Is Kolkata Bridge Collapse Part Of A Global Conspiracy

Kolkata Bridge Collapse

It may sound ridiculous but the flyover collapse in Kolkata may be a part of a global conspiracy.

Apparently, Nigerian prophet TB Joshua had forecast about this bridge collapse in India near a river. Kolkata, the eastern city in India has situated near the banks of river Ganga.

What is even more surprising is that he exactly told that the collapse will happen on Thursday, Wednesday and in reality, it happened on Thursday, 31st March.

He seemed to have known too much about this collapse beforehand. Any sane mind will think twice before believing in such prophecy. Questions are emerging from different corners if this collapse in Kolkata was a part of a global conspiracy.

The builders of the bridge IVRCL, a Hyderabad based organization already complained of sabotage.

This conspiracy needs to be thoroughly probed by IB for such global conspiracy and the criminals be punished.

Here’s the video of T B Joshua who during a speech said a lot of things about this collapse that matched the reality –

It is also said that T B Joshua’s own church building was demolished using infrasound technology that is used in wars for controlled demolition. Here is the theory of infrasonic weapons and how they work –

The theory of infrasound technique is also described here –

Infrasound demolition

The engineers of IVRCL in their first press meet in Kolkata complained about sabotage and a possible explosion as the way the bridge collapsed. This may hint at a very controlled infrasound demolition technique.

Will we ever know the truth?


  1. You know what? There are many people in India who are also capable of watching future, some are born with it and some learn. They just keep calm and never tell you this. But , it is very much possible that this might be a well planned conspiracy as well. So, it needs proper investigation.


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