These Secret Natural Skin Care Tips Can Make You Shine

Natural skin care for men
The home-based natural ingredients can help you in skin care at little cost

We, men, get only a few occasions to celebrate. So this father’s day I have brought some tips pamper ourselves (the present and future fathers) from the website ‘Reward’.

Very often men are not serious about their skin care. For them, skin care is limited to shaving and using a shaving cream or aftershave. If time constraint is a factor, ignoring of self-comes from the fact of giving it least importance, too. This father’s day I am going to discuss some ways to pamper our men with some simple homemade tips.

Before going to the tips, it is important for us to understand our skin type.

Dry skin – The skin is tight and uncomfortable after washing. The skin has dry scaly and itchy patches. Prone to early wrinkles.

Oily Skin – The Skin develops a great sheen after washing. Such skins are likely to suffer from blackheads, pores. Resistant to wrinkles.

Combination Skin – The ‘T-zone’ (forehead, nose, eyes) is oily but cheeks are dry.

Our choice of shaving cream and aftershave can help in Skincare as explained in this article. However, that is not all. A good amount of skin care is left for other areas of the face. There are simple, natural ways to achieve that.

Coffee and Sugar for the everlasting sheen – Prepare a paste of finely ground coffee beans and Sugar in lavender oil and apply the paste on your skin. Leave it to dry for long lasting sheen.

Granulated sugar and Olive Oil for softness – A paste of granulated sugar and Olive oil applied on the face to dry can make it soft and younger.

Oatmeal for freshness – You must be wondering why I am suggesting food items for Skincare and waste your money. But this is the time to pamper yourself guys. So now spend some money for yourself. Get one tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal and mix it with 1/4 cup of milk for a fresh skin.

Lemon and Honey for clear skin – Lemon and Honey both ingredients in our kitchen are known for good in Skincare. A solution made from these and explained here can make your skin softer and fresh.

So now you have five awesome ways to pamper ourselves. In our daily fight for life, we men often don’t find enough time for us. Coupled with the fact that there is hardly any attempt to make us feel special. I found articles on the website tackles this issue very well.

This father’s day, let’s make it special for our fathers. Pamper them or give them ideas to pamper themselves. After all, we men hardly get any special day for us, so let’s celebrate.


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