Mumbai Girl Saved A Uber Driver By Telling Truth And There Is No Reason To Applaud

On November 23rd, 2016, Himani Jain a Mumbai girl who took an Uber share ride with another woman Gayatri (Himani changed the name) she found Gayatri to be extremely abusive towards the driver. The driver was extremely polite and courteous and the woman was using all abuses. So Himani came forward to the rescue of the driver gave her number to cops and gave statements of the woman co-passenger being abusive. Her Facebook post given below has the detailed account of the incident –

Naturally, the whole nation came forward to express their gratitude to Himani saying how great a work she had done. Indiatimes took up the story and made Himani a hero and bestowed more power to her and I am surprised why.

When a woman comes forward tells the truth she is not only applauded but raised to god-like status for no reason. It is as if for showing correct human values she is being raised to an elevated status by the society.

Let’s consider another similar case that happened on August 23, 2015, in Delhi. Jasleen Kaur an AAP activist sought to instant fame by accusing Saravjith Singh Bedi of misbehavior while an eyewitness Mr. Biswajeet came forward with the truth and went to all media with the truth. No one, absolutely no one noted the noble deed of Mr. Biswajit and Indiatimes did not write any article on him at that time.

So why is Himani exposing Gayatri should be special in any manner? Some people may say that being a girl it was a brave act but I don’t consider this as any great act and consider this only humane act and nothing else. She should have done this without fail for her own sake and here is why she should not be lauded for this –

  1. If Himani chose to keep mum on this matter, (which she could hardly do with progressing police investigation as police would have traced her even without her giving her number voluntarily) she would have taken men one step closer to hating women. That act of hers would have ensured more men and cab drivers raising their voice.
  2. Himani needed to come forward voluntarily as without that act women like hers would have been considered same as those like Gayatri and for keeping them separate from those criminals, women like Himani need to come forward. They don’t have a choice and certainly, there is no greatness in that.

In fact, I feel she didn’t do enough in this case for the following reasons –

  1. Himani did not reveal the real name of the culprit and changed her name to Gayatri. Why did she have to hide the name of a real criminal? It was in a way protecting identity of a criminal and giving her another chance to do the same later. So Himani’s act is not noble.
  2. Himani only gave her number to the driver and offered help. She only tried to explain to Gayatri and did not do anything else. On the other hand, if two guys were traveling and one was abusive, the other would have started an altercation with that fellow. Giving phone number would have followed anyway. So I don’t think Himani did enough to put a criminal in her place.
  3. She did not press police to file a strong criminal complaint against Gayatri. She would have done the same if the criminal was a guy. So in this case too she showed a soft corner for a criminal and gender bias and her effort should not be lauded.

It is really surprising how a woman is elevated to greatness simply for showing human values. If this continues very soon we need to thank everyone for being human, for telling truth, for not creating public disturbance, for not committing crime, rape, murder etc. It is time that Himani and women like her should know that it is in their best interest they need to not only speak against women criminals but press for their harshest punishment as men have been doing the same for ages to show that ‘Not all men are the same’.



  1. I fail to understand your objection / apprehension. She stood by the truth and saved an innocent . Where the gender comes in? It is character of a person and grooming that matters and not the gender. However police reform needs immediate attention as does judicial reforms. Why police should fake punishment to stand by justice? That may be humorous but that show their Be-chaa-ra Pan. Police needs to be professional.


  2. It is a small example that being an honest and humble man (in Indian society), doing the job of a driver (or maybe any other profession), is under a constant threat of becoming a victim of gender biased laws and its favours. It is such a shame on our society that the current gender biased system couldn’t take any penal action against the wrong women even though there was an eyewitness. The eyewitness and police could only stage a drama to satisfy the ego of that wrong abusive women by conducting the false beating inside the Police Station. Corrective measures were never taken to set an example that laws which gives absolute power to women are not for their misuse and ego satisfaction. The ego of that women (who actually committed the crime) should never be satisfied as this would further encourage her criminal minded believe system to repeat the same against any man in Indian society. Truely this can happen only in Indian. What a sound example of law and order in this country against male victims.
    Seriously, the Government Authorities and all the Hon’ble people of this country must relook the kind of nasty environment that has been created due to misuse of gender biased laws or related favours.
    It is high time that all our great people who are trying to build a decent nation must reapply their best knowledge to stop creating an environment of gender biased favours and misuse of gender biased laws.
    I only feel sorry for the driver who underwent such threatening environment of mental torture and had to loose his valuable working hours.


  3. These days, men are endangered species. They need protection from rogue women who are bent upon taking advantage of the women favouring laws.


  4. She did something good, that much you can’t take away from her. The way the press reacted was, as always, making something out of nothing. But on the other hand perhaps it will encourage more girls to stop seeing life as “team girl vs men” and start seeing it as “doing right by everyone”.


      • That is true. But that’s a problem with the world around her, not with her. And, again, perhaps it will show young girls they don’t need to play gender wars. Something good may come of it.


        • But it isn’t. Humans lie all the time, hide things, lie overtly, twist the truth. The only two pressures are social and legal. And I don’t see much legal pressure put on women to be honest.


        • Bingo..that is the problem…and that is why all women have more responsibility to show that they are not criminals..So in these situations women need to take the abusive women to task…which did not happen.


        • Hence why she doesn’t merit all the media attention. Still doesn’t mean what she did wasn’t good. If you give a homeless person a sandwich, you don’t merit a medal, but you’re not an asshole for not giving them a full dinner, a coat, or a bed.


        • It was expected…and does not deserve accolades however keeping mum should deserve flak…I don’t think you can understand why. There are minimum expectation from everyone not meeting which deserves flak but meeting which does not deserve any praise. For instance, if company you work for gives you correct salary that is expected, if they don’t then they deserve flak / scrutiny. hope you understand.

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        • I understand, but I have absolutely zero expectations from most people and organizations anyway. When they achieve anything I’m pleased, even if I wouldn’t credit them much for it either. I suppose general misanthropy gives me a bit of a barrier against expectations.


  5. I agree with your view that Himani did wrong by not revealing the woman’s name and also by not pressurising the police to file a case against her. It will only embolden the harpie to pull off a similar stunt on another innocent bloke. Moreover, it’s pathetic to see what pussies the police have become that they have to resort to such a ridiculous drama of pretending to beat up the guy just for the sake of appeasing a female criminal. These are the same police that have no qualms about assaulting innocent, defenceless citizens with lathis in public. What a sad state of affairs indeed.

    Let’s hope the driver learns his lesson and invests in a video recorder so that he has the evidence to save his hide and file criminal charges against his abuser the next time such a thing happens.


  6. This is definitely a problem since many women feel empowered enough to have their way & say by hook or crook.

    I have had conversations with a couple of Uber male drivers here in Delhi and they all are apprehensive of female passengers. They are scared of having women board their taxis late night at the famous Hauz Khas Village or HKV as it is called in Delhi. HKV is pretty closeby and has emerged as the most happening spot in Delhi for its nightlife and pubs/dining.

    Most Uber drivers I have spoken to are not interested, if they happen to receive calls from women at HKV later in the night. The reason being is the most dreadful experience the drivers have had with these women and the biased laws supports the women too.

    Most of these passengers are quite drunk and refuse to vacate their car once their destination arrive and they puke all over and create a complete a mess.

    While its easy for the drivers to force reluctant drunk male passengers out of their cabs, in case they don’t do so on their own once the destination arrives, but they are wary of even touching the inebriated female passengers in similar condition for the fear of false accusations of molestation being levied on them.

    The Uber (male) drivers are left with the only option of having to wait endlessly for the drunk women to deboard their cabs on their own, at their own leisure in the middle on the night.

    These drivers feel utterly helpless and scared, thanks to the biased laws of women empowerment which presumes every man to be culprit while the women can go scot-free.


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