Now Your Favourite Calendar Is More Sexed Up With Malendar

Do you know that there exists several calendars for males, but there is an NGO in Mumbai that has spearheaded this new concept. Their malendar is the male version of the calendar and carries many unique features.

You may be aware of Women’s Day or know when the Father’s Day is celebrated, but do you know there is a Boys’ Day too? Do you have any idea about when is the Husband Appreciation Day or Wife Appreciation Day celebrated? You may also be aware of no shave November, Movember but do you know which is the month for Prostrate Cancer Awareness or when is Men’s Health Week?

Vaastav a Mumbai based organization working for men’s rights has brought a uniquely designed calendar they have named as Malendar to remind you of these.

Talking about this unique initiative Binod from team Vaastav said, last year they tried to motivate the calendar manufacturers to include these days related to men but that did not generate enough response. This despite the fact that males play unique role in homes, workplaces and to build the society as well. So their organization came up with printing and distributing this Malendar themselves.

Speaking about this initiative Amit Deshpande another activist from Vaastav said that current calendars in circulation do not mention many important days for men and as a result the male gender feels neglected. This initiative will make people more sensitive to male gender, he added.

All Vaastav activists were charged up while talking about Malendar. Avinash Patil another activist with the NGO said, ‘We intended to show positive message and portray various phases in a man’s life. We felt that people can come up with more inspiring and awesome interpretations of each image so we have avoided writing any specific message for each image”.

TMF tried to understand the reason behind use of each image in Malendar. Vaastav team was all very enthusiastic in explaining the images too. Here was what we could gather in brief –

Malendar - January

January – The year is started by keeping men and women at same level while they start their journey keeping focus on the track of development.

Malendar - February

February – V’ Day that falls in February. We spread love by keeping both genders at same level.

Malendar - March

March – This image shows a single guy enjoying himself alone in a crowd to show that even if one doesn’t have a girl-friend he can enjoy himself without feeling peer pressure to find the love of his life.

Malendar - April

April – The Husband Appreciation Day falls in this month so the image of a husband with his family is shown. (Quiz for readers – let everyone know in the comment section when is Husband Appreciation Day. Hint – you can find the answer in Malendar)

Malendar - May

May – The image signifies a calm yet lonely boy. Boys’ Day falls in this month and present society neglects the needs of the boy child. We wanted to emphasize that. (Question for readers – When is the Boys’ Day? Hint – Malendar can give you the answer)

Malendar - June

JuneImage of a father is shown to signify the Father’s Day. This image shows the importance of a father in a child’s life as well.

Malendar - July

July – The month at the middle of the year is to highlight midlife crisis men go through in their life. Many feel defeated as their goals might not have been fulfilled. The image however shows positivity through light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Malendar - August

August – India has got independence in this month but Indian men still do not find them free due to restrictive laws against them. Every year Indian men’s rights groups meet for their national conference around 15th August. The image taken from 2015 national meet in Mumbai signify this.

Malendar - September

September – World Suicide Prevention Day falls in September. Worldwide men commit more suicide compared to women and here a colorful future that awaits such men is shown. (Quz – September is also observed as a month for awareness about a specific male disease. Download your copy of Malendar and let us know which disease is this).

Malendar - October

October – October is the “Violence Against Men & Boys Awareness Month” or VAMBAM. The image of a lonely man who has overcome all hurdles and reached atop the highest mountain is shown. This signifies that no matter what challenges one faces in life one can overcome them to reach the top of the world.

Malendar - November

November – This month is known for no-shave Movember and International Men’s Day (IMD). A middle aged man in blue jacket with a faint smile in a rugged terrain all signify how men lived their life through the millennium. It shows their hardships and the fact that they age faster.

Malendar - December

December – International Slavery Abolition Day falls in December. The image corroborates to such a man who may be under such condition but his smile signifies positive outlook towards life. Globally men are used as slaves more in number but this positive outlook is used to show the hope of abolishing slavery.

With this all new initiative Vaastav team is going to create a new buzz for male issues. Malendar has already created huge buzz in Manosphere and everyone is talking about it.

So what are you waiting for? Have you received your Malendar yet? Here’s how you can get it. You can directly download it from Vaastav website or from Lifenstory website. Once you get your copy free of cost from these websites don’t forget to share the same with your friends by email.

You can also get a printed copy of the same from Vaastav team directly  who are sending free copies of Malendar to individuals, however for bulk order they may need sponsorship.

While Vaastav team is all set to improve next year’s Malendar with inter-activities if resources are available with them, we are all pepped up to use all new version of calendar ever thought of.



  1. Sir, I kindly request you to please go through the websites of Firstpost and Youth Ki Awaaz.

    The amount of anti-male stuff that they post is just mind-boggling.

    And Youth Ki Awaaz has more chances of corrupting people’s minds since MANY, MANY college students across India, consider it to be their Bible of reference on social issues.

    So please write about these websites on your blog, if you can. Thanks.


  2. Very good vaastav foundation. Working for men in India under save indian family. Works for men #8882498498 SIFOne helpline for men 24×7 and helps distress men without any fee


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