fact, I found the trainer himself was molesting the woman in guise of training and she was very happy about it. I have some photos for you taken from their video –

Molestation in Bangalore

Cubbon Park meeting of #IWillGoOut campaigners

His hands were going all over her body and she was happy, something I felt very weird about. I thought they were there against molestation. Other guys around seemed to be enjoying the scene. One girl was repeatedly talking about “crushing the balls’ and everyone including guys were applauding. I didn’t feel good about it.

In the meeting they spoke about women being molested in masses and how the photos depicting policewomen carrying those women showed molestation. Later when I read police version I came to know that police were only rescuing drunk women.

There was a lawyer from an NGO called Vimochana. She was telling everyone how to file molestation case. She told everyone that it is very easy to file such cases and a girl just needs to prove that she was present there when the incident happened. The lawyer also told the women present to convince passers-by that molestation happened and her job will be done. I was little confused that if getting legal recourse was so easy then why they were making a big fuss about it. Why training, talking about crushing men’s balls or a separate march on January 21st.

I was not very sure if I understood their agenda properly and as they were talking about a second meeting on 11th at Bangalore, Town Hall, I decided to go there.

Their Town Hall meeting was attended by several hundreds of people, both men and women. Many media houses and police personnel were also present. The same discussion was happening. I tried to speak with a few journalists and policemen there. Surprisingly, most of them were speaking about K’halli incident as mass molestation. I was little confused as I thought mass molestation happened in MG Road. They said women go through these every day, so the march was organized.

I was more confused after attending their meetings than ever before. Then I chanced upon your article and came to know that Chaitali Wasnik has changed her story and is claiming that she was molested in Indira Nagar Area. It reminded me of what the Vimochana lawyer told in Cubbon Park. “A woman just needs to prove she was present in the location of crime”.

Believe me, I was contemplating joining the #IWillGoOut march for women safety on 21st January, but now feel something is not quite right. When we men are going out for women’s safety, women are actually planning to kill us; when we are concerned about safety of our mothers, daughters and sisters; women lawyers are teaching them how to file cases just like that. This is really dangerous. I have seen real molesters gathering up with #IWillGoOut and openly molesting; somehow I am feeling that we are emotionally blackmailed into saving drunk and immoral women. My perspective about them has changed. This is really scary.

  • Name withheld on request



Indian mother’s powerful reply to celebrities’ will blow your mind

jyoti-tiwari-fitting-replyAfter the media created hysteria of mass molestation in Bangalore, celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Virat Kohli slammed Bangaloreans. Akshay Kumar in his message slammed Bangalore men for their outrageous dance and also said that he was ashamed of being a human. He said, that a society that can’t respect their women can’t be deemed as a society for humans. He also said that some men even dare to justify harassment of women. In his address he admonished them by saying they should correct their behavior without any delay.

India’s Cricket team captain Virat Kohli also joined the bandwagon of male bashers by saying that women should now boycott Indian men.

An Indian mother of a boy, Jyoti Tiwari has given them a fitting reply to both.

In her message Jyoti said that it felt very strange to her that an actor like Akshay Kumar had the audacity to give this message when the films he endorse shows high end sexism and objectification of women. These don’t have any respect woman notification in the beginning of the movie either. Telling Akshay that his remark was solely based on one isolated video, couple of eyewitness’ statements and blurred images, Jyoti reminded that the same happened after Badaun rape case or during Jat protests as well but no celebrity tendered any apology when those cases turned out to be false.

Bangalore molestation – primary victim changed her story

Jyoti slammed Akshay and other celebrities for their selective humanity and for no reaction when videos of male bashing by women come to the light. She reminded celebrities that none of them ever felt ashamed when men were subjected to violence by women.

Jyoti stated that the focus of celebrities like Akshay and Virat is for selling products, be it a movie or other brands they endorse. Their ads also objectify women or show how men can get women by using those products. So she felt very strange that they spoke about respecting women when they themselves don’t.

Challenging the celebrities for their mindless messages without verification of facts, Jyoti Tiwari expressed her grave concerns as a mother of a boy. She reminded them that they had created a society where boys don’t get justice or share their problems and are shamed without any reason. She expressed her grave concern that if this mindless male bashing continues, then boys will be depressed and eventually succumb to this enormous social pressure.

Ladies’ gang uses molest trap for cash

She also reminded the higher suicide rate of males compared to women and strongly criticized both for making their views without any knowledge or understanding of current social situation. She asked these celebrities to think why they didn’t get angry when a man is cut in 19 pieces by a woman (16 Dec 2012, Mumbai) and why no celebrity felt ashamed to be a human then.

This message given in Hindi clearly showed the fear of a concerned mother of a son and is going viral in social media ever since it got published -.

It is pertinent to mention that ever since the media allegation of mass molestation in Bangalore there is no evidence of the crime happening en-masse. One isolated video, some statements and blurred pictures were circulated to convince people about molestation happening in masses. In spite of the fact police checking 70 CCTV footages police did not find any evidence of mass molestation.


Bengaluru mass molestation: primary victim changed her story

Earlier in this article I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat” on mere receiving a friend request.

In that article I used this picture from Bangalore Mirror –


After publishing the article I received this comment on The Male Factor (TMF) from Chaitali Wasnik –


Around the same time she has posted on her FB wall about TMF article.

The reason we did not publish this comment earlier was because we did not believe in her story told here for following reasons –

  • The face of the girl in the picture did not match that of Chaitali Wasnik
  • Chaitali mentioned in her FB post that she was returning from office when the ordeal happened with her. There was no mention of MG Road / Brigade road area which was very natural.
  • She claimed in this comment that the guys circled (by me) were trying to hold her back while she was hitting the molester. This argument seemed vague as the circled guys are not even close to the girl. And –


We found Barkha Dutt being her idol.

So we knew what was cooking.

In another comment she tried to justify her abusive nature towards men –


I have never seen any other woman being so abusive on FB or blowing things out of proportion –


Obviously she didn’t seem normal to me and I left it to police to investigate the matter and waste their time because they didn’t have a choice anyways.

The reason I am forced to write this article today is because contrary to what she wrote on 3rd Januray, now she is claiming that the incident with her happened in Indira Nagar area which is approximately 5 Km away–


So the question is, why does she have to change the place of the incident now? Possibly because she realized that she wouldn’t be able to prove her presence in MG Road / Brigade Road area where the Mirror journalist was present and her molestation claim will fall flat easily.

Women may be able to claim molestation easily and everyone will be forced to believe that unless it is found that she was not even present in the location of the perceived crime.

If her claim was right and Mirror journo took her photo then the Mirror Journo’s version that he took the images in MG Road / Brigade Road area falls flat.

There was also a possibility that what she told us was a lie. After all, she didn’t have to tell us the truth anyways. But if that was the case, then it would prove that she can tell lies about molestation.

There is also another possibility that the comment was made by someone else and NOT by Chaitali? Then it confirms feminists’ desperation to prove Bangalore molestation. But this can be ruled out as I found the email id to be hers but the email ID is used to maintain a different FB account with another name.

Even though this photo does not prove anything, the changing storyline of Chaitali’s claim raises many questions that we need answer. I will share the IP address and email ID used to write the comments to Bengaluru Police if needed.

Today, claiming molestation is very easy, no evidence needed and if police can’t nab the culprits that becomes police’ fault. If someone raises question about the authenticity of the claim, he is attacked as a patriarch doing victim shaming. But why should we cower when we see discrepancies? After all, how long do we need to undergo this emotional blackmail in the name of safety of our mothers, sisters and daughters?



  1. Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories

When Om Puri stopped acting for a while

om-puri1Today the demise of veteran actor Om Puri reminded me of our team’s meet with him and his little but significant contribution towards the cause of men’s rights in India.

When I read in newspapers about Om Puri’s estranged wife filing domestic violence case against him and his statement regarding the case, what struck me was his pain which many of us share. I saw a very honest remark without any attempt at political correctness when he spoke about the case being motivated out of greed.

I was surprised that he himself attended the call when I called him. When I told him about our NGO, he seemed a little excited. He was hoping if someone could help him in his distress. I didn’t know he would need help. A veteran actor of decades as a star, a celebrity who could boast Hollywood appearances would be vulnerable and would want help that our group could offer hadn’t crossed my mind. I used to think that alpha males have it easier and could wriggle out of situations given their social status and financial clout at disposal. The meeting was fixed for the next day itself.

Before the meeting, he was unsure whether he really wanted to talk to us about his issues. We were soon seated at his home and he arrived, limping. The chance meeting the Ghashiram of Ghashiram Kotwal or Arvind Velankar from Ardh Satya would have been too unreal for me and I was not expecting that, but at least I thought couldn’t it be Inspector of Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Thaa or the rebellious Sanatan of Maachis. It was a very different Om Puri. Real life was far too cruel for him.

Our conversation began as we told him that Vaastav runs a suicide helpline for men and provide help to men in distress.

“Yesterday I was contemplating whether I should take pills or hang myself” these were the words of the veteran actor in moist eyes. I did not see a versatile actor with an enviable profile of Hollywood feats in his kitty, but I saw a vulnerable human, like countless others whom we have counseled at Vaastav Foundation. It shook me and others listening to him. For the first time he spoke with us without his façade of acting. We realized he was putting an unreal face in disguised mannerism everywhere else.

He described the issues faced by him, in his estranged marriage, few financial details, his vulnerabilities as a man, issues faced by him and what transpired, problems fighting a litigation, difficulties in handling lawyers, complexities facing the judge, vulnerabilities engaging the police. Om ji was now flowing out with his matters almost like we were his closest childhood buddies. Above all, he was concerned that his son should not misunderstand him.

He called his lawyer and spoke about us. He was extremely at peril legally in that stage and he even wanted us to meet his legal team. Then he called his psychologist. Described us as ‘very positive boys’ and repeated it multiple times. That was the time when the psychologist also seemed happy, listening to his overjoyed child like enthusiastic conversation. Those few moments of joy, were quite familiar for us. Men who think they have no support and suddenly find strength in our group have numerous times displayed it in our group meetings.

We told him about the impending International Men’s Day on 19th Nov and if he had any message for men. He readily agreed for a video –

Today, I am happy that we could offer him some solace when he was most vulnerable and needed it most. When I got in touch with him again and congratulated him for his successes in his cases he gladly accepted my wishes.

As I have observed him, he had become bitter from within. He spoke with us about what came to his mind. He also tried to make amends for his acerbic statements but misandrist society didn’t understand those. He was bullied everywhere by the misandrist society which did not see it was equal party in his bitterness and hidden anguish.

When things turn bad, alpha males have it worse, but they hide it better than the rest. That’s the lesson, Om ji taught me. I am happy that I experienced in person, when at least for some time, Om Puri had stopped acting. That was better than anything I had seen of him onscreen.

Today, on his last day, I see a wronged man, a very vulnerable one.

May his soul attain peace. #AumShanti
By Amit Deshpande


Om Puri with the Vaastav team


Amit Deshpande

Amit Deshpande

Amit Deshpande is the Founder-President of Vaastav Foundation. The prevailing misandry in society made him take up the cause of fight for men’s rights. He strives to highlight men’s issues which have been hitherto neglected. He appeared on TEDxTalk here.

Vaastav Foundation is an NGO working for Men’s Issues in Mumbai. It conducts weekly meetings in Borivli, Mulund and Vashi and is a part of the Men’s groups coalition in India under the banner of Save Indian Family. It runs a suicide helpline for men on 8882 498 498 where almost 100 activists from all over the country, operate the helpline round the clock.


MRAs on Om Puri’s death

Anupam Dubey

स्वर्गीय ओम पुरी का जीवन व उनकी म्रत्यु एक ज्वलंत उदाहरण है कि कोई भी पुरुष जब अपनी टूटती हुई गृहस्थी को संभालने का प्रयास करता है और फिर भी उसे जबरन, महिलाओं के छद्म सशक्तिकरण के लिए बने कानूनों  के मुकदमों मे फंसा दिया जाता है और उसके बच्चों से भी दूर कर दिया जाता है, तो कैसे उसका जीवन अपने ही घर मे एक अजनबी कि भांति अकेला और क्रूर हो जाता है। ईश्वर  उनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे।

Amit Kumar Gupta

When going gets tough – tough gets going. At times when celebrities shy away from issues like atrocities on men, OM ji was candid to share his heart and speak for men however distressed he was. This shows true mettle of a person he was. The strength he displayed in his character was also reflected in his act and in reality when he spoke of men’s issues. He is a true inspiration for those who hide behind feminism.

Saurabh Bannerjee

It was a few years ago when I heard about problems in his marital life. I was very sad that on a mere statement of his wife he was maligned in the media so badly. I always knew he was a thorough gentleman. He proved it by fighting in difficult times and winning back hearts of others. He was and always will remain in our hearts as one of the most versatile actors.

Navneet Sahu

Om Puri didn’t die, a father died just because of a greedy and adulterous wife. Before trying to make India great, our PM should make India safe for her men.

Chetan CSK

As a man, I am deeply saddened with the news of sudden demise of Om Puri ji. He was a victim of biased legal system and society. He was paying a hefty maintenance to his wife and son. Two years ago when we met him in his residence, he was very happy that someone was there to stand for him. From Vaastav Foundation we have invited him to come to our meetings but he could not come there for his celebrity status. If he could join us, we would have saved him today. I wish we could bridge the gap and come closure in some way. RIP to the great soul.

Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories

On the morning of 3rd January, 2017 one of my readers from a different city asked me about Bangalore’s night of shame on 31st night and my observation of the same. I was clueless about any mass molestation that could have taken place in MG Road, Brigade Road area as I opted to stay at home this year. Also I stopped following mainstream media stories after realizing how they had created false stories around Nirbhaya rape.

So to understand and to investigate into the matter I tried to search on web and in social media. The source of all news seemed to be a Bangalore Mirror article that first claimed about mass molestation of women. So I tried to read the same to understand what really happened –

bangalore-mirror on Bangalore Mass Molestation

Bangalore Mirror took one full day to report such a crime or it was afterthought?

Looks like Bangalore Mirror’s Swamyji didn’t realize until 2nd January that there was such a grave crime committed in Bangalore. He thought his images would be convincing enough for the world to believe in his words.

So I started investigating the images that the article shared. Since some of the images on the article is now covered by ads due to this article going viral, I have sourced those images from other news sites –

The most discussed image to prove molestation happened media showed this image –

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation

This image was shown as a woman being groped. Except her facial expression we don’t see anything and if her facial expression could prove anything of molestation then the two irritated men circled by me also shows to be raped. I am not sure how Bangalore Mirror could show that image as molestation, unless being surrounded by men (and we don’t know if they were known) is molestation for women.

Given below is the second image in the article but I have taken it from India Today News for clarity.

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation2

This image also does not show any molestation unless men looking at women is considered as molestation. It is only on journalist’s imagination to find out molestation here.

The image below shows a woman being rescued by a police woman and another woman is with another man who looks like her boy-friend and media captioned this as “Bengaluru Molestation” –

drunken-men-grope-women10 - Bangalore Mass Molestation

The reason the guy looks like her boy-friend or husband is because she is also hugging that man closely. I guess no woman will clutch on to their molesters like the one shown here.

So the question is, is the drunken girl who is visibly in no condition to walk was molested? Clearly men didn’t come forward to help her (could be a possible feminist reason to bash insensitive men if this story was not about molestation) and here the police woman just could be taking her to a place where she could rest. From no angle we can see molestation here, neither does this photo suggest any.

Given below is another photo where a woman is helped to walk and no molester in sight. Anyone who ever went to such crowded New Year Eve parties would have noticed how women get tipsy over small drink or behave that way.

drunken-men-grope-women3 - Bangalore night of shame

So helping someone walk or rescuing a woman become evidence of molestation here in the lens of Swamyji.

drunken-men-grope-women5 Bangalore night of shame

The above picture shows a man rescuing a woman and not many people around. This could be they were trying to avoid crowd unless the man himself is shown as molester here. However, this picture does not show anything like that.

Bangalore molestation – a mother gives a fitting reply to Akshay Kumar

In the image below too we find a group of men and woman walking. None of the woman seems to be disturbed but still it is shown as an image of molestation and women safety issue.

drunken-men-grope-women6 Bangalore night of shame

Now let’s come to these two epic images that even in your wildest imagination you can’t think of anything wrong happening to women.

drunken-men-grope-women7 Bangalore night of shame

In the first image of three men, one Punjabi man is helped by his friends to stand. Visibly he may be drunk heavily but with no woman around it is unlikely these three men were molesting someone.

In the second image there is only one worried man whom the girls are not even noticing. But the creative Bangalore Mirror journalists found a molester somewhere. Surprisingly, the only man (who could be possible molester per the media) in this second image looks more worried than the women.


In the image above, also shown by Bangalore Mirror and all the leading Indian and Global media we see the crowd is being dispelled by police. The people seem to walk calmly and we find girls talking to each other. The boys around the girls look like walking in a group and no way look like molesting the girls. The man who looks scared of the policeman is far from any molestation unless the photographer could read his mind beforehand that he was about to pounce on the girls.

drunken-men-grope-women9 Bangalore night of shame

The above image is also shown as prove of molestation where we clearly see two guys taking their girl- friends along.  Visibly the girls are not hitting out to these boys and they can’t be molesting the girls while seeming like taking care of them.

The Guardian reported this to prove mass molestation based on a woman’s FB post –

chaitali-wasnik on Bangalore NYE Molestation

Surprisingly everyone is supposed to believe her statement especially when on merely getting FB friend request she can “punch the guy’s face with a bat


Her other Facebook posts also portray her to naturally abusive and it is a surprise to see that media like The Guardian promoted her FB post to prove a story that happened elsewhere.

Ladies’ gang uses molestation trap for money

When I failed to see anything beyond mass gathering and unrest thereof, I tried to find out the videos posted by mainstream media or individuals on NYE parties in Bangalore. Surprisingly all videos contained the same images to prove molestation as given in Bangalore Mirror.

Then I saw tweet froom Bangalore’s Police Commissioner that if complaint is raised by anyone they will take action –

praveen-sood - Bangalore police commissioner on Bangalore NYE Molestationpraveen-sood - Bangalore NYE Molestation2

So that clarified that until 2nd January evening 8:50 PM IST there was no complaint filed by anyone including those journalists who were showing us their story of supposed molestation. This also included women helpline numbers.

The Logical Indian came out with a story on this matter as well but only after two full days. In the article they claimed to have spoken with one of the victims and her story is not worth believing too. Per The Logical Indian article this girl was in a group of seven when she was molested by a stranger. Then other six surrounded her. Still she was groped by another stranger and she chased him. Surprisingly, when her friends were surrounding her they could realize all these happened. A Story very difficult to believe by commoners.

Also the question arises, how could The Logical Indian team meet a victim. The article does not say the victim contacted Logical Indian, it says The Logical Indian met the victim. It is not possible unless TLI was present at the molestation place. Again, when her own friends didn’t realize what happened, it is only idiotic to think someone else will realize that.

Finally the golden words from the editor in chief of The News Minute. She examined the CCTV evidences and still there was no evidence found –

There is no denying that on every NYE, MG Road, Brigade Road areas in Bangalore see mass gathering of unruly people. The celebration turns wild. So much that three years ago when I went there for first time, I decided not to go there again for my safety reasons. Anyone who visits such places need to remember that pushing, shoving, random comments etc would happen. One random drunk woman tried to hug me and wish Happy New Year. There were women throwing flying kisses to random guys or hugging strangers. Only when it is done by women it is not considered as groping or molestation, else media is there to create such stories. It is like Times of India creating their own campaign that the juvenile was most criminal and everyone believed that even though that was media imagination.

Addition on 4th Jan 7:38 PM IST

And after examining the CCTV footage the Bangalore police chief says this –


One word of Caution

Recently there is a video of molestation came up from Kamanahalli. It shows a woman being manhandled in deserted streets in the wee hours at night. The video does not show mass molestation in MG Road as projected by the media but is being used by everyone to prove what media said. This is indeed shameful for us as men are being stereotyped by such campaigns without any evidence. Our urge as always is let the police take action if there is evidence but the initial evidences shown by Mirror does not show anything.



Bangalore mass molestation – primary complainant changed her story

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