Here’s Why You Need To Know Aditya Tiwari’s Story

For 28-year-old Aditya Tiwari, a Pune based IT Professional it was not easy to adopt Binny from a Bhopal orphanage. From his own family members to the orphanages he had to struggle to get approval for the same. Some orphanage officials have gone ahead to discourage him saying no girl would ever marry him if he did so. This is because not only Aditya was unmarried but Binny was a special child with down syndrome and a hole in his heart along with other ailments.

But no such discouragement from the society or from his own family members could deter this 28-year-old single man to adopt Binny. As he said in his interview with the media that he felt amazing attachment and connection to the child the first time he met him in an orphanage. Even Binny used to recognize him every time he visited the orphanage.

Adopting special child
Aditya in an interview with NDTV (click image for interview)

His story and dedication to the child and for a great and noble cause to adopt a child and give him a family, love, care, and protection. In this process of being the first youngest single father to adopt the child, he had to write ~ 100 letters and approximately eight months to overcome all obstacles.

This interview of Aditya tells us the struggle he had to go through to get the child in his family. Originally when WCD ministry was working on creating this legislation (Juvenile Justice Bill) they had kept in mind only girl children. The interview below tells us how the ministry kept its focus on girl children so much that increased the adoption of girl children but not boys.

Maneka Gandhi interview
Maneka Gandhi in an interview with NDTV

When the new adoption laws were enforced in August 2015, everyone has hoped that thousands of children will get their new homes and love of parents –

Child Adoption
Click the image to open the video from WCD ministry FB page

Aditya’s fight was for a boy child and was for a child with special needs. We get shocked to see the kind of hurdles he had to go through especially when the new guidelines assure easier adoption norms.

From minister’s own statistics we come to know that more girls are being adopted but what about our boys? WCD ministry is also responsible for our boys’ and when we see that despite the intervention of her ministry and CARA authorities, Aditya had to undergo so much pain in adopting the child we understand the fate of our boys in orphanages.

We hope the WCD ministry and CARA authorities will look into the welfare of our boys and will encourage noble and kind-hearted parents like Aditya Tiwari to come forward and give a family to those unfortunate children.

Aditya Tiwari’s act has not only a new history created because as an unmarried man he adopted a special child, but also because he had gone against the Govt. created hype of saving only girl children (‘Beti Bachao’). He has also shown us that the so-called patriarchal male-dominated Indian society do abandon their boys and we need our Child Welfare Ministry to work for them as well.

Binny comes home
Aditya celebrating with Binny – Image credit The Better India



  1. Inspiration but lets wait and see how what accusations the feminists have to put nw.
    But congrats bro. Your effort will surely make a huge change.


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