Here Are 3 Innovative Fathers Day Gifting Ideas For You

Significance of a father
What a father mean to us

Father’s day is approaching us. With every day passing by we get worried of the right gifting idea for our fathers. Here are some amazing ideas.

Now this is the time for you to go beyond just giving gifts but to create sweet memories. For example, instead of gifting a T- Shirt with a message like ‘World’s best daddy’ you can think of taking him out to a memorable journey of his favourite place or you may create online or offline memoir of father’s day each year.

For example, create a personal diary where his family members will paste important and memorable photos, selfies with him and keep adding to this every year. In addition, each member and children will write their special message on the photos and that will create a good memory.

So these Fathers Day memories will last long for the whole family and not only for him. 

Taking cues from the above, you can think of some other gifts that I would like to propose for elderly fathers who are retired and mostly stay at home.

  1. Gift a hobby – The retired persons get ample time at home and without enough brain work they get bored. In today’s nuclear families the boredom takes them to unproductive soaps on TV that create negative thought process in them. Help them develop a good hobby like writing, working on share market, gardening or anything else that may interest him. Even doing social service will keep him engaged. Help him creating one.
  2. Gift a surprise – If he has never traveled abroad or to a particular place that he always desired to, give him a surprise gift of a travel package to that place along with his loved ones. These surprises in life keep us going longer in life.
  3. Gift him technology – Normally our fathers are not that tech savvy. My father can’t even handle a desktop. However, the world of smartphones make life so simple for us. It is all the more important for aged parents. But giving a smartphone with accessories is not enough. Teach him how to use mobile banking, check WhatsApp messages or check his mails. Open a twitter account for him and let him have a different identity. This will be a gift of modern technical experience rather than only a smartphone or a tab.

It is important how well you know your father to decide the right gift for him. This is how you can make this father’s day permanently etched in all your memories.



  1. Thanks I will do that. Father work not recongized by the society and media. Not only financially (earning is not easy task)supporting family. Fathers are doing house work too.

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