Employees Share Gender-Biased Policies of Their Companies, Share yours

Corporate policy

Creating new GENDER BIASED policies only for women employees and giving them preferential treatment in the name of gender equality is not new.

If as a man you are not able to raise your voice to your HR, let others know in this anonymous survey how companies create gender bias and discrimination against men (present or past company, please write the company name)-

Readers’ Hearts’ content

A. Celebration of women’s day
Women gets preference in job posting
Women allowed to leave office early
Sabbatical easily available for women
Preferential rate of interest for women employees if she takes loan

B. Allocation of work timing , facility like early exit from office more option towards leaves.


Below are few extract from FAQ(Which is not seen in many company, and is in for of men)

Which behaviors that may not constitute sexual harassment?
If a colleague accidentally brushes against you once, it may not be considered as sexual harassment.
However, if that person repeatedly finds opportunities to brush against you, it is no longer accidental –
it is deliberate. Sexually oriented behavior such as this, which may make you feel uncomfortable and adversely affect your work, is sexual harassment.
It may be noted that acts such as teasing, sporadic abusive utterances, occasional sexually colored jokes, could upset a person, even though it may not have been intentionally directed at him/her, and may not form a sexual harassment claim. If you have been asked to stop (verbally or in writing) certain behavior by any colleague at work stop it immediately and refrain from future indulgences

Does that mean that men cannot raise a complaint of sexual harassment in Cisco India?
Though Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013
considers only women as being the victims of sexual harassment, Cisco being an equal employment
opportunity provider would consider any sexually oriented behavior at the work place irrespective of the gender, a violation to the Company’s code of conduct and ethics. This in essence provides opportunity to any employee in to raise a complaint of sexual harassment in alignment with Cisco global framework

What if someone files a complaint with intent to malign my reputation?
While good faith complaints will be accepted, action will be taken against anyone lodging false complaints

D. DS Group famous brand like Rajnigandha, Catch . Workplace harassment policy available in online and the same gender neutral. Rule of dress code for both men and women.

All women employee leave at 6.00PM but about 20% men employee sit up to 8PM , but it is not force .
But practically , if men compliant vs women for any harassment, no action taken, where as if any women compliant against men, immediate action taken.
If men take too many leave for child care it considered as lazy and their performance appraisal get negative effect , but if women take excessive leave for child care the same does not affect her performance appraisal.
Organizations celebrate Women day every year and such event photo posted on employee website, but for men day no such activity done.


1. Nokia Siemens has created reserved womens parking in main building basement and MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK IN THOSE “WOMEN EMPLOYEE ONLY” space. Men have to go to MLCP to park. Women enjoy is nicely while they know that its nothing really required in Nokia Siemens. This company is clearly based towards women.
2. In any CSR they are not willing to donate to Mens NGOS.
3. They do not celebrate Mens day or Fathers day !

4. They have special cab policy for women but not for men for after 7 work.. They have special cab policy for women but not for men for after 7 work.


have seen that the female who filed false case is not in a position to defend her cases, instead catches hold of so called nonsense showing and practicing other females and her boyfriend, cooks up defamation strategies and spreads it in mass mode via soft media (whatsapp), and other so called males and females also joins in that defamation and enjoyment, also alongside catches hold of another female at society and does defamation, spreads filth, all to keep husband under pressure, they repeat it as regular acts shamelessly even though if shown fingers, management takes in turn no serious action on them, to some extent they just try to silence them. now who will give back the lost standing to the man who has lost it because of all those?


In my previous company named Beton Dickinson, they celebrate womens day but dont even wish on mens day.
In my current company Bayer Healthcare, they have policy for sexual harassment and it is only for females while globally in the same company they cover both genders.


 WELL IF A MAN suffers under a woman boss, he cannot do anything.
even if he fights there is a risk of  losing his career and worst even a sexual harassment case can be filed against him.


Not only corporate even Government of India discriminate based on gender. As per leave policies of the govt, almost 2 years leave is given to female employees for looking after children. Please read the relevant texzt reproduced below  i.e clause 18 D.
18 (D)* Child Care Leave to a female member of the Service—(1) A female member of the Service having minor children below the age of eighteen years may be granted child care leave by the competent authority for a maximum of 730 days during her entire service for taking care of up to two children. (2) During the period of child care leave, such member shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. (3) Child care leave may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible. (4) Notwithstanding the requirement of production of medical certificates contained in sub-rule (1) of rule 13 or rule 14, leave of the kind due and admissible (including commuted leave not exceeding 60 days and leave not due) up to a maximum of one year, if applied for, be granted in continuation of child care leave granted under sub-rule(1). (5) Child care leave may be availed in more than one spell. (6) Child care leave shall not be debited against the leave account of the member of the Service. 19. Conversion of one kind of leave into another kind.
And woman say, they are paid less for equal work. From above, it is evidently clear that woman are  paid more than men for the same or lesser work. Mind you, the above leave is only for females not males.

J.Read this

The corporates are already made target with diktat from regulators
 TCS – the company gave all information to the wife and gave red carpet welcome  and she sent a false letter to the  HR. several times she was allowed to visit office and meet my colleagues there by spoiling the reputation and finally led to termination of my job and loss of my career 
While working for Amazon Hyderabad ..when an internal job opening for process trainer was considered the only one who got through were beautiful girls. This is rampant in Amazon Hyderabad Mindspace. In one instance , one of the trainer was not made permanent because he was a male and the person who was selected was a show called liberated feminist female.


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  1. Recently E&Y started promoting employees on gender basis. They are preferring women for promotions. Please see below
    “Female partner promotions are at an all-time high this year, at 232 (more than 30%), representing a 33% increase over 2014. EY also added more female partners in all geographies than last year, in line with its commitment to diversity.”

    Similarly in recent post by BCG head on linked In, he said that he prefers to have more female employees as it good for the company to have female workforce because they are reliable, dependable and have longer relationships with the organization.

    I have worked in JDA previously (www.jda.com) which has similar culture. They promote women empowerment at a large scale. They have special development programs for women, WIN (women in network). They call female heads from outside to give lectures on work life balance for female employees. Isn’t this undermining the contribution by male employees. Special celebrations are held on Women’s Day. I mailed VP HR to wish male employees on International Men’s Day, he bluntly refused.

    I am sure all companies have policies for “sexual harassment at workplace” which are mainly intended to safegaurd women. At JDA all employees were forced to complete certification in “sexual harassment at workplace” policy, which never talked about misuse of policy and its consequences.


  2. That’s Cisco is suffering. For their women based policies, it incurred huge loss. Will fire around 7000 in coming October. Its an example about how can these policies destroy a company


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