Happy Mother’s Day

Dear mom,

I do not know how do I really express my happiness for having you as my mom. From childhood, I have built an image of a mother by seeing you that I used to think as universal. The lessons that I learnt at that tender age took me a long way to a new improved life.

You taught us (your children) the value of compassion for the street children by giving our old clothes to them or by giving our old books to them. The gifts given in kind was seen as a more kind gesture than the money given to them ever. I remember that dad used to take tuition for some of those poor children free of cost so that they could learn to read and write. The value of compassion for the poor and deprived took me a long way today to think about them. Today, I give the same suggestion to the men who come to me for help after suffering from a broken marriage and broken heart. The virtues of compassion take them a long way, they forget their pain, live a new life and let others live a better life as well. This is the virtue taught by you makes us think compassionately for men and boys who are increasingly denied their rights. Thus I took up the task of showing the importance of thinking with compassion about the problems men and boys face. A lesson that was well forgotten.

Ma, you taught us lessons of faith by being faithful to your family and all relations. In this way both you and dad taught us the virtues of being faithful to one’s family and fight against all atrocities with ease. This is the faith that restored faith in life every time we had fallen in our journey of life. When I see that we as human beings are losing faith in each other, I get scared. This is what everyone needs to learn first in their life.

You taught us to be sincere in whatever we do by sincerely taking up all your responsibilities in your family. We learnt from you and dad. You have not asked for everything as a right and taken up responsibilities first. I do try to emulate what  I learnt from you. I try to do everything with sincerity today. If I don’t want to do something, I refuse to get into it to avoid complications later. I imagine if we become sincere in whatever we do, we will have a better world to live in. I remember the sincere dedication of dad in development of our family as well. It was because of both of your sincere efforts we could do whatever we have achieved so far.

Honesty is another virtue that I have learnt from you. But I am not able to follow that completely. I have also seen that ‘straight trees are cut first’. Today honest people are robbed of their life. I used to be honest initially but life taught me not to be honest anymore.

Probably the list of the virtues of our life is changing. Because today I don’t see compassion being shown to me from anywhere. The state is so much biased against me that I am deprived of a meaningful, respectful life. My freedom and choices are curtailed to ensure freedom and choices of empowered women. Today none of the crimes committed against me by a woman is recognized as a crime. Today faith only means how a man can keep the faith, whereas breaking faith is considered as women empowerment. Sincerity, honesty have become things of the past. The extent of honesty is seen in our courts where any young DIL can lie to send elderly MIL to jail and MIL’S honesty has no value whatsoever.

Mom, you taught me some good virtues of life but probably you needed to teach the same to those feminists who influence our lawmakers to create enormous bias in the society. Today I have lost all importance as a man. My father has lost all his importance as being the supportive pillar of our family all through his life. That is why I see Mother’s Day images completely ignoring us – the men in the house as if they are redundant, disposable.


I know a mom that you don’t like this world, too. You will never imagine your world without a dad or without your sons. But most of us are increasingly trained to believe in redundancy of men. ‘Little kids’ means only ‘little girls’ today, be it in ads or in govt policies or in reservations. We are moving to a new reality of single mother girl children.

On the occasion of mother’s day, I ask you if your compassion meant only to be limited to girls and women alone? If not then why we boys don’t find a place in the society today. I ask you if your faith was only meant to be broken by women? If not, mom then how come my honesty has no value in the courts of law today compared to a woman’s lies. Why is today’s mother think of having sex outside marriage as a right and depriving children of their dad’s identity is empowerment?

No mom, it’s not that I am very happy living with the virtues you taught, but I will change this system for the next generation before I die. The boys will get their identity, the right that they deserve. I want to die to change the ever cruel world that is progressively eliminating men and from all social roles and treating them only as disposable money machines.

I know my death will not be honorable because today all that matters to this society are girls. I am grateful that you have not believed in feminist theories of depriving the baby boys of nurturing by the mother. If you have ever believed in what you taught us you will know that I am on the right track. I am sure if I could die to change the world, you will be proud of me even from among the stars. This mother’s day, I assure you that I will work for my rights and bring back lost honor to the virtues you taught me – compassion, faith, sincerity, and honesty.

Love you, mom,

Your son


  1. Partha:

    You mentioned in the letter to your mother, “Honesty is another virtue that I have learnt from you. But I am not able to follow that completely. I have also seen that ‘straight trees are cut first’. Today honest people are robbed of their life. I used to be honest initially but life taught me not to be honest any more.” You further stated, “I know my death will not be honorable because today all that matters to this society are girls.”

    Please know that I hear what you are saying and I feel your pain. Having said that, I would like to remind you that your identity is secure with our Creator and Heavenly Father – so it is His opinion that you should heed…not their’s.

    No cabal of global elitists, wayward politicians, social engineers (or anyone else for that matter), can rob you of your dignity or take away your honor as a man – for they can only take away those things that belong to the earth; whereas a noble heart, loving spirit, and honorable character are things beyond their grasp. These are the qualities that you will be remembered for in this life and in the life to come.

    P.S. The reason females are being exalted in your country, as well as across Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in the United Sodomite States of America (to name a few), is because women will surrender to the small cabal of global elites without much of a fight. This, therefore, is the reason women are shown favoritism in divorce proceedings, and why girls of all ages seem to be receiving preferential treatment.

    The global elites (international banking families headed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) enact laws and legislation across the globe that will transfer wealth from men to women, with the intention of redirecting that wealth from those women to themselves – without a fight (like taking candy from a baby). So, in the end, these Jewish banking families and their ilk are the ones who do not honor or respect the lives or abilities of females, when female exploitation and the consolidation of wealth is the name of the game.


    • PARENTS are our blessing, Bushra.
      Plural. Took two to build us.
      It’s Mother’s Day, still it took two.
      Remember your father today.
      On Father’s Day, honour them both.
      Don’t forget your mother on that day.
      Better yet, dump both the days.
      Honour and respect them every day.


      • Indeed. Studies have shown that very early on (in a child’s life), the mother is the more influential and necessary parent in the child’s development, but as the child leaves the infancy and toddler stage – the father becomes increasingly influential and ultimately the most necessary parent responsible for a child’s healthy development.

        A mother’s role is always important and she will always be needed and cherished, but a mother can never provide the essential elements that good fathers instill in their children. Mothers can provide the milk, but fathers will provide the solid food a child needs throughout their lives. Yes, both parents are extremely important for a well-rounded, healthy development, but the father’s important contributions are routinely downplayed, overlooked, ignored or downright discarded.

        As a side-note, there are millions of American children being raised solely by their mothers and it is not only shameful, but it’s a complete disaster and expensive drain on our society. In fact, 90% of our prison population comes from single-mother homes. In general, mothers want to be the have-all-end-all of human existence, and want complete love, devotion and control over their children and homes, but they do not have what it takes to make a moral, decent, and responsible citizens. As always, there are a few exceptions to the rule, but the rule stands inviolate.

        Peace be with you all


  2. Just two minutes back I saw a video in which a man who was sexually abused by his mother when he was 8 years old appeared on Oprah Winfrey show. Also there are plenty of cases in which a mother robs, kills others for the so called ‘noble’ cause of feeding her children.

    Point is lets not unnecessarily glorify mothers and motherhood. Just because someone is a mother doesn’t necessarily mean that she would be a good person. To be a good mother, first you need to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING.

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      • Now a days motherhood is being glorified to such an extent that divinity is attached to it. This is a dangerous trend. Being a mother is no guarantee that she would be a good person. This gives rise to stupid beliefs that a mother is ALWAYS RIGHT especially in courts of (in)justice and misandric society.

        Even more dangerous are statements like ‘Every woman is a mother’ even though the woman in question may not actually be a mother. Calling every woman a mother is as foolish as calling every filthy pond an ocean.

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      • Indeed. How is it that the “weaker sex” is exalted above fathers? Is her contribution to the family more than his? Perhaps in some cases, but in the United Sodomite States of America, Mother’s Day is celebrated during the school year (and a big deal is made of it), while Father’s Day is “celebrated” well after the school-year has ended, so there is no official celebration in the public school system for fathers. So, if one wants to honor Father’s Day, it must be celebrated by one’s family in the privacy of their own home.

        I will also agree that just because someone is a woman, and just because she has given birth, does not, in any way, guarantee that she is a good mother or decent human being. One must have commitment, love, decency, and honor to be a good parent and role model, but these traits are common only to a few.

        So, do my children celebrate Mother’s Day? No…and for good reason!

        Eighteen years ago my wife ran off with her employer and left me to care for our 3 children by myself. We saw some tough times, but my Heavenly Father showered grace and mercy upon us, and not only did we survive, but we thrived! My ex-wife, on the other hand, bounced around from one man to the next, got married, had a couple children, then left that man, too.

        Such is life in the USSA. I never remarried, yet always stayed true to my post as a committed, loving father.

        Peace be with you all


  3. […] Mother’s Day came with a great celebration to the blogging world. We didn’t have time to write about all activities. It was an opportunity for everyone to show how their mothers had been the problem solvers in their personal lives. Amendments to laws like Hindu Succession Act and Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Acts came in their lives as double jeopardy. It taught Indian men that there was no one to speak in favour of them. This was the time when My Choice was still a hot topic of gender debates and Deepika Padukone’s explanation of her making the film had actually made people like me fuming. I have shown how scientific methods like The Nudge Theory was used by the feminists for male shaming which was eventually leading to India’s growing apathy towards marriage. […]


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