How To Pick A Wife – 2.0

I just came across this post from found these points to be so true..


When I first wrote my post How To Pick a Wife, I failed to take into consideration the very real, and potentially devastating legal environment that marriage occurs within. Devastating for men, that is. Marriage is, and remains, the sweetest gig a woman can possibly get, which is the primary driver, I think, behind the MGTOW wars. MGTOW men hate marriage, because it is just so damned unfair to men, given the current environment. Changing that environment is one of the principle aims of the MRM, and one that will happen, although it will take time.

In the meanwhile, for humans who are deeply drawn to pair-bonding (and that’s most of us), here is an updated list of how to pick a wife, aka mitigating risk factors. Many men will never marry, until reproductive, marriage and divorce laws become fair, and that’s a rational response to an…

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  1. I had to fight so much so that my son doesn’t get circumcised. I was considered someone who would make big issue out of nothing. I am glad I fought against such pressure and didn’t get it done!
    My friend had to fight with her husband who got her aborted because he didn’t have a job then. She was very innocent and couldn’t fight back the pressure. Year later both had jobs, but well they lost the child. She still has that pain in her heart!


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