Here’s The Funding Behind Jagori And Its OneBillionRising Campaign

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submits FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]



Its website says – “Jagori has worked end violence against women – Including dowry, Sati, Domestic Violence against women, and sexual assault to sensitize the public and to demand comprehensive gender-just laws”. – This shows a keen focus of this NGO to show violence everywhere and create a sense of insecurity among women in the name of creating awareness. The root of gender bias starts from such NGOs.

The website also proudly claims that – “Jagori has been a part of 16 days of activism on VAW, Orange Day Campaign, Anti Street Sexual Harassment Week and One Billion Rising campaign”.

The website has prominent mention of #OneBillionRising campaign that started in the USA and organized on 14th Feb in 2013. Now if you read the document on Jagori website you will find the mention like – “One Billion Rising …..asked people to collectively rise and say Enough! Violence ends now!” as it says 1 in 3 women on the planet is either beaten or raped in her lifetime.

This document also says that – “In India, a woman is raped every 22 minutes, and a bride burnt for dowry every 58 minutes” – when both figures are numbers of cases filed and not the convicted cases.

So this is an NGO that through its various global collaborations has projected a negative image of Indian society.

Now let’s see how Jagori is getting the inspiration to continue painting Indian society as a barbaric and uncivilized society by showing misleading statistics to show how bad India’s social structure is.

Jagori Donors

  • Jagori 2013-14
  • Jagori 2012-13
  • Jagori 2011-12
  • Jagori 2010-11
  • Jagori 2009-10
  • Jagori 2008-09
  • Jagori funding 2007-08
  • Jagori funding 2007-08
  • Jagori Funding 2006-07
Jagori Donors
Institutional Funding to Jagori (In INR)

Country wise funding to Jagori

Jagori Funding From Countries
Countrywise share of funding to Jagori since 2006 (In INR)

Germans pouring millions into Jagori

German funding Jagori
An ever-growing German funding to Jagori is a cause of concern (In INR)

Historically Jagori has received maximum funding from German church groups that have an agenda of spreading their network in different countries and running their political agenda.

Other important facts that will concern you

  1. IB report in 2012 said foreign donors like Dan Church Aid, EED, and German foundations have a significant impact on environmental policy and was acting against India’s interests through their Indian NGO partners. (News) Same global foundations funded Jagori and many social NGOs like Center for Social Research of Ranjana Kumari and Institute for Social Democracy of Khurshid Anwar. We have seen these NGOs shaming Indian society and culture to every possible extent.
  2. ICCO, Netherlands funds radical NGO that create disturbance. NGO Monitor
  3. German Foundations like Hans Siedel Foundation and Roland Berger Foundation affiliated to major political parties in Germany are playing important roles in upheavals in the Middle East, attracting the attention of regions rulers and making them targets of harassment. Details Here
  4. German organization operating in Egypt was behind massive disturbance and upheaval in the country. News
  5. German Foundation working in an Arab country asked to leave that country for suspicious activities. News
  6. OXFAM, UK has ties with banned Palestine terror group PFLP. News

These NGOs are behind painting Indian society in a bad light and terming India a barbaric nation. Understand the international politics that works behind campaigns like #OneBillionRising and that uses Indian NGOs to campaign against their own country.



  1. Well written Partha….. And to just look at how my ideas have evolved in fighting this menace of feminism and leftist thought process creeping into general social psyche through foreign funded NGOs and media running the gauntlet, I think the next sentence will suffice.

    I have ventured into something which would allow me to earn big and great (all legal tax paid income and then with that earning I would get more time to roam around the world, increase the wealth, so that in 10 years time, might be in 5 years, I can start funding my own research to support masculinist or humanist movement, as well fund those movements.

    But the point is, do really lack of funding and research is the real reason for this malice called feminism and leftist thought, or are they indications of something like doomsday that coming up over the horizon ?? I really don’t know. But life of MAN is worth fighting this shit and enjoying in the process with bliss like feeling that only a saint amidst the chaos can harbor.

    SO I am now on the nearing the end of my van-vaas and getting into agyat vaas which I have used to source things / resources needed for a definitive battles (several), that can help bring back the talk to circle around real equality and harmony between gender, and not mere tokenism and definitely more leftism.


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