Wife Filed False Dowry Case, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

A Pune wife filed false dowry complaint (under IPC 498a) against her in-laws.

Husband eventually won the false dowry case in court but didn’t file any divorce. Years went on and the woman did not get any divorce. Finally she had to publish this apology for filing fake case against her in-laws –

Apology by wife for false 498a
Apology written in Marathi Language in a local newspaper

Indian courts do not punish criminal women for filing false cases. You can do a lot to win your battle on moral grounds and force those women apologize openly.

Never take back a 498a wife

Never marry in a 498a girl’s family

Never give divorce easily to your wife if she had filed false 498a

Call MRA helpline for more such tricks against false cases



  1. Satya paresan jarur he par parajit nahi
    Ye ek Jung he jis co aaj nahi roko ge to aap Ka child bhi suicide kar sakta he please is fakecases ko roko or karne wali ko saja Ka pravdhan lavo save mans life


    • Yes its true in dehradun wife filed fake dowry case against husband & his family. And his wife younger & older sisters have already fake dowry case and getting maintenance and enjoying with others mans in hotel room. Means they are professional’s and running this business through this 498a law. Fuck this law


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