This Is The Reason Creating Another Criminal Provision For Marital Rape Will Be Dangerous For India

Criminalize Marital Rape

Indian Govt. is mulling the option of bringing a comprehensive law against marital rape by the husband. As the news reports say, that on 4th Dec Congress MP Shri Avinash Pande has brought a private bill “The Indian Penal Code (Amendment) bill”. The bill sought to remove exception (2) under IPC 375 to criminalize Marital Rape. Govt. however has confirmed that it is waiting for a Law Commission report to deal with this sensitive matter in a comprehensive way and to bring a comprehensive law against it.

However, bringing a separate criminal provision against marital rape is thought to be another nail in the coffin of Indian marriages. What Mr. P J Kurien has said in the parliament (“…if you think rape by a husband is a crime, why should the govt wait for a report?….”) is a dangerous thought in itself. This makes it clear that the amendment is going to be one-sided that will consider only men as rapists whereas women can be rapists too. Many activists are up against this notion of the parliament that refuses to accept women as criminals.

Clearly for men, when not accepting wife’s proposal for having sex may lead to impotency charges against him, this new law will give his wife a chance to force her unwilling husband to have sex which otherwise should have been considered as rape if the amendment was gender neutral.

Journalist and ace writer Dr. Partha Chattopadhyay in his latest book Purush had already expressed his fear of women taking revenge against their husband if marital rape becomes a law. He has shown that libido is different for different individuals. So the sexual drive of a husband and a wife may not match and many times the intercourse may be termed as rape by a revengeful wife. He had also expressed his concern that when the woman has sexual overdrive and forces her husband to sex will not be accused of such crimes ever.

Mr. Radhikanath Mallik, pioneer of Bengal’s Men’s Rights Movement has expressed his concern over this proposed amendment as well. He said now men will not want to marry.

This law is nothing but an attempt to term all common Indian men as rapists and break more families. So far it was to make them dowry seeker, but as the stigma of 498a is gone now a new extortion tool called Marital Rape is brought.

Mr. Mallik expressed his concern and wanted to ask the lawmakers the following questions –

  1. Do men need to install CCTV cameras in their bedrooms and film all sex tapes now?
  2. Do they need to take consent to have sex with their wives in any format?

His concern echoed by other activists working on the same and everyone has said that when such a crime cannot be proved and when there will be no punishment for false and frivolous complaints how can the govt. think of such a provision? Clearly, the sole aim of this new amendment is to term every common man as ‘rapists’.

Radhikanath Mallik says these kinds of laws don’t affect lawyers and politicians. They get an easy exemption. Only the common middle-class men are affected badly.

However, so far none of the activists can think of another greater danger. The men accused under marital rape may be denied passport, other govt. schemes and also from getting jobs. Recently, a judgement stated that any person even accused in a criminal case cannot be taken into police forces. With increasing misuse of 498a and frivolous complaints under such acts against extended family members, taking away job opportunities from many men.

Men are still considered as the provider and protector of their family and with changes, they will fail in their roles and will be looked down upon. Many will commit suicide out of frustration to their lives. Not only men will increasingly be discouraged to have families of their own, even women will not find suitable life partners. Men not entering into certain job roles will increase job opportunities for women but then women will need to marry less qualified or even unemployed men. These changes will increase women’s responsibilities.

Since feminists are also pressurizing the govt. to name and shame rapists, these persons accused in false marital rape cases on divorce may also be shamed and many of them may lose their existing jobs. Such complaints will also debar them from getting future jobs as companies may not be ready to employ rapists in their roles.

Today, job roles and expectations have changed so much that women can equally take up any corporate job and perform equally well. Since women cannot be charged in these complaints they will never get rapist tag and those criminals will infest our workforce. However, men not able to enter the workforce will reduce the number of available employable people and will lead many companies to leave India. For this reason, Modi’s great India dream seems only to be a farce.

So far, in all national and international debates, Indian MRAs have already proved beyond doubt that existing provisions under different IPC sections are enough to tackle the crime called Marital Rape and there is no need to create another IPC section for that or to consider that as equal offense as under IPC 375. MRAs have also demanded any law be made gender neutral so that even women sexual predators can be brought to book, but our lawmakers have turned a deaf ear to these proposals. The reaction from our parliamentarians also does not seem to make this new law gender neutral in any manner and consider women as offenders too. This is sure to create a huge disturbance in Indian families and marriage and create a greater sense of frustration among our youth.

With increasingly unstable future, bleak job scenario, fear of being termed as criminals in every walks of life will cripple Indian society. Prostitution (both male and female) will increase as families break and India will soon to observe a situation like anarchy. If India is still not reacting to this danger – that proves beyond doubt that we are extremely tolerant, probably Indians now need to be really intolerant to show that they are concerned about their future.


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  1. The State should stay out of our marriages and out of our bedrooms. They have no business there!

    A woman who marries a man, knows full-well that a sexual union with her is desired and expected, so it is up to her to make sure she does not neglect him. Why is it that a bride can decide to neglect her groom sexually, but he is not free to neglect her financially?

    To give a wife the power to claim marital rape against her groom is akin to giving the husband the power to claim grand larceny against his bride. In this wayward world, however, only the bride gets to point the finger and only the husband is prosecuted.

    Marital rape would never happen if brides were allowed to know, respect and cherish their husbands before they wed. Throwing two strangers together is a recipe for disaster. The sexual union should never occur without a loving commitment and strong rapport, which can only be attained through the passage of time.


  2. it has become very clear that feminists want to drastically reduce the job opportunities and resource-earning capacities of men, so that they can make women earn all the money, while making men poor and helpless. They also want their reputations to be destroyed, so that they will not get help from societies and governments, in case they even try to survive their lives.

    Shameful. Pathetic. Just on being ‘accused’? without proofs/evidences/etc? Oh, shit….


    • In America, more and more of our male heroes (from Hollywood) are now being replaced by females. Instead of Super Man (1950’s – 80’s) we now have Super Girl (2015), as one example. We also see popular and beloved movies such as “A New Hope” (1977), being essentially retold with the main character and much of the cast shifting toward the female sex.

      In the same fashion, we see a dramatic shift in our work-force, where 53% of our labor-force is now comprised of women, while 52% of the voting public are females. At the same time, we still force young men to sign-up for the draft (forced combat), while it remains illegal for females to be drafted into military service…yet they still receive all the voting rights and civil rights that men enjoy.

      Female empowerment is attacking on all fronts, and to them, nothing is sacred. One has to wonder, therefore, what the world is going to look like when they are finished…if that day ever comes. I suspect, that when they are finished, there will only be a couple dozen men left, but to hear their stories, one will have to visit them behind bars at the local zoo.

      As has been said by feminists in America, “Men are only useful for fixing cars and yard-work”. This mentality has become an indictment against women, as a whole, who are so easily led astray and so naturally ungrateful, that they can neither see, comprehend, nor respect the monumental contributions men have been making to their families, to their societies and to the world at large…since the dawn of time. Then again, it is easy to be critical towards and disrespectful to the productive sex, when the privileged sex has been granted the luxury of wallowing in ignorance and sitting in judgment.

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