This Is What He Did After His Wife Snatched His Home Worth 9M

MGTOW welcome
A MGTOW welcome

He met her in his workplace. She was a young divorcee with the standard tale of torture stories that he believed to be true. He was unmarried and she was a divorcee and love didn’t stop flowing because of their marital status.

He built a house in a good Bangalore location and took care of all the needs of the family that he thought was his own.

…..and soon problems started.

The MGTOW bed, provision for one

So he moved out of his house (fully paid out a loan) and moved to a smaller rented house in just one dress and his office laptop bag.

His beloved ensured that he didn’t come near his house by filing some false criminal cases against him and so he preferred staying away.

Today he greeted MGTOW lifestyle, earns well enough, lives in a small rented one room 450 sft house but he happy and leading a better life. He pursues Lawn Tennis as a new hobby as he believes any man undergoing such drastic relationship break-up need to pursue physical activities.

MGTOW kitchen
A MGTOW kitchen (meant to be)
MGTOW kitchen transformed
MGTOW kitchen – transformed

“There is no one to disturb my freedom. My wife has poisoned my daughter so much that luckily she doesn’t call me uncle yet.” He said. “This life is much better, simple yet honorable”, he added.

MGTOW lunch
A tastier MGTOW lunch – Brown rice, dal, Fish, salad and ….beer

I asked him why he was still earning money and paying govt. taxes to create more legal provisions against him and not just earning enough to sustain.

MGTOW home
MGTOW home, lawn and also living area

He says with a smile, “Just guess if I could give away a house of 9 million, how much I have built my worth in last three years. My wife is not going to get anything else other than what I have already given. She had lost her peace and future while I have gained mine.”

MGTOW happiness
Nirvana in flowers – they always bring happiness

We wish him all happiness in life.


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  1. Very very common incident that happened with this guy. But what he did since then makes me very happy. Instead of wasting his life he makes a happy world of his own and ensures his happiness doesn’t depend on anyone else.


  2. But how can he say ” My wife is not going to get anything else other than what I have already given.” Has he got clear divorce with no maintenance clause, any encumbrance. If so, then the lady is very kind or great fool as per present practices.


  3. NEVER marry a single mother or a divorcee. She is a divorcee for a reason. Today it is common for divorcees to hide their marital status and portray themselves as never married. Even on matrimonials many women show themselves as unmarried when in reality they are divorcees. Never marry a woman based on her looks or figure, or how you feel in the initial stages of a relationship. Heed my warning. Even the most beautiful women look ordinary without makeup. Lipstick alone makes a huge difference to the appearance of a woman.


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