The Best Celebration of The International Men’s Day (IMD)

IMD – Brand Enthusiasts

This year Indian brands have made it big for International Men’s Day. Never before promotional offers and innovative efforts to connect to men in the society and to motivate people to spare thought for men’s causes marked IMD this year.

Breweries, Pizza outlets, colleges, schools and other brands came forward in good numbers in IMD celebration. Companies there have found different ways to celebrate men’s day, where some brands offered discounts, some other companies sent their employees to resort for celebration.

To start with Nokia’s Bangalore staff celebrated IMD by wearing custom IMD T’ Shirts that has created a lot of enthusiasm all over India among men to get the tee.

Samsung’s Bangalore office showed IMD message in all their LCD to recognize contribution of men. HP sent Movemeber message to their 250 employees. SAP, Bangalore organized 3K and 5K runs to celebrate IMD, Oracle SSI recognized and sent out a letter about Movember.

Infosys Chandigarh, celebrated International Men’s Day with a talk by Dr. Gautam Goyal (Oncologist) on men’s health issues and specially cancer. One of the most neglected cancers is prostate cancer that does not get funding or care by anyone due to ignorance. Infosys, Chandigarh has broken that barrier by increasing awareness and setting a new dimension in IMD celebration.

Ernst and Young asked their employees to appreciate their male colleagues on social media channels. Genpact also celebrated IMD in their office with games, bay decoration and gifts for men with beard.

But in terms of celebrating International Men’s Day a Bangalore based IT company gave the best treat to its employees. True Blue India Pvt. Ltd. has sent its employees to a resort in outskirts of Bangalore as part of this celebration. Employees wore specially designed IMD T-Shirts. This was the first time when a company has sponsored such a program for their employees to celebrate men’s day.

In terms of celebration by brands, Cirrus a restaurant in upmarket Bangalore, Decathlon a sports brand, Marc O Polo a retailer brand all celebrated IMD and were part of a contest hosted by Sif-K a Bangalore based NGO. The contest asked people to send selfie with their hero and sport #BeardOrStache for Movember.

Toit Breweries celebrated IMD and offered special discounts on the occasion. British brewery Amigos had special Movember discount for entire month of November.

Pizza Stop special offer

Pizza Stop, a Pizza outlet chain in Bangalore celebrated IMD for the entire week and had offers running for the entire week.

Men’s Day – Discount From Retailers

Online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal too had offers for International Men’s Day.Snapdeal offered upto 50% whereas Amazon offered upto 70% discount to to men’s apparel.Flipkart ran a special campaign about movember.

JJ Hospital Mumbai organized a blood donation camp where 134 people donated blood. In this regard the JJ hospital staff was very happy as they had a blood crunch in their blood bank which was resolved due to this camp. Additionally, this activity brought them closure to the masses and increased connection with the people.

When JJ Hospital was running the blood donation camp that was the time Indian govt’s demonitisation drive led people to queue up before banks. A cartoonist created a nice cartoon on JJ hospital blood donation camp.

Sanjeevan’s Multispeciality Homeaopathic Clinic, Pune offered 50% discount on consultation and medicine.


Narayana Superspeciality hospital has organized a symposium on men’s health issues and spcifically on prostate cancer on the occasion of men’s day.


Symposium On Men’s Health on IMD

Men’s Day In Educational Institutes

Another unconventional sector that chose IMD a big way were the educational institutions. Many Bangalore based colleges and universities celebrated IMD and encouraged their students to participate in IMD contests. In this aspect New Horizon College, Jain University, MS Ramaiah Law College, Christ College, SMRIT and Cambridge College were the ones who took part in this celebration. Some Jain University students also took up man’s issues as their subject of research.

Indian media could not stay unware of this day and IMD celebration. Zee News had a fifteen minutes coverage on IMD. Radio Mirchi took interview of an activist from Save Indian Family to let its listeners know  why some men celebrated IMD.


IMD Celebration News in Media

Radio Mirchi also gave a musical treat to the men–

Did you miss out on this opportunity this year while your competitors have shown an edge? Have your days blocked for next year so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity next time.

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day

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  1. Nice to see big brands finally coming up to recognise and appreciate men. And every credit goes to people like you Partha, Vikas Swarup, Deepika and SIF fraternity for restlessly devoted to the cause. Congrats to you all.

    (PS: Am sure by now Meeneka has gone nuts)


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