Who The Hell Are These “Harassed” Men?

Recently concluded Men’s Rights National Meet 2018 in Varanasi is marred with a strategic blunder for men’s rights in India. This meet culminated in Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi with a #PishachiniMuktiPuja and #PindDaan. However, with MR groups and MRA leaders being ecstatic about this puja as it got good traction in media, put Indian MRM in a bad light and gave back the ‘Harassed Men’ tag that MRM has been trying to shed for a long time.


I have already discussed in detail in an article here about how this activity fails Indian MRM at multiple levels. The ‘Harassed Men’ tag that Indian MRM is trying to shed for many years is back with a bang. This puja done during a national meet, performed by MRM leaders from all India and then hyped by all, in a way showed that Indian MRAs didn’t have any other significant achievement in a national meet but could only perform a puja – which by no means can be considered as an achievement. This one activity has put all their successes in the backyard and projected them as a group of weak individuals who needed help. A group that needs help themselves, how can they help anyone else?

But this is not the first time Indian media has projected Indian MRM as a group of ‘Harassed Men’. Indian media simply doesn’t get it right or intentionally doesn’t project it in the right perspective for a long time.

Earlier Men’s before the Mumbai meet of Men’s rights groups where they discussed strategies and concerns for Indian men, a section of media has portrayed that as a conference of “harassed” men as well–

Telegraph - Harassed Men

Now the question is – who the hell are these “harassed” men?

Who the hell are these harassed men?

If for last several years I knew these men who organized these meets, then I know that it might be a coincidence that most of them met because false cases were filed against them but that was not simple ‘harassment’ as the media tried to portray.

In fact, to describe what these men underwent after getting such false cases as “harassment” is a pure understatement and making fun of their pain and sufferings. Many of these men underwent serious trauma and pain after getting such false cases along with their family members. Here are a few examples –

This young man a passionate biker from Andhra Pradesh was constantly driven to commit suicide by his wife and he narrated his story here –

This Is How My Wife Was Driving Me To Commit Suicide

This man was stripped by police in front of his own daughter and in-laws by a mere complaint of his wife –

I Was Stripped By Police In Front of My Daughter

The so-called simple ‘harassment’ was so intense in some cases, that this harassment didn’t spare patients in ICU –

Some of these men were acid attack victims,

My caged life – Story of a male acid attack victim

If they were not forced to commit suicide like this young doctor from West Bengal –

Martyr of Marriage

These men were so much abused that many of them are thrown out of their own homes or do not feel safe to be in their homes, and since there is no government care program for them, someone needed to build a shelter home for these ‘harassed’ men –

A Shelter Home For Abused Men Is The New Reality In India

Men falsely accused of domestic violence are stripped of their own hard-earned money and property. Eventually, they are left with nowhere to go unless they find a shelter home like this –

To describe all these pain as simple ‘harassment’ is a huge understatement and demeaning for men who are suffering.

Apart from this, many had to forgo their overseas jobs, career, parents, and children after getting such cases. Many became so depressed that they committed suicide, many of them committed suicide along with their parents in this process. Some had to give the custody of their children to their wives knowing fully well that the wife was cruel and in one such case recently the child was murdered by the cruel and adulterous wife –

Chaitanya Balpande - MidDay news

To describe this immense suffering as simple “harassment” is not only a pure understatement but is a serious insult to those men and their families. And for these united men this situation of pain persisted for years.

Today, these men stay united not because of this suffering they had undergone but because they understand the evil force called feminism that is united against the future generation of boys and men in the country.

These men are the change agents, the fearless warriors who want to counter these evil forces. The men, who gathered in these meets were all fighters against a heavily sponsored global terrorism called feminism. These men, do not have any funding, most of them do not have enough time from pursuing their career choices too but still, they continue to fight tooth and nail against this monster and by no means, this comes from so-called “harassment”. This kind of fighting spirit comes only when one realizes the deep-rooted conspiracy against the future generation and the pathetic future ahead for the country and not because of some simple harassment that in any case, they undergo every day.

By portraying these men as “harassed” also gives an impression that some men who underwent some simple harassment have teamed up and they formed some group. This has an underlying negative connotation of these men being losers, few in number and trying to team up to see that their harassment is reduced. This not only demeans the individual spirits and their capabilities but also undermines the greater ‘cause’ that drives these men to stay united. These men are no longer fighting only for their personal agendas or for gender-neutral family laws but fighting for a better tomorrow for our boys and trying to eradicate the overwhelming misandry in every form, from the society.

Thus portraying these men only as “harassed” men is a serious understatement and demeaning to the cause they are fighting for.

These men are not victims. They are warriors, and MRAs also need to portray them as warriors. Here’s more.



  1. Well said brother, harassment is an understatement. We are fighting for gender neutral laws. Atleast the next generation of boys live in such a society.India wont reach Kalam sirs 2020 dream if the existing female oriented laws are scrapped


  2. My simple question back to them is are all women who fight for women rights, are harassed? Should I be against rape only when I am raped? How silly ! Victimization is not necessary to fight for a cause. I am an MRA and I am not HARASSED. How do we send this message back to the media?


  3. Sending an innocent person behind bars due to misuse of the gender based laws is a crime worse than rape. And it should be made punishable with life imprisonment to all these women who file such false cases


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