Five Awesome Reasons To #HugYourDad This Father’s Day

I have suggested many awesome #FathersDay gifting ideas for our fathers earlier in one of my articles. Some of them I found on other websites and some were my innovation. But, do our parents really look at the economic value of the gift given to them? Here are five awesome reasons to give your dad a warm hug, this Father’s Day.

Reason 1 – Because that touch is awesome

#HugYourDad by VicksDo you remember the first time he held your hand and you took first steps? Those first few steps of your life made you walk, stand and run in future. If you are what you are today, it is because he supported you in those initial years that made you learn good lessons in life. Give him that touch through your hug. He needs it the most today.

Reason 2 – Because that touch is his support now

#HugYourDad by VicksRemember those early days when life threw challenges to you? His soft touch of hand or him hugging you in those trying times made you stand back on your feet. He might have faced challenges every time you had one, but he didn’t express his concerns to you and given you the warmth you needed. Today, when you have become his support system, why wait? Hug him today and every day and make every day your Father’s Day.

Reason 3 – Because that touch gives him energy

#HugYourDad by VicksThe positive energy that we carry with us diminishes as life takes it away little by little. With our age, our vigor ends. When we were young his touch gave us energy, today on the occasion of Father’s Day we can make his life awesome by reminding him of that touch, the touch that will take him a long way, the touch that he will cherish for many more days to come. Give him a hug and that energy for him to cherish.

Reason 4 – Because that hug is his security now

#HugYourDad by VicksWhen we needed it, he delivered. When we cried, he was the one who came forward and provided a sense of security. Today, he became older and is in need of security. One hug can send the message to him that he is as secured as he was all his life. He may not lift the bucket or move the table today, he may be suffering from arthritis or joint pains but he has a support system for him that will continue to keep him secured for rest of his life.

Reason 5 – Because you don’t need any reason to hug your parents

You really don’t need any reason….do you?

Then why wait?

Remember, father not only gave you his DNA but also gave you a future. Hug him today and make that the most memorable Father’s Day gift to him.

*All images courtesy Vicks #HugYourDad video



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