Foreign Nationals Beware – Cruel Indian Brides Looking For You

Foreign groom, Indian bride

In a recent spike in cases reported to this website by individuals, it is found that many foreign nationals or green card holders are being extorted by Indian brides. Some of these women are so-called innocent divorcees and some are first timers (as reported). In almost all cases it is found that the bride belonged to well-to-do families and was beautiful from outside. Many of these women were well educated and working in good positions in corporate.

The incidents reported to us included women in a romantic relationship with foreign nationals suddenly marrying Indian grooms even without any notice, some deserting their husbands and selling of cars etc in foreign lands and returning to India without informing their husbands etc.

In some cases, it is also found that some women who got married without any notice still wanted to maintain a relationship with their foreign boyfriends. In one case, the woman broke the relation got married to an Indian merchant navy guy, got divorced in two years, again got married to a wealthy doctor who left her even quicker and didn’t even want to come back to see their child. The case details revealed that the child might be her illicit child. All through these marriages she maintained contact with her US boyfriend and wanted to come back to him after two broken marriages.

In all such cases, it is found that the girl blamed either the groom or her own parents for her miseries. In some cases, it is also found that the girl married a foreigner in India and filled all possible criminal cases including POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act).

In most of the cases, these brides were found to be Malayalis (from Kerala).

Even though it is not possible to tell what is going on inside one’s head, and since foreign nationals don’t understand Indian culture they overlook many signs of cruelty as a cultural gap. Ignorance of reality of Indian society and thinking of women in India being most oppressed under patriarchy is another reason foreign nationals fall prey to such unscrupulous women easily.

Even though there are warnings issued by various foreign govts against marriage in India, very often foreign men get attracted to Indian beauty. Here are some of the tips that one can follow to judge an Indian girl –

  1. Don’t fall for her easily. Let her win you.
  2. Even if you are madly in love with her, don’t show. Let her be jealous of other women around you.
  3. Don’t start pampering her from day one to win the competition from other guys around her. Let her notice you in a normal way.
  4. Expect her to pay your bills or win your confidence each time you pay her bills. Let her know that it was special every time you paid her bill.
  5. Know if she had a mother controlled family and childhood. Meet her family members to understand what happens inside.
  6. Look for cues of how she tells lies to others in front of you. Those cues will help you catch her lies easily.
  7. See her opinion about her own family members. Most often cruel women blame everyone around them for all their miseries.
  8. See how many divorcees in her family. Avoid single mother children.
  9. Check if she or her family is in hurry about marriage.
  10. ‘Contact me’ on this website with your case details if you need any help. Remember, never come to India to take her back. You may never return to your country.

Remember, no amount of caution can save you if you are with the wrong woman. It is advisable to avoid all Indian divorcees or any Indian girl if you are highly placed foreigner in India.

Hope this helps. It is found that foreigners from US, UK, Canada, and Sweden are worst affected.

Best of luck.


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Name: JB

Comment: the US in 2005., Canada even today, Australia even today has advisories to their citizens for traveling to India. Advisory – to beware of False cases in India.

Shinning India has whining International travelers. Still, the Indian government is fueling feminism.

Not long, soon all countries will stop sending tourists to India.


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  1. No matter what how much we cry foul as long as people give importance to corporate culture as angry harry puts it succinctly “sex, booze and feminism” no internal genuine changes are going to happen.The feminism started as one small cancer cell and soon it grew leaps and bounds so much so that people have become completely indifferent to the suffering of others.As feminism built its empire based on the bricks of lies and in order to decimate this building it needs a master stroke at the base of this building.This is not going to vanish over night.It takes a collaborated effort of a very few handful men who still believe in goodness and fair play to bring a major overhaul in the global circles.For that judiciary needs to play a pivotal and incisive role in ramping down these free booters.The extent to which this feminism has crept does make me think that this is all one giant conspiracy sponsored by a very few handpicked individuals.When did the governments start to screw their own people?.When did the Prime ministers /presidents start to treat their own people with disdain and started to serve a numbered few.Every thing is losing its naturality.


  2. I have met people in my circle who have friends/family abroad. They are time to time advised of biased laws and risk of getting trapped into false cases. Most of these false cases which were difficult to come out of, were mainly those which could be filed by women behind money.

    One sided Indian laws very well support these women by considering accused as born criminal. Also in case if it is proven after years of trail that accused was not guilty, no action will be taken against such women.

    Moreover wide spread corruption in police and judiciary makes it even tougher to sustain to the “Investigation” and “Trial”.

    River full of Alligators is not for swimming. Predators who are waiting for a catch will be silently watching you and waiting for you without seen.

    Please call 8882498498 in case you are already fallen into misery of false cases. To get more information search Google.


  3. Not everyone in a country is perfect or kind hearted. There are also some who are cruel. So it is not right to blame all indian girls or women. It may be that the indian girls you met were not kind hearted. So please dont blame all. I disagrees with some of your views…


  4. There is no country where everyone is kindhearted and truthful. So therefore because of few indian women dont blame all indian girls. It maybe that the indian girls you met were cruel and moneyminded selfish as well. But i request you to not to blame those indian girls who are selfless kindhearted and truthful…. please……


    • So it is up to you to clean the clocks of the bad girls. Until then do not trust any Indian females. The more innocent they look the more wary you should be. A pond full of crocodiles looks calm on the surface.


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