Indian Military Personnel Reaction On Anti-National Row



You might have seen Major Gen Gagandeep Bakshi crying on national television debate over national tricolor debate. The nation cried with him. To express solidarity with this nation’s feelings and to bring the voice of men who die for us without any second thought, we bring to you the feelings of a few men in uniform over the #JNURow.

Gen Bakshi expressed his feelings on JNUrow on Facebook like this –

Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi

Gen Gagandeep Bakshi

Major Dr. Surendra Poonia –

Major Dr Surendra Poonia1

Major Dr Surendra Poonia2

Major Dr Surendra Poonia3

Major Dr Surendra Poonia4

Major Dr Surendra Poonia5

This post from him was really touching and showed how we civilians have failed our men in uniform and how we have been disrespectful to the sacrifices of these men in uniform and their families –

Major Dr Surendra Poonia

Col N S Sekhawat

Col N S Sekhawat

Fauji Arun Barman

Fauji Arun Barman

Fauji Arun Barman2

Maj General S K Sinha

Maj. Gen SK Sinha2

Maj. Gen SK Sinha1

Maj. Gen SK Sinha

Lt. Cdr. Rajesh

Lt. Col Rajesh

Lt. Cdr Rajesh

When these men are sacrificing their lives for us, see what we are giving them –

Lt. Gen H S Panag

They don’t even get pension in time. Do we really care for the men who cares for us so much that they are ready to die for us?

Think! Show your respect to these valiant men in uniform who do not have any caste, creed, religion. They are only known as Indian.

Remember these women brigade for ever – they have expressed their hate for these benevolent men, this is Indian ISIS = Indian Sickular Intellectual Sisters

Indian ISIS

We express solidarity with Indian Armed Forces and warn the feminist brigade against carrying out anti national campaigns.

!!Jai Hind!!


    • Because feminist movement if also foreign funded like this anti national movement.

      Modi is now crying about the foreign funds behind anti national activities… He had no worries about same funds being used to destroy Indian families and lives of men on name of feminism.


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