Jasleen And Saravjeet, Both Of You Have Become Answerable To Social Media


After years of the Jasleen Kaur incident, the first time the Delhi court issued a bailable warrant against Jasleen Kaur if she does not appear in the court in next date. Social media that fought for justice for Saravjeet, however, wants more from them. Here’s a note for them from someone who fought for justice.

Dear Jasleen and Saravjeet, not sure if you understand but both of you have become answerable to social media now for different reasons.

Jasleen, you have come to social media for justice, insspite of going to law enforcing bodies first. Your Facebook post intended to shame Saravjeet and get quick justice was very quick to catch fire on social media. Everyone was quick to believe your version to be true and shame him. The reason they have done this was their internal fear of such public sexual harassment of women in their own families by some rowdies on the streets.

But when your claims were found to be false and completely fabricated, the social media was quick to snub your claim as well. You wanted quick justice, social media delivered the same. Upon finding you guilty of misrepresentation of facts, social media pronounced you guilty and a criminal. This time the fear was for the men in their families being termed as “pervert”, ‘lout’ etc on someone’s false complaint.

None of these people have come to you to know the street harassment scenario in India, you went to them and through a false claim tried to portray Delhi as unsafe for women. You have created a public nuisance and instigated fear in them and for causing such false public nuisance, wasting their valuable time over an issue where you were guilty, you have become liable to get a case each from everyone who supported you under section IPC 420 if not anything else for cheating them.

You are also guilty to those who didn’t believe your story from the beginning. But when they said that openly they were thought of as potential criminals by others. For them, you have not shamed just one man but all males and shamed the whole country. To them, you are nothing but an anti-national criminal and is guilty of anti-national activities.

You have threatened these people (who didn’t believe your story) of legal action against them. Do you realize now that if all these people start taking legal action against you for your crime, in different courts of India what will you happen to you? If you are okay, please go ahead and take legal action against the people you want, and see the consequences.

Since after going to our legal system you have come to social media, why do you think our courts should give you justice at all and not punish you severely for showing disrespect to the same institution where you went to seek justice? Don’t you think that by coming to social media afterward you have forfeited your chances of getting justice from our legal system?

Dear Saravjeet, now you have also become answerable to the social media. I know that you have not come to social media for support but we all have extended our unconditional support to you after seeing the possible clout to defame not only you but this country. As from previous analysis you might understand that this case is no more about your own dignity and life. It is about safety and security of every man and families from such evil-minded females. You can’t shun your responsibility anymore.

During the course of your case, you may be offered peaceful out of court settlement options or the case may be dragged for long to discourage you from fighting for justice, but if you don’t take any legal action against the persons who termed you as ‘pervert’ or ‘lout’ or who tried to shame you, you will do injustice to those who supported you in time of need. Probably it is no longer your choice not to take any legal action against the legal terrorists.

Also, if you Saravjeet don’t seek punishment of media or those who created this scenario, you will endanger the lives of our boys and will help create many more Jasleens in future. Who knows if next time there will be any eyewitness like Biswajeet in your case?



  1. i think the whole incidence between these two shows the power of social media and how people (jasleen) misuse to defame someone instead to choose the course of law. Moreover, we can also see this incidence that how women and girls misuse the concept of so called “feminism” for the sake of satisfy the personal anger and haste, there is lot of decided cases of Indian judiciary where women is proved to be guilty for cruelty both mental and physical which later turn to dowry allegations. therefore, it is duty of ours to understand what is actually feminism and need some change or amendment in laws .

    thank you manosphere.com and author for writing this


  2. Good article partha. But wonder thing is, the people who supported Jasleen. Now those people not demanding her arrest. Many men are not coming out with the issues as society does not accept men issues.

    Sarabjeet should file suite.


  3. It was assumed that the Law is blind, in a sense, in delivering justice courts never considered Sex, Colour of skin, social or political status, religion or cast etc. but now these are becoming main consideration. Biased judiciary is very dangerous for the survival of civilize society. A law-breaker is a criminal and not he or she. There must be a unisex law for every crime. Also media needs to be disciplined. Breaking-news trend and mad race is killing the true spirits of journalism. Telecasting without due diligence & investigations it is speculation and not journalism. May be Paparazzi is taking-over.


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