Why Global Community Is So Interested About Marital Rape In India?

Looks like the global community is more interested in marital rape in India. We are not sure why.

It started with CNN and BBC publishing about Rape in Indian marriages around women’s day this year after a failed attempt of BBC with its India’s Daughter documentary. More is explained here –

What Indians need to know about Marital Rape

The debate started with some global surveys that portrayed that 75% of Indian housewives are raped by their husbands –

The Telegraph on Marital Rape in India

However, in a survey conducted by Indian Men’s Rights groups, it was found that 37% Indian husbands did suffer from frequent sexual abuse in marriage too, but that was never covered under any survey –

Men Sexual Abuse, Marital rape of menSexual abuse by wife

Now let’s consider the data that 75% Indian housewives are raped by their husbands to be true. There was another survey done by United Nations Framework for Population Analysis (UNFPA) in 2014 that showed this –

UNFPA Reporting Intimate Partner Violence, IPV

The above graph if considered to be true shows that women don’t even understand that they are raped by their husbands. So it is natural that they don’t reveal the same in surveys and if this is believed then it becomes evident that in reality, the number of raped housewives is more than 75% as captured by UNFPA survey. This shows that actually almost all Indian wives may be raped and that includes those of you (men) who have become mad to punish the rapists by the death penalty or castration or any other cruel punishment. This also includes your father, brother, son or other male members of your family.

Marital Rape debate on News AsiaRecently, there was a marital rape debate on Singapore based News Asia channel. If you see the debate from the link on the left-hand side, you will know that in-spite of rape in marital relations being included under several sections as a crime international media and organizations like UN is showing that it is not a crime. The anchor has clearly shown bias when he presented the program and he was continuously pressing a wrong perception through to his audience that marital rape in India is not a crime for men.

Even though the Men’s Rights Activist on the show clarified multiple times that the fact was different, still the anchor insisted that it was not. It makes it very clear to everyone that the international community has vested interest in making marital rape another section and that is nothing else but breaking our families and making Indian men, like you dear reader or your son or your father – as rapists. Because when it becomes clear from the data above that UN is showing almost all Indian housewives as raped then you or all those men who went out ever in support of women’s rights are actually rapists. So if you have ever supported the death penalty or castration or any other cruel punishment to rapists, UN says that it is time that you execute them in your home.

Another shocking fact is that the NewsAsia anchor said 2/3 rd of housewives are raped instead of 75% as was revealed earlier in newspapers. Is it simply a mistake? Surely NOT.

This happened after we have shown the mirror to those male feminists who have been raping their wives without their knowledge but UN surveys came to know –

Tweet about marital rape

After male feminists have realized that the feminists are eager to term them as rapists too, and stopped feminist agenda; feminists are deliberately trying to show lesser statistics so that they still get support from some fools. And hence, the NDTV HINDI debate on marital rape showed that 30% of Indian housewives are severely raped and never mentioned about 75% stat and now the Singapore channel is showing it even lesser.

Dear reader, it is clear that feminists want to make every single man in your house as rapists. The men who could have gone out to demand death penalty for rapists. That will include, you, your father, son brother or other male members. Not only international media is trying to show India as rape capital, they have funded National Family Health Survey (NFHS) too so that such finding get a local stamp –

MRA RTI on NFHS funding

This analysis shows that there is unexplained vested interest in the global community in terming Indian men as rapists. Now if you want these global agents to come and castrate your son or chop off his genitals tomorrow you are welcome to support feminists and these terrorists. The women who you wanted to save earlier is ready to castrate you today.




  1. it doesn’t matter how much the MRAs speak the truth. The mainstream media will say whatever the agenda it has. It’s purpose is to sensationalize and brainwash the people. They will not stop their propaganda war against Indians.

    They won’t stop. And the “educated” women will believe what the media wants them to believe.
    As the media has hypnotized “educated” and even other women to an extent to believe whatever it tells them.

    After watching this video I feel the MRAs are being extremely naive to expect help from the government. The laws will be drafted as per the demands of the western powers. The media will create the Indian public perception as per the demands of the western countries. And they will give women more and more powers. They will create a perception that divorce is good as women will be “free” from “oppressive” marriage.

    Just an idea. I have realized that the laws were always anti-male in India. The women were not misusing it. I think it is utterly naive to demand for “men’s association” from the government as the government is weak.

    In my opinion there is no point in fighting for “men’s rights”. It only makes sense if we question the whole system and fight the whole system.


  2. The western powers won’t stop at anything. They will use lies, propaganda, murder to further their agenda. The western media just like the India media is controlled by the psychopath elite of the west. Everyone can see what they can do in this video.


  3. Partha:

    Just so you know, I am a Cascadian from America, which means I live on the American “fringe” (in more ways than one). In fact, I do not really know what it means to be an “American”.

    Be that as it may, I have always had a sincere interest in all of God’s people and the environments in which they live, thus I studied this discipline in college. My keen interest in India, its people, its customs, its politics and its social trends, grew in intensity after I fell in love with an Indian woman from Kerala.

    I would have liked to have married her, but she felt she could never truly be happy with me if she brought her parents shame (by marrying a loving, kindhearted “foreigner”). Upon their recommendation, she married an Indian male whom she had met just 30 days before. He had status and wealth, but his personality was like sandpaper, hence there was a great deal of friction between them from the very onset.

    I know she was deeply depressed, but married this man out of obligation to her parents, and to uphold their traditional values – even if it meant that she would suffer emotionally and spiritually for the remainder of her days. I do not know what happened to her or how things turned out, because it isn’t right for a man to speak to a woman after she has married another – even if I loved her and he did not.

    It is because of this, and other things, that I try to learn all that I can about India, its people, its culture, and its customs. In a way, learning about India keeps her memory alive and may even help my heart to heal. Though the years have passed…I love her still and think about her daily. It is because of my love for her that I choose to involve myself with Indian affairs. I know she loves India deeply, so I want to do all that I can to save it for her…and for any offspring she may have. Today, it may mean combating the cancerous infection of militant feminism that is now permeating her lovely country. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    Peace be with you


  4. I read a survey mentioned in this article that 37% of men have faced sexual abuse from their wife. This is too large a number to be ignored. We mras should make sure that these men get justice and their cruel wives should be punished. If we take into account the cases in which the wives call their husbands ‘Namard’ or threaten to do extra marital affairs this percentage would rise. And that’s why I feel we mras should provide conditional support to criminalize marital rape. Following should be the conditions:

    Marital rape law should be gender neutral.
    Women who misuse this law should be punished with jail term.
    Men who are victims of misuse of this law should be provided rehabilitation.
    Men trapped in sexless marriages should be granted immediate divorce.

    If this law is made gender neutral, it might set a trend for all anti-men laws to be made gender neutral like rape, alimony, property, child custody etc.


  5. This is a very valid and a very interesting topic of discussion. For west, India was and always a third world country. But still, why so much interest in India’s internal affairs??
    The reason is the huge potential of India as a market. Due to constant pressure, India liberalized its economy in around the year 1991. This ensured that along with lot of good things, many unwanted things also entered into India. One of them was feminism.

    We know that feminism does not mean equal rights at all. Then what does feminism exactly want to achieve, specially in India?
    To answer that, I would like to take you back to my previous statement.” India had the potential to be a huge market”. Now, lets divide India into the two main genders: Male and Female.

    Male: Indian males used to be the major work force in India pre 1991. The purchasing power completely was in their hand. BUT, we all know by experience that men are very judicious,, planned and practical in their purchases. They will mostly buy after due consideration to their budget. Though, this changed a bit after economic liberalization, still men remained careful in their purchases.

    Females: Shopping habits in women are more erratic. Mostly, No planning or budgeting goes into shopping. Can buy things and stack them even if unwanted.

    This is the very thing which west is attracted to. They want to tap this purchasing habit of women. This can not happen unless women are highly empowered and very importantly can ward off the resistance from the male members of their family like father, husband, brother.
    All these biased and anti men laws are exactly helping in achieving the same. They can use them as weapon to do as they want without thinking of responsibilities, etc.

    Now, big NGOs are putting huge sum of money into India to ensure that their market remains intact.
    This is they very reason why the West is interested in bringing another major weapon, Marital Rape in India, to ensure that the purchasing decision slowly shifts to only females.


    • Saurabh:

      You are definitely onto something.

      In America, men are responsible for accumulating nearly 100% of all true wealth, yet women now own 67% of all that wealth through inheritance and divorce. It is also known that men tend to be savers, while women tend to be consumers. In fact, American women spend $8 out of every $10 dollars.

      Peace be with you


    • Saurabh,

      You are right in describing the shopping habits of men and women. If we want to buy any item we would search for it in hundred places and buy one which is cheapest and of best quality. Women on otherhand shop spontaneously without much thinking. And most of the things they buy are unwanted.

      We shop as a necessity while women shop as a hobby.


      • Yes, Roshan, well said!!!

        In general, women consume everything around them…even their husbands and children. My own mother, whom I love dearly, has her own shopping ritual. Immediately after church, she goes window shopping and does not return home until she has feasted her eyes and spent some money. Virtually none of the items she purchases are planned, nor are they a want, necessity, or need…that is, until she sees them before her for the very first time.

        Now, even though I may think my mother is exceptional in many areas, her shopping habits are really no different than the average woman’s. Some will say that the frivolous spending habits of women is the fuel that drives our economy. If this is so, then I think we need to tone down the economy by toning down the spending; our families need the money more than the rich bankers and wealthy merchants (who run the show).

        Bankers and merchants know that men work hard for their money and know how much sweat and toil it took to earn that dollar, hence men are never eager to part with their hard-earned gains. This is not to say that some women don’t work hard or earn their money as men do, but women are known to be frivolous spenders and ravenous consumers, therefore “Big Business” wants to transfer as much wealth into the hands of women – any way they can.

        This may mean legislating “no fault” divorces, flooding the air waves with anti-male rhetoric, or even making laws that require businesses to hire a quota of women, even if she is not as qualified as a male or nearly as productive (just to name a few). Now, this may be bad for marriages, families, children, and society, but it is good for business! And, as everyone who has an ounce of greed in their hearts know – “Money makes the world go round.”

        Peace be with you


        • Sledgehammer,

          You mentioned that you are Cascadian. So do you stay in Oregon or Washington ?


        • Roshan:

          I have lived in both and still call them my home.

          I grew up in the shadows of the mountains and am the first to have distinguished myself as a “Cascadian” (at least as far as I know). I have done this in order to differentiate myself from the inferior values of the “Lowlanders”, who reflect American “pop” culture and every debased trend and societal whim. I also intend to distance myself from the humanistic, amoral, and ungodly principles espoused by the States and Federal Government.

          The Cascades are beautiful, majestic, mighty and strong. They have lofty ideals, know who they are, stand for something, yet bow to no one. The Cascades never bend to the winds of change and rise above all adversities and trivial pursuits of men. They persevere, yet graciously humble themselves before their Creator and reflect His awesome glory.

          I honestly do not know what it means to be an “American” anymore. My grandfather was a flying ace in World War II and was acknowledged by the U.S. Government as a man of courage – as a hero. My grandfather would have died for America during World War II, because he believed in her goodness and in the quality of her character, but today she is nothing more than a greedy, war-mongering, obstinate whore – who has prostituted her integrity in favor of fortune, power, and glory.

          Peace be with you


        • Sledgehammer,

          Very rightly said. We know that even when women earn, they don’t mind spending it without a second thought. The reasons they give will be like: “I have just one life, let me enjoy” or “We never know if we will be alive tomorrow, let me enjoy today”. These reasons are all an escape route to keep spending irresponsibly. If we all think this way, then if we do survive the next 30 years, we will be begging on the streets.
          But the big question is why are women so cool about spending money without any thought??
          The answer lies in the fact that women have definitely come out of the homemaker mode but they still DO NOT want to allow men to come out of the protector and PROVIDER mode. They always will feel that its men’s responsibility to slog hard and provide for her with his money, and she has the freedom to spend her money as she likes.
          The only solution to stop this is : Men also need to come out of the age old protector and provider mode and send the strong message: “We are not earning money for you. You earn your own and sustain yourself.”


        • Saurabh,

          You couldn’t have written better about the need for men to come out of protector and provider mode. Men need to completely abandon the ‘protection syndrome’. Its this protection syndrome of men which causes incidents like recent mob lynching in Nagaland.

          So all MEN, next time you see a street fight between a man and woman, don’t foolishly support a woman and start thrashing the man. You need to realize that, next time you could be in place of the poor man. Instead support the man. Women have the entire society and plenty of laws to support them. But the man is all alone.


  6. Well done, Saurabh:

    In general, women tend to see the world through an ego-centric lens. Therefore, it is no surprise that their attitude regarding marital resources will also reflect an ego-centric view-point, such as: “What’s mine is mine and what’s your’s is mine.” In many ways, this viewpoint is no different than a child’s. Keep this in mind next time you discuss finances or the family budget with her.

    I respect your opinion and honor the points you have made, but would just like to add that women tend to be ravenous consumers because they have a hole in their soul the size of a small dinner plate. Unfortunately, they rarely approach their Creator for the remedy, but will seek instead, to become devoted disciples of materialism, all-the-while ignoring spiritual sustenance.

    In addition, when the average woman feels she is missing something in her life, or she senses she needs to change something about herself or her circumstances, she will not look inward for the answer, such as through prayer, a gut check, a spiritual awakening or by strengthening her character. What she will do is look outward for a superficial, cosmetic solution that may include: paying a beautician to color her hair, buy fake eye-lashes or fingernails, purchase a new pair of shoes, or lay down some money for a manicure (to name only a few).

    *As a side-note, the word “maternal” shares the same root-word that means “material” (as in materialistic and materialism).

    The cure for this dilemma is not an easy one to implement, nor is it an easy one to understand; for it is something that has plagued our forefathers since the beginning of time. Even in the Garden of Eden, the woman, Eve, our original mother, was tempted, tantalized, and tormented by the sparkling fruit of the forbidden tree and was overwhelmed by temptation, such that, she succumbed (even to her own peril).

    Truth is, man has a natural eye for woman, whereas woman has a roving eye for things. And women have learned, over the years, that the quickest way to get the things they want is to find a man that has the most financial resources. So, as is often the case, marriage is nothing more than a Quid Pro Quo (“this for that”) contract, where the bride ransoms her body in order to attain material possessions from her groom. The more materialistic she is and the more entitled she feels…the wealthier her groom must be.

    About the only way to cope with the roving eye of females is to choose a mate selectively. Try in earnest to find a woman who is low-maintenance, spiritually inclined, and only marginally materialistic. A man cannot hope to cure his bride from this disability, because it seems to be part of her genetic code, but he can minimize its emergence by choosing his spouse wisely. Truly, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    Peace be with you


    • Saurabh:

      To further this discussion, I would like to rebound off one of your statements…

      “We know that even when women earn, they don’t mind spending it without a second thought…These reasons are all an escape route to keep spending irresponsibly. If we all think this way, then if we do survive the next 30 years, we will be begging on the streets.”

      Indeed, you are right, my friend, but a man should think twice before assaulting a woman’s ears with sound judgment, rationale, and logic. Reason being – women are creatures of habit and slaves to fashion, therefore you are wasting your time by speaking a language for which she has little aptitude.

      Please keep in mind that women are different creatures altogether; they don’t think the same way we do and they don’t see the world the same way we do. A woman can look at the very same thing a man is looking at and see something completely different or she can be subjected to the same stimuli (as a man) and come up with a completely different experience.

      It’s neither right or wrong or good or bad…it’s just the way things are. On a personal note, I appreciate listening to the female perspective, because it introduces me to a whole different world (their world)…a world that I never knew existed.

      Now, when we contemplate fiscal responsibility, we will again see some stark contrasts between the sexes. It is important for us to consider that girls, in general, have a completely different maturation process than boys (as we grow). Boys are taught the value of a dollar, to be responsible, to be strong, to be honorable, to work hard and to protect and provide for those who are unable to provide or protect themselves, etcetera.

      Girls, on the other hand, are taught none of these noble principles, therefore these virtues are foreign concepts throughout their lifetime. In fact, it is the girl who is taught, at a very young age, that she is the one who should be the rightful recipient of a young man’s efforts, because she is the one who can neither provide nor protect herself.

      In addition, girls are taught to view boys like wild horses. It is her responsibility to corral him, break him in, and then place a bit in his mouth. Once she has done this, she can place a stirrup and saddle upon him, and then train him to take her wherever she wants to go. When she feeds him, it’s not because she loves him – it’s because she knows her horse must be fed, so he will have the energy to carry her around on his back. When she brushes his hide, it’s not because she loves him – it’s because she needs him to look presentable, so she can ride him in style. If her horse stops performing for her, she will simply put him out to pasture and find a new one. It’s cold…it’s calculated – but that’s life!

      Please remember that boys are taught to be self-reliant, while girls are taught to rely on others for their survival. Females, therefore, live in a completely different world than we do…a world that they prefer over ours. So, when you see your money diminishing, you envision yourself having to work harder and longer to replenish that money, while she expects someone to come to her rescue. Even when a woman has spent all her money – she can usually find a guy who is willing to buy her dinner and pay for her drinks. As I said before, women may dwell with men on Earth, but they still live in a completely different world.

      Peace be with you

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  7. Drawback is that only affected man support the “opposition of marital rape law”, which is evident from online petition( only 690 men supported the petition), petitioning the law commission.In replied, it has informed ,
    Please refer to your xxxx on the subject opposing criminalisation of “Marital rape law” in the Indian Penal Code . In this regard, it is stated that the 21st Law Commission of India has been constituted but Hon’ble Chairman and Members are yet to be appointed. However, a project titled “Comprehensive Review of Criminal Justice System” is pending for the consideration of the Commission. Therefore, your representation has been kept in the concerned file for further necessary action, if any. —— Law Commission of India.”

    I am sorry to say, that we only create feminism, and speaks against man rights, till we are affected directly or indirectly by biased laws


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