National Policy For Women To Discriminate Against Differently Abled Males

If you are a differently abled male living in India chances are you will still not get all benefits given to differently abled persons in The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. Because if we see the latest National Policy for Women, the ministry is proposing to make all provisions of this act favorable to women.

National Policy for Women_Differently Abled
Women will get special provisions

What it means is that now government may give women with less disability more job opportunities than men with more disabilities. As this is only at a policy stage today and the exact degree of benefits can’t be quantified at this stage but this kind of women’s policy will bring gender discrimination in an otherwise gender-neutral Act.

Read the article below and see the reality of handicapped people in Indian. There are more males but all benefits are directed towards women.

Read – Differently Abled – More Males But Women Get More Benefits

This above point coupled with specific mention that all provisions of the Disabilities Act to be women-friendly –

National Policy for Women_Disabilities Act
Disabilities Act will favour women

makes it pertinent to think the WCD ministry is heading towards a women’s policy to create gender discrimination even for differently abled people making a living difficult for them.

National Policy for Women_Land Acquisition
Less registration fees, stamp duty for women

The above point in women’s policy will encourage and ensure that women own more land and property. This will even increase pressure on state exchequer and the burden is likely to pass on to the property owned by the males.

National Policy for Women_Farmers' Collective
Women farmers collective to get special benefits

The above policy as mentioned in the National Women’s Policy will not only create an undue disadvantage for the farmers’ collectives managed and owned by males but will make them non-competitive by selectively making them at a position of disadvantage.

National Policy for Women_Flexi Work
The flexi timing for women

When women will be given benefits like flexible work and affordable housing under National Policy for Women, males in a similar position even under the regime of equal pay for equal work will be deprived of the same resulting in them getting less net pay for the same job. Same roles for males will be made difficult and more challenging as they need to go through the complete grind of the role and for making women’s life easier in same roles.

National Policy for Women_Quota

The dangerous proposition in National Policy for Women is also to ensure more women participation in important services like Civil Services, Judiciary and in CXO levels in corporate houses though quota and financial help. So post implementation of women’s policy, we can expect companies with more women CXOs to get more financial help from govt and thus making them discriminate against males in all promotions. Even if there is no competent woman for the position, the provision of quota will ensure incompetent women are taken for these most sought-after roles.

The above policy for women will soon be made and will not only create huge discrimination against males at all levels but will ensure that these men are selectively thrown out of the mainstream society by a structured approach driven by Ministry of Women and Child Development. Surely women’s policy has nothing to do with development and will create unnecessary gender hatred and huge imbalance in the society.


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