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Men's rights

Until sometime back working for men’s rights was a taboo. Activists were not so comfortable using their own names and openly proclaiming that they were fighting for men’s rights. Especially, after Dec ’12 Delhi gang-rape the situation had become worse. Many men’s rights activists had received a threat to their lives for protesting against feminazi actions following the Dec ’12 incident. Many have lost their friends, relatives for supporting men’s rights in any manner. So these activists were active only virtually or used pseudo names for activism.

But there are some activists who are fighting for men’s rights for as long as last seven years or more. Although these men came to men’s rights after getting false cases against them but they continued their fight for a long time. These men told us that working for men’s rights in India is awesome and very rewarding. We tried to understand why these men continue to fight for men’s rights.

Amartya Talukdar, Kolkata

Amartya Talukdar, popularly known as Taluda in his circles, understands the danger of feminism very well. His research on feminism tells him that feminism today is an ideology that wants to destroy the fabric of Indian society.

He says that prominent bankers like Rothschild or Rockefeller Foundation are behind this criminal conspiracy against India as they want to break the fabric of Indian society. This realization of global superpowers being responsible for anti-India activities has made him stick to men’s rights and make people aware of the danger of feminism that lies ahead of us.

Amartya also says that Bengal is a hub of feminism. Feminists have re-engineered Bengal’s education, media, and legal system. This is the reason he wants to fight more against feminism and men’s rights is a platform for the same.

Talukdar says his best experience in men’s rights was a time when a cancer patient took his name on his deathbed. Amartya had helped him when despite his cancer he was implicated in false cases and had to undergo severe financial issues.

He also remembers that when Bengal MRAs have held a protest wearing saris on Kolkata streets against IRBM that proposed giving 50% of husband’s property to wife simply on marriage, even people from lower strata of the society became aware of the issue.

He says that fighting against feminist idiots is also a great fun. His funniest experience had been a time when he wrote for an international men’s website and feminists from all over the globe started referring him a white supremacist, racist etc. This was really funny for him as he is a non-white Indian man.

Anupam Dubey, Kanpur

Anupam is with men’s rights from the year 2008. He lives in Kanpur, UP and is a leading activist of DAMAN an NGO fighting for men’s rights in Kanpur. Like any other Indian MRA, he has joined men’s rights after getting falsely implicated in criminal cases by his wife but chose to continue being a very active MRA till today.

He feels that sticking with the men’s rights is awesome because helping someone else gives a great feeling to him that nothing else can give. He says that he had undergone the pain of false dowry case and hence understands the pain others suffer from. This is what makes him more committed to men’s rights.

Anupam has many great experiences in his activist life. He narrates that the best experience had been to fight for justice for a man who committed suicide in the premises of Kanpur high court. He and his team made sure that the criminal wife and in-laws of the man were sent to jail.

Arnab Ganguly, Bangalore

Arnab is sticking with men’s rights from the year 2007. He truly believes in Men’s rights and thinks this is morally and ethically right thing to do. He is sticking with men’s rights for last eight years as he wants to influence people at a different level.

Arnab considers many of his experiences in men’s rights as his memorable experience and can’t tell on from another. He considers that men’s rights have made him strong enough to fight on his own and made him a better person.

He feels that men’s rights are awesome, as a man gets acceptance without being judged by others. A man’s voice is heard without the fear of rejection only in men’s rights forums.

Arnab considers that being with men’s rights is mostly fun. He has made long lasting friends only in men’s rights movement. After he got false cases, all his childhood friends have deserted him but MRA friends have stayed on. For him, MRA friends have been blessing to him than anything else. He says, his life with MRM is 70% fun and 30% work.

C S Agarwal, Bangalore

CS joined MRM for a reason different from other MRAs. He wanted to fight for men’s rights and he didn’t join for his personal cases. This is why he considers that the cause is more important than the organization. He wants to continue fighting for men’s rights through his life and even if he is not associated with any group.

He remembers his best experience in his early days in men’s rights when one victim called him to thank. On that call, he could inspire that person to work for a bigger cause like fathers’ rights than fighting for his individual case.

D S Rao, Kolkata

D S Rao popularly known as DS among MRAs want to create a support system for men. He says that he may not be able to help lakhs of people but will try to help whoever he can.

He remembers that the most memorable moment for him in this movement has been a night when there was a general strike in Bengal called by the political parties and sister of a false dowry case accused called him for help. Her mother was in their home with her dead father but their neighbors refused to help fearing false cases.

Rao thinks that the God had chosen him to help others in need and given him the strength and will-power to do so.

Jinesh Zaveri, Mumbai

Being with men’s rights from 2004 he predates many MRAs. Once a popular blogger himself he created a blog called “The Indian Husbands” that has once given many of the required knowledge to fight their cases. He thinks men’s rights is a genuine cause. He can relate to the cause and get acceptance. He is sticking with men’s rights in order to give others a shoulder to cry on.

Even though in 2003-04 when he started his struggle, many people have ridiculed him, but they later adopted the same suggestions once given by him. Jinesh feels best as he might not be recognized as an individual but his work is highly recognized.

Being associated with men’s rights is also fun for him. He thinks that his association with men’s rights has worked as an anti-depressant for him. He thinks his association with other MRAs has been a life saver for him. He says that he may be known as an IT Engineer, a Father, a Brother or a blogger but he enjoys his identity as an MRA the most.

Suresh Ram, Chennai

Suresh thinks that close association of feminists in govt. is leading to the situation that has made men disposable commodity in the society even though men are the fulcrum of the society.

He feels that it is not his choice that he is associated with men’s rights, in fact, he also thinks that today it is a compulsion for him to work for men’s rights. This is the reason he wants to be associated with men’s rights for his rest of the life.

His journey in MRM has always been awesome. He especially remembers a TV debate where he could convince five feminists in the panel that 33% reservation for women will be suicidal for men in the country. He thinks that participating in these debates are great experience and fun in itself.

Last few words

International Men’s Day or IMD is an occasion celebrated globally in support of abolishing misandry and upholding men’s rights. These fighters remind us why the celebration of IMD is important and why fighting for men’s rights is awesome. They give reasons for everyone to fight for men’s rights.

IMD 50


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  1. Brother parth,

    I want to see Kolkata’s chief organizations responsible for the present state of affairs and every other thing wrong in the state, to be searched, scourged through and exposed by you. List their names and their heads. The Bengali men seem to me way too feminine and too enuch in nature. They act like women and are true upholders of slaves to women and communism.


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