Feminists wanted to shame India with Sexual Harassment at Workplace – We responded

When feminists try to shame Indian corporates by showing exaggerated figures of Sexual harassment at workplace, we had to put them back to their place.

Thanks to http://www.humaar.info for the awesome collaboration and script –



  1. Response to Man’s World – Episode 1
  2. This is how Sexual Harassment at Workplace will hit you


  1. Partha:

    Women say a great deal about sexual harassment in the workplace, but I keenly remember when the great recession hit America 8 years ago, the “skin” industries saw a massive influx of women applying to porn studios, strip clubs, exotic dance studios, escort services, and even “Bunny Ranches” (whore houses). It would seem, after all the crying and posturing in Corporate America – these licentious lady laborers have little regard for there own bodies and even less respect for their virtue…other than what their flesh can fetch them in the marketplace.

    Truth be told, when it comes to women – virtually every one of them will place the acquisition of money over morality each and every time. Fact is, most women in the workforce are open to sexual liaisons with their employer or supervisor if the price is right. It would seem, therefore, that women are predatory opportunists who don the cloak of victimhood in order to sneak-up on their prey.

    P.S. Women who marry for the acquisition of wealth and an increase in status are cut from the same cloth as their twisted sisters. In all cases, these gold-digging wives and the aspiring corporate whores would be all too happy to sell their virtue and their flesh for a shiny nickel…if that is what the market would bear.

    I believe the licentious nature of females is best explained by Winston S. Churchill.
    Churchill: “Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?”
    Socialite: “My goodness, Mr. Churchill…Well, I suppose…we would have to discuss terms, of course…”
    Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for five pounds?”
    Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!”
    Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.”

    Best wishes – C.J.


    • We understand the intention. UN promote videos like Man’s World to shame men because they are not united and because they fall for women just because of their physical beauty. Intention is only to destroy India or destabilize to such an extent that it can’t grow. That is what is happening now.


  2. Don’t really understand any of this, you paint woman as evil men as saints. We are all humans who need want respect regardless of gender. Why must everything in Indis boil down to gender. What about simple decency, kindness and respect for one another. You cannot expect to change history overnight. The world has seen the man as the aggressor in India, he has always come first it will take time to change thinking and actions.


    • Anonymous:

      The reality is women are very much like a flock of sheep, who need the strength, leadership, and love of a good shepherd. Moreover, women were created to be the helpmates of man – not their antagonist, master, judge and jury.

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