How TOI Made Up A Story of Female Feticide

If you have the opinion that there exists only one type of feticide – “female feticide”; our media is fully responsible for that. This is because our mainstream media can create enough illusion in the minds of educated Indians to make them believe the same even with statistics that show MORE MALE FETUS were killed. Very often they use an established principle called Expert Fallacy to fool you.

A recent report published by ace Indian newspaper Times of India projects an AIIMS study that showed 48% male fetus being killed in South Delhi compared to 46% girls, shows rampant killing of female fetus and projects that as cruelty to girls while keeping silence on the real issue of male feticide as revealed by the study.

Feticide 1
How TOI projected the study in the online news

The online version of the news still shows an image where a girl is at the center of a gunpoint when the description said: “males outnumbered females”. The report does mention that females outnumbered males for the fetuses with a gestation period of 20 weeks or less when abortion is legal in India.

What the report, however, does not portray is that number of the male fetus was actually killed when the gestation period of the fetus was found to be >20 weeks, which is not legal in India.

So the concern needed to be that more male fetus is being killed in South Delhi. However, to our amazement, the newspaper and also medical experts project this as rampant “female feticide”.

So when the gestation period is less than 20 weeks, TOI found killing of those as sex-selective and projected that as gruesome reality of female feticide; whereas when the gestation period was > 20 weeks, when the fetus is more likely to develop their genders and where the AIIMS study found more male fetuses being killed, TOI did not find any problem with feminism.

Surprisingly even AIIMS doctors found this as female feticide. Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who is the corresponding author of the medico-legal study found “..selective female feticide” as a common motive. This clearly shows that even our doctors are brainwashed or are selectively used to brainwash our general public into believing a false notion of female feticide.

Dr. Tulsi Patel, who is projected as country’s leading researcher of female feticide (as projected by media) said, it is the “patriarchal mindset” that is behind the killing of a fetus or newborn. No wonder, she is another feminist bigot who just can’t see the real issue of male children being selectively aborted and the only reason could be anything but hatred towards girls as she wanted to project.

The media report ends with 2011 census study that showed alarmingly low gender ratio in India to bolster the thought that female feticide is the main issue. Surprisingly, a graphics presented in the TOI printed version exposes this stupidity of our media reporters, doctors, and so-called experts –

Feticide 2
Graphics published by TOI in their printed version

The above graphics printed by TOI, clearly shows that the survey found 48% male fetus was killed as compared to 46% females. Among homicidal killing – 28 boys were killed by blunt force compared to 23 girls.

This shows how our media and so-called experts are making fool of everyone. Even the comment section of the online TOI article shows how common people were fooled in believing that AIIMS study showed rampant female feticide when in reality it showed high male feticide and extreme danger of feminism and our sold out media.



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