No Aamir, Reaction To Your Comment Does Not Prove We Are Intolerant


Aamir Khan IntoleranceI knew it was coming. It ought to be. Now here’s why he needed that response and I am one of those who did give him back on his remark –

  1. Aamir’s supporters say that violent/rabid remarks confirm that India is intolerant – The reason anti-nationals can get away with such remarks, such hate speech against the mainstream population and the majority of people, the reason they can play around with people’s sentiment is this article. In fact, his publicity seeking stunts in all aspects are caught by people and such reaction is only to tell him, dude is in your place, we have caught your lies and fake tears.
  2. Experiences are personal and not borrowed from others – When a celebrity says he is insecure in a country and wanted to leave, that means A LOT for ordinary people. That means ordinary common men have no life in the country. That is the creation of insecurity among the masses – that is the creation of a sense of false emergency.

Now, if the country has shown any intolerant behaviour again the celebrities like him are responsible for that. The videos like “I am not a woman” by Rajit Kapoor or “Boys Don’t Cry” by Madhuri Dixit fuels that insecurity. The TV shows like Satya Mev Jayate based on false data is responsible for creating and propagating this false sense of insecurity, his irresponsible comment like the one he has made is responsible for that. This is because if such a statement comes from a celebrity that means a lot for ordinary people. Yes, he is also responsible for fueling this false sense of insecurity in this country through his TV show SMJ that was supposed to create social awareness but based one sided awareness, based on fake data. So all he wanted was money and fame and he didn’t mind undermining his nation and his own fellow countrymen for that.

Every tolerance has a limit. Simply because this nation is tolerant we had not punished him for showing lies in his shows, simply because we are tolerant we had just let him get away with everything he did earlier in SMJ shows.

Also if a celebrity like Aamir is really insecure, one would leave the country without talking about it. They have money, power and contacts to easily do so. Only common men like us can’t leave. No matter what condition we live. So this statement of a celebrity like Aamir Khan creates a deeper sense of insecurity among the masses. Every person has problems in one’s personal life, every one of us. Some of us can deal with that, some can’t. We have this sense of insecurity within us. What a statement like Aamir Khan does is to fuel that sentiment. It is tickling those nerves that are already insecure and to create a sense of false emergency in them. This is the seed to create instability in this country. And hence his comment is summarily condemned.

Also, everyone may have their feelings or personal anxiety or insecurity but freedom of expression does not mean one can say whatever one feels like saying. There comes responsibility. It is more expected from a celebrity than a common man like me. Because celebrities move masses with them. Their one statement can make a huge impact in public life. Unfortunately, not all of them are educated enough to understand that but they still charge money for saying certain things or endorse brands. This is what is called hypocrisy. Get benefits from a country, then sow the seed of intolerance and future unrest. This is a new form of terrorism that Indians had protested.

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Also if we ever discuss PK and its success then it confirms that Indians are not intolerant, rather the majority of them have accepted the movie against them. That shows that Indians are ready to accept criticism but it is this characteristic of Indians that has made criminals get away unpunished with movies like India’s Daughter. For those who do not know, it was scripted by Leslee Udwin who paid Mukesh to say those words from her mind. Aamir did not protest that movie? That was another movie that has created public intolerance and many celebrities and a section of Indian media had supported and promoted that movie. This self-criticizing characteristics of Indians, this tolerant nature of Indians have led to outsiders ravaging this country for many years and Aamir had only shown that characteristics of anti-Indian powers.

So what Aamir did was fueling unrest in the country. This is the seed of future violence and hence can be considered as alarming as terrorist activity. This kind of tickling with human senses unnecessarily will lead to greater unrest and that is why he is condemned.

So I am thankful to the advocate who has filed Sedition Charges under section 153 (A and B) and 124A.

Aamir Khan Sedition Charge



  1. He is a ba$***d of India… Must be thrown out of the country…he is a traitor… Apply TADA and put him in jail, to understand what is intolerance…!


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