Identify The Feminist States In India

Indian census data reveal one very important information about our states. It reveals the states that are most feminist controlled.

Feminists have always considered marriage as major oppression for women. The main reason behind bringing all gender-biased family breaking laws are also the same. Thus by analyzing the information of divorced and separated women in different states, we get a fair idea of most feminized states in India.

Since the population of a state may vary depending on its area or population density we have considered the ratio of the female and male population in each case to understand the divorce situation in each state.

Separated individuals

As per census 2011, in terms of the gender ratio of separated individuals, Kerala tops the chart with a staggering 3.8 times women in that category compared to a number of men. Tripura is second with the ratio being 3.3.

Here are the top ten states in this category –

Top 10 states in separated men women ratio
Source Census 2011


In terms of the ratio of Female: Male divorced individuals too we find Kerala topping the list with Odisha being a close second –

Top 10 states in divorced women to man ratio
Source Census 2011

Separated and Divorced

When we combine the data of separated and divorced individuals we find –

Top ten states separated and divorced
Source Census 2011

…and the Homeless

But the above data give partial information. When we combine the ratio of homeless men vs women and try to find out the states where men are mostly becoming homeless due to feminazi invasion, we find –

Top ten states of homeless men women ratio
Source Census 2011

The information becomes clearer when we combine all the above data together –

Top 10 feminized states in India
Source Census 2011

The smaller states like Andaman Nicobar and Lakshwadeep need to be ignored for all practical purpose of study because a small switch in numbers can skew the statistics.

It is evident that the states influenced by communism are worst affected by feminism as well. We find Kerala and West Bengal in leading positions in breaking family as well as creating homeless men. Other communist infested states like Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha can also be seen in the list.

Recently, these are the same forces that rallied behind Yakub Memon. Time to ask, if our internal political parties used to break this country? Looks like same forces carry out separatist movement in some states and they also carry on a systematic movement to break our family system in the name of feminism. This once again proves #FeminismIsTerrorism.



  1. One interesting fact is that states like Karnatak, Tripura, Tamil Nadu have a below-replacement birth rate.


    West Bengal in 2013 was at 1.6, which is below even some Western nations (Ireland was at 1.7 in 2013)

    It’s just sad to see feminism has affected Indian women in so little time. I remember how different women were in 2008. That’s was when I had gone abroad for studies. That was just 7 years ago… When I came back to India last year, it seems the social landscape has changed so much. Women, at least in the metros, have become extremely rude and treat Indian men like crap.

    By the way, good to see your blog is still active, it’s one of thew few ones dedicated to issues Indian men face.

    India is going to be the worst of all worlds for men within the next 10 years or so. Even though the west is highly feminist, at least you get 1st world comfort and people leave you alone to live your life. Here, the women will be ultra-feminist, the salary will be a pittance, no social benefits or welfare (especially for men) to speak of, corruption everywhere etc…


    • No, we from Indian men’s rights will never allow feminists to succeed. Probably you don’t know today, feminists have taken a backseat. Suicide rate of Indian men have come down significantly in 2013 and we are taking it as trend reversal.


  2. LOL….What on earth is “communist infested” if communism is some illness?? I am not any supporter of communism. And no state in India is communist. First learn the meaning of the word communism bro. Feminism is terrorism only for misogynists like u. People who hate women are afraid of feminism always.


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