5 Feminist Agenda That Are Harming Women The Most

Lonely Woman, Woman aloneMale Bashing

The constant shaming of men in the name of women empowerment cost women dearly. The hysteria created around violence against women by suppressing similar violence against men in the name of gender equality has become an epidemic in India.  Almost everyone understands that there exists a good amount of violence against men. The increasing injustice to these men is creating a nervous society and better gender inequality. So, much so that the men who have ever supported women rights are also termed as abusers or rapists today. These are the same men who have created hysteria around rape and violence. An increasing number of women think male-bashing is a kind of empowerment. When women empowerment is NOT created based on crime but based on gender, the gender gap increases. This gender war created by some in the name of feminism is now hitting them back.

Of late, I found many feminist bloggers writing about men’s rights. They talk about the need for some laws to favour men, as they find all nice males around them going away. I received comments from young women on my blog stating how frustrated they are because of this gender war. How the men they desire don’t even pay attention to them or put them in the friend zone even before they can do it.

Using Males Against Their Own Gender

Men who talk about Feminism today do not learn lessons until they are hit themselves. The constant shaming of their own gender has made Indian males so spineless that they have forgotten to stand up for their rights or are scared of being termed as chauvinists. It is the same men who had shamed others for similar reasons and now facing challenges because they don’t want to be termed as chauvinists. So the way for them is to stay clear from women. Even the males who are in any kind of relationship are scared to get into any long-term commitment. They are scared and do not know when they get a rapist tag by the same women they love. Many are feeling that it is better to stay away from all relationships to avoid a rapist tag.

Because these males can’t stand up for their rights, today feminists can create videos like “Aao rape Karo“, ‘My Choice‘ or ‘I am not a woman‘. Every time one such anti-male video goes viral on the web, these men get threatened for their male identity. But it is the Frankenstein they have created. So far they thought it was a group of ‘few’ people who were rapists. But the UN came up with statistics that most rapes happen within families and most women don’t even understand they are raped. This brought almost all males who have ever supported women’s rights under the purview of rape. This report along with the fact that even criminals like Rohtak Sisters are awarded for bravery or women like the wife of Amit Bachchan is protected by the media, is making Indian men more nervous about their existence. The men who wanted to protect women around them are not able to protect themselves and thus do not want to commit to any relationship.

Filing False Cases

With this kind of social change, women need to prove to their men that they will not file false cases in the future or harass their partners. The theory that “Not all women are same” is no more valid as everyone knows that even village women are misusing such laws for their personal benefit. It becomes evident when we see some of the districts highest in the misuse of dowry laws, are not even near metro cities.

So far, feminists have created an urgency for men to prove that they are not rapists or molesters. Men for ages have gone out of their way to support women and even lynched other men simply on the accusation of a woman. But women continued to claim victimhood. So it became obvious that this eternal victimhood could only be solved by making women alone.. completely alone.

Feminists – men and women alike; feel the stress today. That is why men are afraid of a long-term commitment. India’s population trend shows that the percentage of married women is increasing but not the percentage of married men. Even live-in relationships have become dangerous for men as they get rape charges frequently. Men in public places don’t look at women, leave alone getting closer or trying to flirt with them. This in a way makes all effort that might have gone into her makeup, beauty and clothes for getting attention from men to turn to a mere waste.

Showing Arrogance And Victimhood Together

As more and more males become indifferent to the females around them and refuse companionship in the fear of the society going nuts over her allegations, more men refuse to extend helping hand to women. Empowered Women are increasingly being told to do their work themselves, pay their own bills or carry that heavy luggage. As chivalry died a natural death due to Feminism and women are increasingly forced to succeed in all spheres of life in order to prove they are more than equal to men. But in order to excel, they demand reservation or different other favours and deprive educated and qualified men of due respect.

So, when men find it increasingly difficult to get their required value and even random women with less qualification or skills get more value through reservation or social bias, they lose respect in men’s eyes. Instances of women getting their work done and climbing up the corporate ladder faster than her male colleagues are around in the industry for some time. Many men do not have a problem with that but women find it increasingly difficult to find the right guy who will take care of them in the future. This is because women always prefer to marry up in their social status and not below.

This double jeopardy created in society forces women and men to be single when they crave for a partner. A less successful man suffers from an inferiority complex in approaching a more successful woman and a successful woman fails to find an attractive guy in search of a more successful guy. This becomes complicated when men stop approaching women either for plain flirting or for a relationship. On the other hand, when women need to approach a man for a relationship, they show themselves as a loser and hence mostly rejected. This creates a generation of frustrated young men and women that is potentially harmful for a nation.

Eternal Victimhood

So I don’t find it great when an erstwhile feminist writes for men’s rights and talk about law misuse by women. With the society being blind to the need of severely punishing law misusers and giving justice to men; it is a necessary evil that the society has to face. Also, there is no guarantee that the same women will not misuse the laws in their favour when the need arises. The counsellors of such issues, in fact,  do not find any indication of the types of women who don’t want such legal benefits.

They say there is no guarantee that a woman will not claim victimhood when her relationship does not work. It is their experience that even most empowered women want alimony or husband’s property as their right and when they claim the same, they create more reasons why we can’t say that  ‘NOT all women are same’. Because NO ONE knows who are those women who are different and the magic formula of finding them in advance.



  1. This post reflects my state of mind. I being a single man crave for companionship of a woman but am afraid to flirt for the fear that she might file molestation case against me. Also I am afraid to enter into relationship because if things don’t work out she might file rape case against me. I am also not too keen to marry because of alimony, 498a and DV laws.

    Only remedy to this is to legalize pre-marital agreement, do away with alimony and 498a laws and make all other laws gender neutral. Men need to be provided equal protection under law as women.

    God knows when this will happen. Till that time it is better to stay away from relationship and marriage. Let women also crave for us. Only then they would understand our value.


  2. A man can be accused at any stage ogle his life. Even minors boys below age of 18 have become vulnerable. Adults can be accused of molestation by a stranger, accused if sexual harassment by colleagues, accused of rape by girlfriend, accused of dowry by wife. Indian men are not safe anywhere. Neither at road/office nor at home. If this continue, I can clearly see mass boycott of women in future.


  3. Partha:

    You mentioned, “As more and more men become indifferent to the beautiful women around them and refuse companionship in fear of the society going nuts over the women’s allegation, also refuse to extend any helping hand to women. Women are increasingly being told to do their work themselves, pay their bills or carry those heavy luggages. As chivalry dies a natural death due to Feminism and women are increasingly forced to succeed in all spheres of life in order to prove they are more than equal to men, they deprive educated and qualified men from due respect.”

    It seems that militant feminism is being used as a brilliant form of birth-control. It is clear that India suffers from chronic unemployment, poverty and over-population, so militant feminism is a nifty answer to these social quandaries.

    When militant feminism raises its ugly head, it becomes a sign to all men that they must protect themselves from this new evil, hence a wise man will think twice before approaching the wedding altar. This, of course, is the desired result, while the unsuspecting, weak-minded female remains in the dark.

    The establishment knows that women are herd animals, and it is easy to implant thoughts and ideas into their minds, because more than any other creature on the planet, women are susceptible to “group think”, hence they follow social movements en-mass (like sheep).

    It is important to realize that the Establishment is not asking women to go it alone. What they are asking women to do is to seriously consider trading-in their husbands (for monetary incentives) and forgo marriage in favor of forming an unholy alliance with the Establishment – who will act as her mediator, protector, provider and proxy husband.

    Peace be with you

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      • Well, thank you kind Sir. It is an honor to be of assistance, wherever and whenever I can.

        Another thought has come to mind, so I would like to add a little clarification to my final paragraph, where I said:

        “It is important to realize that the Establishment is not asking women to go it alone. What they are asking women to do is to seriously consider trading-in their husbands (for monetary incentives) and forgo marriage in favor of forming an unholy alliance with the Establishment – who will act as her mediator, protector, provider and proxy husband.”

        Indeed…the progression of homosexuality and militant feminism are a two-pronged attack on civilization, which is meant to “cull the herd”. It is known that these abominations and societal evils, not only depart from God’s natural order, but have been earmarked by nature for extinction. The truth is that these two “movements” are part of the “Eugenics” program aimed at population control.

        It should be noted that Pied Pipers (Oprah Winfrey Magazine) in America are even calling upon married women to leave their “happy” marriages, so they can find a man that makes them even more “happy” than they already are. Can you imagine that? It seems that no consideration is given to the husband, the children, the family unit, the drain on society or anything else for that matter. The message is clear: a woman’s happiness is all that matters!

        In the same likeness, a few French companies (sex brokers) are aggressively targeting married women through television, magazine and radio advertisements, in order to entice these women into having extra-marital affairs. In fact, these companies will set her up with a man of her choosing, and even arrange the day, hour, and location of their sexual encounter. All she has to do is dial their number and pay a small fee.

        Of course, in order for this marketing campaign to be successful, these companies will have to plant the seed of discontent in the fertile fields of her mind. They will bring up the possibility that her husband is not meeting all her needs, that she is entitled to sexual freedom, and that she deserves to be as happy as she can be. In fact, a sexual liaison will add to her overall satisfaction in life, thereby being in her best interest.

        I propose that these companies would not waste tens of millions of francs on advertising – unless they thought this marketing campaign would successfully influence the inherent weaknesses of the female constitution. If psychologists can plant false memories in women (as they often do), marketers and social engineers should have no problem convincing a vulnerable woman that she’s been raped by her husband, that she is oppressed by marriage, that she is under-appreciated and unhappy, that she’s a victim of the patriarchy, or that she needs to treat herself to an affair, so she can be truly happy. It’s just too easy.

        So, it would seem that a world-war has been declared on men, and the woman is the weapon of choice. Why? Because the “powers that be”, just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, know the female is open to suggestions, prone to weakness, susceptible to lies, easily led astray, and can be bought for a price – making her the perfect accomplice.

        Peace be with you


  4. True. I am also one such man. From being a guy ‘who would leave everything for a girl’ to ‘stay away from all the girls in the world’. I am afraid until they realize what kind of society they are making, it might already be very late.


  5. Nice of you to write this article. I am not a misogynist but I have developed a hatred for feminists. I would like you to read Times of India and many Hindi newspapers to see how they add fuel to the fire of feminism.


    • Dear Ajay,

      Thanks for realizing the fact that our newspapers add fuel to Feminism. But newspapers can’t do that of their readers don’t like that our rejects those papers. This disease is also spread by all kinds of media, politicians and international agencies. If you read more articles on this blog you will realize this.

      To end, this is the Feminism you or your parents also have promoted. When you spoke about women rights you have never considered that every right comes with responsibility. Now this is the society that your ancestors have created, denied your rights completely. You will understand that if you read other articles here.

      Best of luck.


      • Partha:

        Again, I thank you, but I also apologize for being so long-winded. It’s just that America is 40 years ahead of India, in terms of the feminist movement, and I want you all to know what you can expect to see in the future.

        In a way, the average Indian male wants to know where this is all heading…whereas I am a man who can tell you first hand.

        India is known for its intelligent people, but one of the down-sides of having a society of “brainiacs”, is that your women are quick learners who will catch up with their twisted sisters, in the “west”, at break-neck speed. While it may take long-held traditions and customs many years to change – it only takes a moment for your women to be re-programmed by social engineers, thus falling prey to whatever “mind virus” they conjure (especially in the age of modernization, globalization, and information technology).

        It has been 50 years since America has had the loaded gun of feminism held to its head. Within that time, we have seen societal evils arise, but most notably is the high divorce rate (50% for “first timers” and 75% for “second-timers”), single motherhood, broken homes, violent crime, legislative misandry, venereal disease, and female promiscuity (60% of American wives cheat on their husbands) – all of which emanate from the same source and are thus inter-related.

        If India follows the path America has taken, she can expect to see (within three decades) 33% of her population being born to women who have chosen to start families without the benefit of a father. Of course, for a woman to give birth she must carry a man’s seed, but this new breed of woman only sees men as “sperm donors” and ATM machines, while her real husband, provider, and protector has become the State.

        Peace be with you


    • Ajay:

      You have probably noticed that I am outspoken, when it comes to militant feminism and societal evils. At a glance it may look like I hate women, but things are not always as they seem and nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that I am a hopeless romantic who admires womankind greatly, and thank my Creator for these mysterious, beautiful creatures on a daily basis.

      Fact is, my heart goes out to them and anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a chivalrous soul who will place myself in great danger…in order to protect them. Unfortunately, a truly chivalrous, loving man must protect her from herself at times and at all times from the evil forces that play upon her beautiful mind, whisper lies into her lovely ears, and try to lead this graceful and elegant creature astray.

      So, Ajay, I determined a long time ago that I would never tolerate the maltreatment of women and children (on my watch). Now, I may be a man of peace, but I can tell you that I can put up one “helluva” fight when necessary, and am more than willing to die in order to protect those I love and, He, whom I serve.

      Peace be with you, my friend


  6. Ajay:

    Let it be known that many men who oppose militant feminism are very supportive and sympathetic to marriage, the family, as well as to women and children. The problem is that social engineers have a strangle-hold on universities, the government, and all forms of mass communication – so they can say anything they want and stand virtually unopposed in the public eye.

    This is to say that political pundits and politicians often promote, support, and reflect the ideals nurtured in the schools and universities, which, themselves, reflect the ideals that have been carefully crafted and cultivated by social engineers (who have complete access and control over all major media outlets).

    Keep in mind that social engineers (or agents of change) are just the “ignition switch” that operates the powerful media machine. The “ignition switch” is turned by a key that is held in the hand of a “driver”, who is the real “mover and shaker” behind the scenes. These “drivers” are a small cabal of powerful people who are careful to remain out of public view and who govern in secrecy (from behind closed doors).

    Now, along with having control of the universities, politicians, and all forms of mass communication – including all major media outlets, the “powers that be” have the power to create their own dialect, which, in turn, guides public sentiment.

    A favorite pastime of the ruling elites, is to create catch phrases and euphemisms that are quickly implemented into public discourse. These catch phrases and euphemisms are carefully crafted to manipulate the public toward acceptance or into shame. Tyrannical policies, immoral ideals, murderous intentions, and sleazy ambitions are often disguised through the use of upbeat euphemisms that conceal the truth yet enhance public support, such as: “planned parenthood”, “pro-choice”, “feminism”, “women’s movement”, “female empowerment”, “no-fault divorce”, “right to work”, “patriot act”, “affirmative action”, and so on and so forth.

    Of course, there are also some positive movements and courageous individuals who rightfully oppose wayward policies, tyrannical traditions, unhealthy behaviors, sick ideas, callous customs and destructive movements, who are subsequently villainized through shameful rhetoric, disparaging catch phrases, or negative euphemisms – designed to cast them in a negative light, while subjecting them to ridicule and public shame.

    To call a man a “misogynist” because he supports traditional marriage, fights for his family, and supports the traditional roles of women and children, is one example. Then again, the misapplied and diminutive term, “heterophobe”, is another shame-tactic that utilizes the art of “name calling” – aimed at a person who sees homosexuality as an unhealthy behavior or sees marriage as a holy institution given to a man and woman by their loving Creator.

    Please keep in mind that people may follow causes but they are moved by words. Therefore, it is not coincidental that a war of ideals will be waged with words and fought in the public consciousness. The arrow, spear, and dagger may penetrate a warrior’s armor and force him to flee the field, but words can penetrate his soul and cause him to change his direction.

    Peace be with you.


    • C. J Sledgehammer
      I have realized that a good woman is very very very rarest case. And I respect only those.
      I passionately hate women who support for feminism, gender equality. And most of the women (99%) support such disgusting movements.
      Women should be punished severely for their low-class behavior.
      Women in India, they think that men’s place is in women feet. In ancient Indian scriptures, men are placed higher than women.
      In marriage, men and women take seven vows for each other but after marriage it is woman who cheat their husband. Even before marriage, girls mix with boys in sexual affairs.
      In Islam, it is said that women sent to hell more than men. And also suffer more hellish life than men.
      If any man try to harm me to protect such creatures (women) then that day will be last day of their life.
      I have lost sympathy towards these creatures because of the way they are behaving.
      And one thing I realized that women can never be trusted if they are given a single opportunity.
      In Hindu scriptures, it is said that if women try to harm anyone then men should kill or severely punish such women.


    • I used to have some feelings for women in childhood till age 15 but now I do not a single bit of feelings for them.
      If society want a peaceful civilization then they should reject not only feminism but also gender equality philosophy. Because equality between the two sex does not exist.
      A peaceful civilization can only be formed by destroying the current gynocentric mess(feminism, gender equality, etc) and also destroying those men and women who support such mess.
      Till that time, all sane men should go mgtow.
      And one more thing, I will have great respect for women who will fiercely support men issue or men’s rights issue the way men support women, feminism and also sacrifice their own lives for women.
      I want a staunch brutal anti-feminist breed of women who have respect for men’s sacrifices for benefits of the society they have done since beginning of the world.
      Many men have killed men to protect women but now I want brutal anti-feminist, courageous breed of women who will protect and support men and also their issues staunchly by this way only they will get the taste of their own medicine (equality).
      I will respect only such women.


  7. All this feminist hysteria that is so prevalent in today’s India is because a majority of women(and let me break it down for everyone)actually hate men with passion and they come in way of defending feminism even when they know of their dirty tricks.

    If you don’t believe me then you probably need to observe.


    • Nomadexist:

      There are certainly some men who are worthy of contempt, but I think that it never occurred to the average woman that she should “hate men with passion”, unless it has become fashionable for her to do so.

      To hate the ones who built civilizations and then sacrificed their lives defending those civilizations – is simply unconscionable. I believe, the natural woman, if left alone, admires and desires the company of a good man, and feels indebted to him for all that he does and for all that he is.

      It is only after state-sanctioned “change agents” systematically mind-raped our brides, mothers, sisters and daughters (for an entire generation) – that women s’ hearts became impregnated with the seeds of disillusionment, which led to the illegitimate birth of misandry.

      Peace be with you


  8. What you write about is a horrible outcome in India between men and women, but I’ve had my own traumatic experience with a bad man from India who does deserve contempt as mentioned above. As a female, I do know how it feels to be taken advantage of and that fear of getting involved with the opposite sex. It does not make me want to succumb to the evil that was done to me. I try to see the good in all, but when one does a horrible thing it makes a woman less easy to trust a man. So, maybe it starts with giving a chance, taking things slowly, and most of all equal communication. If something doesn’t feel right then, just leave. I’ve learned my lesson from my ex-fiancee despite his deceit, mental and emotional abuse and manipulation. I learned to go with my initial gut feeling that something does not feel right, and that is what I take from a bad relationship. I learned to not let a man rush me or to make me feel what I ask of his past is a burden because in the end, truth wins despite pain. My experience is not used as a means to hurt men or hate them. My best revenge is to be kind and not broken despite what happened and share my story so others can see there is hope.


    • Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog. My article was written more from Indian perspective that is creating this gender divide in the name of women empowerment. This is how feminism is used by criminals to divide a nation. We believe there is good and bad in everyone, however bad women are not punished equally in India and that is what is creating all problems.


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