Women’s Day or International Misandry Promotion Day?


International Women’s Day is finally over. Over past few days we came to know through different campaigns how great, accomplished, heavenly creatures women are. We also came to know through these campaign how mean, degraded, disgusting are men or anyone belonging to that gender.

Major campaigns came from social media giant Facebook and search engine major Google. Facebook showed how both the genders are trying to straighten the female gender. All strength and love (in the form of flower) is bestowed on female gender. This year’s Google doodle showed women from around the world were coming forward and stating their big dreams. The doodle ended with a dream that “one day all girls will have education”.

WomensDayEveningAll these campaigns did was strengthened the ‘F’ word. However, Facebook or Google never did anything for men on International Men’s Day (IMD). Men from around the world ran change.org petitions to request Google to have a doodle on IMD but Google never thought of the same. While Google never ran any campaign for education for boys, they created a need for all girls to get education. This despite the fact that boys are still deemed to be the primary providers.

Women’s Day morning was full of Happy Women’s Day messages from all over. Even Bengaluru Police conveyed that men were responsible to save women.

BengaluruPoliceTweet on Womens Day

This tweet reminded Bengaluru men that Benmgaluru police no longer bothered about men’s safety.

Bengaluru police showed concern for a gender who according to JSWSteel were made of steel –

JSW Steel on Women's Day

So we came to know that a gender made of steel needed more security. Concern shared by a city police that held men responsible for saving #WomenOfSteel showed men that they were the disposable gender.

A Women’s Horlicks campaign reminded that women are #StrongToTheBones –

Women's Horlicks on Womens Day

Many men however were not sure why these strong to the bones creatures called women are still considered as victims of domestic violence and seek protection from worthless male gender.

A campaign called #BintiRosePose reminded us that women menstruate (and men don’t) –

Womens Day with BindiRosePose

Women came forward in support as it included the cause of girls’ education, too.

#BintiRosePose_ManSome men also joined the campaign with inverted roses to show solidarity. This campaign that was started to #smashtheshame of menstruation and to address the issue of girls dropping out of schools due to menstruation, changed its meaning when men too started posing the same way. Some men posing like this seemed even they started to menstruate. Men were reminded that it was shameful not to menstruate.

Little did these men know that feminists call tampon a male invention to oppress women and create the shame of menstruation. That is the reason several feminists also ran campaigns to show menstrual blood openly to overcome the shame. A cause of basic hygiene is yet again used to remind us how shameful creatures were men.

A campaign called #WhatWomenWant by Practo reminded men of women’s demands. But not without letting them know how shameful, awful and nasty creatures they were that they fart (as if women don’t), lose hair and get bald (as if women don’t), men snore at night (as if women don’t).

Another campaign #MenWearingBindisYNOT told men that they needed to wear bindis to show their respect for women. One step closure to feminisation of men –

MenWearingBindiYNot on Womens Day

Some men posted their selfies with Bindis, only to be mocked at by the same girls –


#MakeHerSpace campaign by Welspun reminded men to be responsible for making space for the braveheart women (who were made of steel, Strong to their bones etc) –

MakeHerSpace by Welspun on Women's Day

The disposable male gender was yet again reminded their worth that while men should not expect anything from these strong women they needed to continue to be good providers.

Another twitter trend on Women’s Day morning reminded us that every home needed a woman. Bengaluru police just extended the concept –

Every Home_CPBlr on Womens Day

Showing men as the disposable gender.

It reminded men that they couldn’t be happy without women. Many happily single men started wondering how they could be happy without women.

On Women’s Day ICICI Bank came up with a Work from home option their women employees and also asked men to #GiftHerLivelihood. This reminded men on Women’s Day that even though women were great, strong, lovely and could take dual responsibility of work and home, it was the men (who were nothing but weak, losers and disgusting creatures because they had none of what women had), should take responsibilities of her and #GiftHerLivelihood. This campaign reminded men once again not only to denounce their rights and benefits but also reinforced the fact that our corporates will continue to create better and cozier working spaces for women while depriving men in the name equality while men continue to take only burden. Slaves were shown their worth.

Women’s Day evening told us that these goddesses were angry –

#StayStrongWomen on International Women's Day

A film’s promo coupled with awareness on violence against women (yes against those strong to bones creatures). Undoubtedly, men were held responsible once again. When women were brave, #madeofsteel, #strongtothebones etc. these goddesses still blamed men for their misery and still needed protection from men. Men were shown as beasts responsible for all violence and being the source of displeasure for goddesses who did not have any responsibility.

When men were reminded of their responsibilities of how many different ways their disgusting existence in this earth is making life miserable for women around, women were also reminded of how many different ways they should expect to be pampered by these worthless creatures called men and how they could create new dreams for greater satisfaction through #TimeToShine campaign.

TimeToShine campaign on Womens Day

The goddesses on the earth reminded of the fact that the luxuries awaiting them and how the disposable gender could get these heavenly pleasures for those great achievers, strong humans who still did not understand what parasitism is.

Towards the evening #YNOTRespectWomen showed how even most abusive creatures demanded respect in the name of their gender –

YNOTRespectWomen on Women's Day

The noble creatures like the one Dr. Jwala Gurunath who do not mind taking all benefits from the society in the name of their gender and continue to remind men their worth.

Men were also reminded to #ChangeTheConversation where men should pay dowry to these diamond women. This campaign launched by Biba raised women to the level of being diamonds in a man’s life and asked everyone to change the conversation where men should pay dowry to women on marriage.


A group of men in Hyderabad were found begging on the streets on the eve of Women’s Day for maintaining some of these diamonds – their estranged educated and able bodied wives –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few have also started a conversation about real women and about equality –

Once again this year’s International Women’s Day reminded men that they were not only worthless, shameful creatures but they ideally should not have existed except continue taking all responsibilities to make the life of those strong, independent goddesses better and rosier. Unprecedented support to these campaigns showed once again why the disposable gender should not expect anything from this society. Yes, that is how we spent this year’s Women’s Day or International Misandry Promotion Day.




  1. A day is coming fast when every men will be emasculated. Thats has been the sole motive of corporates and feminists.
    However men are smart. It will be the women ans cry babies who will mess up their existence.


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