Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart Campaign On World Heart Day Is Biased And Misleading

Safola life ProtectHerLife Campaign

Recently I came across a campaign driven by SaffolaLife as they claim that research shows 2 out of 4 women are at risk of heart disease because of increasing weight. It also says that 30 minutes walk every day minimizes this risk.

This campaign wants men to plan what they can do together with their spouse to minimize this risk in women in their households (i.e. mother/ wife/sister).

Research on the subject of heart disease, however, shows a completely different picture.

This article of US National Library of Medicine shows that men are at higher risk from heart disease for their gender. A discussion with doctors and some more research into this subject reveals that estrogen a hormone that flows only in women bodies helps protect them from heart disease.

So women are naturally protected from heart disease unless they are into menopause phase or have the following risk factors –

  1. Genes – African Americans, American Indians, Hawaiians and some Asian Americans are at higher risk from heart disease as this article reveals
  2. Smoking
  3. Cholesterol – drinking etc. aggravates this.
  4. Diabetes
  5. More weight

Evidently, men are at higher risk from heart disease as men are more into habits like smoking and drinking and live a more stressful life.

This report by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows the prevalence of overweight factor in India that may lead to heart disease –

WHO - Overweight problem in genders
WHO study of the overweight problem in India

This article from India Today shows the top 10 reasons for death in India. Cardiovascular diseases top the list. It can also be seen from this chart that men are at greater risk and die more from cardiovascular disease than women –

Top 10 reasons of death in India

So far I was using Saffola oils thinking that they will reduce the heart ailments of my family. However, with such misrepresentation of facts and presentation of data in a completely biased and misleading manner, they have proved that they are not aware of this issue at all and they do business with our heart ailments. In fact, now I am feeling that their oils may be harmful to our hearts as they were developed without proper research and hence they are definitely not the right brand oils to protect our hearts.


*For other campaign analysis click – here


  1. Great insight about misleading advertising. They are using emotional weaknesses of men towards family to mislead them. Definitely not a correct way of doing business.

    You can also make a list of such misleading companies who promote biased views and misandry so people avoid buying their products. Something like this will be helpful.


  2. I have urged over and over again the people to completely shun using products that give messages that are detrimental to harmonious living irrespective of whether the products are as cheap as a detergent powder or as costly as a car.We go on ranting but at the same time because of the heat which the companies are able to generate between the people by polarizing them , one of the polarized parties is definitely going to step up the sales by buying more of their products.If the other party is also knowingly or unknowingly supporting such people by buying again the very same products , what is the use of ranting?.Angry Harry excellently explained in one of his articles giving us insight into how companies do business by promoting misandry in “Just 5% will do”.Go and read it and digest it so that it will result in some positive action for YOUR sake from YOUR end.These simple things can be done without much effort in our day to day life.It doesn’t need money to do it.But you really have to understand to believe.A person individually boycotting may not do much harm.But if a chain link is created that is when we can hit them at their base.Peace.

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  3. As I read this article, I am reminded that prostate cancer claims as many lives as breast cancer, yet 10 times more money is raised to fight breast cancer than prostate cancer, each and every year.

    In fact, the National Football League (NFL) forces each team to wear pink on their uniforms and shoes (for an entire month) to show their support for breast cancer research, but do not openly support prostate cancer research – even though 90% of their fan base are men.

    I also read that 95% of all health articles (on Web MD) are geared toward female maladies. So, taking all things into consideration, I am not surprised that Saffola Oil is more concerned about the health and welfare of women, even though women outlive men by an average of 5 years.

    There can be no doubt that women of the late 20th and early 21st-Century, are the most coddled, spoiled and entitled creatures to ever roam planet Earth.


    • They are also the most dangerous toxic, and apathetic people.Better stay away from them lest you may fall into the trap of some feminazi.As per my observation females above 25 yrs of age are to be evaded carefully.Anybody less than 25 yrs may stand as an ideal option to marry if you still want to believe in the institution of marriage.Even sports, wrestling etc etc are having politically correct undertones in their programming.They are being used as propaganda machines for the political establishments.Even the entertainment has to comply with the feminist standards.Even the gaming industry (I guess) is being plagued by political correctness. So the control is such that WE cannot even watch what WE want.Even an innocuous activity like gaming is under the scanner.I think all the non feminist men have to construct a big ship like prophet Noah’s(pbuh) ark, embark on it and make way to some island where the civilization is still unaffected by these viruses.Why do we have to live in a constant state of suspicion????.


      • Ridwaanahmed:

        I have noticed that young women tend to be far more idealistic than their older sisters and mothers. In fact, I would dare say that girls in their “teens” are the most likely to fight for a cause or sacrifice their lives for romantic love (as in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”).

        Once a woman “comes of age”, however, her sexual market value comes into focus (ability to use sex in order to manipulate men), thus she cashes in her romantic ideals in order to pursue a life of leisure at the expense of men. Like a river…a woman will always take the path of least resistance, which is the easy way out – meaning she is willing to trade sex for cash, status and real estate. This is why virtually every woman over the age of twenty is no better than a prostitute, because most of them have traded their integrity for prosperity.


  4. “A discussion with doctors and some more research into this subject reveals that estrogen a hormone that flows only in women bodies helps protect them from heart disease” — First of all, Estrogen “flows” in male bodies though in less quantities. All you need to do is to get a serum E2 (estradiol ) test . Besides, Estrogen may not be the “cardioprotective” it’s made out to be. It might be Progestrone (another hormone which “flows” in higher quantities in women compared to men) though there is a lot of conflicting results about it.

    “n fact, now I am feeling that their oils may be harmful to our hearts as they were developed without proper research and hence they are definitely not the right brand oils to protect our hearts.” — Well, most of the seed oils (ones which are high in omega-6 ) are bad for health. The inflammatory agents prostaglandins and leukotrienes are made solely from these omega-6 fats .So, i never understood how poly-unsaturated fats are good for health/heart when in fact it’s just a marketing propaganda. . This might sound very contradictory/paradoxical but the much demonized “saturated fats” like ghee/coconut oil are much better compared to these PUFA oils these companies are selling.
    You can find the relevant studies on pubmed 🙂


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