Lady Luck! What The Fcuk!!

Media – before India – Australia match

Virat 2


Media – after India – Australia match



Tweeple – before the match

Tweeple before India - Australia match

Tweeple – after the match

Tweeple After

Tweeple After2

How people changed colors

After the match

Rita Banerjee Tweet

Before the match

No tweet against the commercialization of Anushka visit.

Why suddenly all these dramas after the release of her misandric film NH10?

What Virat had to tweet about NH10 to express his love before the match?

Are we now proposing our love on Twitter?


Why is this tweet more of promotion of the movie and NOT an expression of love?

Well, Virat – Anushka stop creating cheap publicity gimmick in the name of your love. If you are not to be blamed for India’s loss, you were not India’s lady luck too. Well, you have said this but after our loss when people started attacking you for the loss, but when they were making you India’s luck you were enjoying and so were all the people who protested afterward.

I have not seen NH10, not intend to as well. I have reports that it is another misandric film. But your promotional idea probably clicked or did it falter?



  1. If a woman is responsible for a man’s success, why she is not responsible for his failure?

    Well, the answer is simple… They are weaker sex. and that’s what they have chosen to be.


  2. Actually feminists are lame and can’t be successful at their own so they want men to share their personal success with them.


  3. In India especially,huge expectations are put upon cricketers especially those who play well both by the media and the fans.This leads the batsman/bowler into pressure zone which leads him away from his natural game.Particularly in important matches like semi finals and finals, the responsibility gets higher.In such a situation, allowing anybody especially those who are emotionally attached with the cricketer is nothing but adding up to the existing expectations which is nothing but pushing the player further into pressure zone.In fact, fans and media should start treating such matches like any other match and relatives should stay away from the player’s sight in such situations.The more professionally they take such matches the more easier it gets to handle the pressure.Players shouldn’t be made to contact with any other person other than their father and mother in such tournaments and the implementation of rules should get stricter as the tournament progresses towards it’s end.Peace.


    • May be it is even better if BCCI constitutes rules regarding player’s contacts during league matches and crucial matches like semi finals and finals separately when Mega tournaments like world cup take place.In case the players are married they can talk to their wives and children too.


  4. The following is a general comment nothing related to feminism.
    Blue colour, the official colour of the dress of the Indian cricket team is known to absorb the ultra violet rays.Also blue colour is derived from indigo plants (I guess).Uprooting plants for colours is something which is discouragable as plants give Oxygen which is necessary for sustenance of life.As India is a neutral country whose policy towards other countries is neutral, a neutral colour which is neither cool nor warm like Grey would be much more better option. (Just saying).


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