10 Best Practices of Paternity Fraud Cases You Need To Know

Do you suspect your wife of adultery? Do you think she has committed a crime like paternity fraud? Here are 10 best Do’s to help you –

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open

Paternity Fraud, keep eyes open

If you think your wife is cheating on you, there are signs for you to know that. So you need to first check her behavior and understand if she is really cheating on you or living in adultery. There are some women who live with their husbands while maintaining their adulterous relations. Check for these signs to understand if your suspicion is correct.

2. Ask right questions

Paternity Fraud, Ask right questions

When you become sure that your wife is living in adultery you need to ask right questions to yourself and to your wife. To yourself, because you need to make up your mind firmly and understand what you want. To her, because you need to understand what she wants, too. But never accuse her of adultery ever. Rather ask some roundabout questions to understand her attitude. Hints are given in this article.

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3. Be adaptable

Paternity Fraud, Change

Be open to change based on above findings. If you loved your wife and kid too much, learn how to change that attitude. They may be living with you while you discover that the kid is not yours. Most men get into severe depression and try to commit suicide or crime. You need to first be ready to adapt to new situation and be open to change because main work is still pending.

4. Collect right evidence

Giving gift

SMS, message, chat or emails – no matter how explicit they are, can’t be good evidence for adultery. They may be supportive evidence but Adultery cases are quasi-criminal in nature. That is, the case needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt like criminal cases but punishment is low. In case of paternity fraud, only DNA test is a good evidence but the DNA test needs to be done by a govt. approved lab on a judgement of a competent court. DNA tests done from private labs may act as prima facie evidence but will not be considered as a conclusive evidence of adultery.

5. Read related judgements

Paternity Fraud Judgements,

The Internet has given us a lot of benefits. Search the net for wife’s adultery related judgements from Supreme Court and different high courts. There are many websites that give assorted judgements. Read and understand how these cases are tried in courts. Your actions will depend on this knowledge.

6. Believe your wife is at fault

Paternity Fraud, Wife Cheating

Very often our love for the wife or the child makes us so blind that we men start believing ourselves to be at fault. Even we think her paramour is at fault. But the first cheater is your adulterous wife who is living a double life. She is not only cheating on you but also cheating the child. Understand, even that child needs justice and only you can give him/her justice by fighting it out.

7. Be Calm

Paternity Fraud and Patience

One quality in all matrimonial disputes is to keep patience. More so is in adultery cases because these are hard to prove with hardly any result. So first thing is to keep your frustration or desperation away. Be calm and control your emotions, else there is a risk of committing crime too.

8. Hire a good criminal lawyer

Paternity Fraud, Criminal Lawyer

More often husbands make the mistake of hiring a civil lawyer in adultery or paternity fraud cases and end up losing out the battle in their first move. Civil lawyers suggest filing for a divorce (better to commit suicide) on adultery ground and create an attack strategy based on the divorce case. On the contrary, good criminal lawyers suggest only 497 or other criminal cases without filing for divorce that ensures a long-term strategic win for husbands. Also drafting in criminal cases are different from that of civil cases. A criminal lawyer drafts in few words and keep it short and crisp to win at the argument stage. This is a great tactical move that can ensure a win for husbands. A divorce on adultery – Adultery (IPC 497) case combination is a death trap for husbands.

9. Take precautions before starting your fight

Paternity Fraud, Caution

Don’t get too excited even if you get a DNA test done on your child secretly from a private lab. Your DNA test certificate has literally no value in courts if done from a private lab. This is mostly considered as an attempt to malign the wife. So take precautions, contact MRAs to know what precautions you need to take.

10 Fight until victory

Fight Paternity Fraud

Ask any lawyer, and s/he will tell you that in Adultery cases the conviction is near to zero. This is because the law is so loosely bound that even in paternity fraud cases the court supports the adulterous wife and her verbal statement is given more weight compared to your SMS or email evidence. So you need to fight until victory and press for changing the law to punish errant wives. Your future generation and the child who is also a victim of paternity fraud will be thankful to you.


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