Love Making On Board Indigo Flight – How Much Is Too Much?

Probably I would have never written about this anywhere but a question remained unsolved to me since I have traveled by Indigo flight 6E 271 and hence I am forced to write this.

I was traveling to Bangalore on 18th Dec by the flight and my seat number was 20A. I was very happy to get a window seat and as the flight was via Chennai flight it landed in Chennai airport first. The seat next to me was empty from the beginning and a man was seated on the aisle seat. Initially, I kept my laptop bag on the empty seat.

Indigo boarding pass

When the flight took off from Chennai the seat next to me was still empty. A woman who was traveling with the man came to occupy the seat next to me. I was not comfortable her coming next to me in an Indigo flight, but since they were traveling together, I didn’t want to raise any objection with the hope that she is not one of those false complainants. I took a huge risk in allowing her there.

From their discussion, I felt that the man and the woman were not married to each other. Not something that I should have bothered at all. And probably I wouldn’t have bothered much because a peep through the window gave me a devastating picture of Chennai floods which was a lifetime experience for me. Even after one week of the flood many areas were still under water.

When the flight was mid-air and nothing else was visible I leaned back to my seat when I noticed the two sitting next to me was engrossed in a sensuous kiss, with his hand hovering over her breasts. The situation was very uncomfortable for me.

At first, I didn’t know how to react. I was very uncomfortable with such open display of emotions and the air-hostesses too were enjoying. I could see their smiley faces. They looked askance at the couple as they passed by. Clearly enough they enjoyed the scene but didn’t want to interrupt their private moment.

I tried to look out the window with the hope of just ignoring what was happening next to me but could not ignore them. As I retracted after some time I found both engrossed in deep lovemaking oblivious to others around them. I thought of telling them to behave or to complain to the air-hostesses but I refrained myself as I was on-board an Indigo flight where in recent times male passengers traveling alone are targeted of several molestation complaints. Clearly, I didn’t want to be the next scapegoat.

Luckily for me, the couple didn’t remove their clothes or started having sex in-flight. But the intense lovemaking that I witnessed was supposed to be exhibited only in private places.

Today the question that is killing me is what should have been acceptable behavior for me. Clearly, I was not comfortable with them making love just next to me and I felt my privacy was violated by their actions. It was their public behavior that has violated my private space.

If this is acceptable public behavior then can someone also have sex in-flight or can someone masturbate openly.

The question continues to haunt my mind, are we free to do whatever we want in public spaces or should we be sensitive to the feelings of the people around. How much should really be too much?


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    • The only reason I didn’t do that was I wanted to avoid any false molestation complaint by the woman next to me. For your information all alleged molestation complaints are happening only on board Indigo flight and we do not know how many are true. She could have taken my picture and posted on social media to make me a convict.


  1. Partha:

    I cannot believe you thought to interrupt such a precious moment, for there is nothing more natural than to watch a woman caress a man she’s not married to. Shame on you, Partha, you are a bad, bad man. :0)


    • “I am a bad man” – not something that I am concerned of or will ever try to change. This society needs bad men like me. Also I am not bothered about their relation. Only thing I am bothered is – do I have the right to feel offended in such a case or is it too much to think about.


      • Yes, my friend, you do have the right to be offended and you do have the right to speak up. The only question is what the repercussions may be.

        I personally think you should have filmed the whole episode on your phone, and should they object, just kindly tell them that public displays of affection are also public domain. If they don’t want to be filmed, then they should take their affections into the restroom.


  2. Partha thank god you did not react. Bcz u r right Indigo is the hub of molestation cases and the air hostesses were enjoying the scene, i am sure they would have gladly spoke against you. Secondly, we very well know India does not allow freedom or rights to its men. Women can even kill and get away but men can not even complain of their discomforts. Irony of a “male dominated” society….

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  3. I had a friend who told me to shut my mouth when I wanted to talk to one of my school friends during an interval break in a movie theatre because some couple might have been seated at our back who might have come to enjoy private moments and they would be disturbed because of my conversation.He looked at me as I was the less cultured for speaking my mind to one of my friends.I was taken aback by the reason he gave since what they were doing would be going against the law while I was breaking no law.The accpetance levels of public display of emotion may change from place to place but the law doesn’t. Peace.

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