RTI Reveals Important Kolkata Police Circular On Dowry Cases

[In this series “The Causal Affair” we bring RTI special for sharing important information that is not available to general public but of immense help to them. Normally information obtained through RTI remains with the person files the same and the same is not percolated to all the people needing them.

This effort of The Male Factor is to bring such information to everyone so people can make use of these and do not need to reinvent the wheel.

If you have filed any such RTI that can help others, kindly share that with us using the Contact Me section of this website and we will be glad to share that with others.

All RTI information can be found here]

Find the complete RTI Here

RTIPage 1, Page 2

ReplyCover Letter, Reply Pg1, Police circular

Last week we have shown how an RTI reveals important police procedure information in dowry cases (IPC 498a and 406). This week we are presenting the continuation of same RTI that brings out an important Kolkata police circular on dowry cases. –


The RTI questions presented were –

RTI - Kolkata Police circular
RTI questions on dowry cases

Reply from Jt. Commissioner of Kolkata Police was –

RTI replies from police

The police circular was –

Kolkata Police circular on dowry cases
The Kolkata police circular

What this RTI reveals

  1. Kolkata police did not have any guideline until the RTI date to curb misuse of dowry laws.
  2. Police department cruelty to husband and his family members revealed. When a falsely accused husband request information about circular to curb false dowry cases, police gives him a circular that wants to implicate them more.

How this RTI can be used

  1. Kolkata police circular says that appropriate provisions of Dowry Prohibition Act should be invoked in each dowry case. So husbands must try to file a DP3 case against his in-laws.

Have a similar RTI that can help others? Share that with us and we will share them with others. Let’s help one another.

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