Beware! “India’s Daughter” Was Scripted

Leslee silenced Indian film makerEver since I came to know about the BBC Storyville documentary India’s Daughter, I felt anger within. The video was supposed to be aired on Women’s Day but was banned in India. BBC had shown immense insensitivity towards the victim and towards the crime of rape by ignoring sentiments of millions of Indians and publishing the video in other countries.

In an internet age, this ban on Indian TV was only partly effective. Because our internet generation has viewed India’s Daughter documentary over the net free of cost. Indian govt. has taken the right step of pulling India’s Daughter down from YouTube but the insensitivity of Leslee Udwin wanted to do business with ONE case.

Clearly, the video was made with malicious intentions and the words of the accused might be scripted by the Leslee herself to shame India.

These are the reasons India’s Daughter clearly seems to be a scripted documentary–

  1. BBC says “According to latest govt. figures one woman is raped every 20 min in India. But that was only cases filed, 75% of such cases are found to be false after court procedure then why did BBC try to show higher rape statistics? BBC’s intention was clearly to show India as rape capital or as if rape happens only in India.
  2. Why the UN was interested so much in India’s rape? When did they last show interest in rape in any other country like US or UK?
  3. In the documentary, Leslee Udwin showed an interview of only Mukesh when they have filmed all accused in Nirbhaya case. Shows malicious intention.
  4. When Mukesh was blaming girls for going to discs and pubs and a scantily clad woman’s poster was shown – some men shot at a different location shown as if those men were ogling at the poster. This was shown to project the behaviour of Indian men as potential sexual aggressors. These two scenes shot at two different places and intentionally showed together to shame Indian males.
  5. Why did Mukesh forcefully try to prove his brother Ram Singh as one who used to break all limits, drink a lot and was capable of doing anything? Was he trying to prove Ram Singh was a big criminal or he was asked to say so?
  6. The documentary said..”Jyoti used to think that India’s main problem is her attitude towards women and mentality about gender differences”. Ironically the documentary also tried to question the same. How did Leslee know what Jyoti used to think or it was first scripted by the filmmaker Leslee Udwin herself?
  7. Can a convict like Mukesh be asked a question about India’s gender roles? Is that any reflection of India’s culture or thought process? Can an illiterate person like him understand gender roles at all or can he represent India? If not, then how could he talk about gender roles if it was not told to him.
  8. At the start of the documentary, Mukesh Singh was shown from different angles with side faces, the way police take picture of a criminal. It was unnecessarily dramatized and looks to be included for a purpose.
  9. Why did Mukesh has to say that “20% of women are good” when he was talking about women going to bars and pubs and inviting rape. If you see the video you will know that this was completely out of context and shows those words were put on his mouth.
  10. Mukesh said someone among them put his hand inside Nirbhaya and pulled out organs and threw it away. But media was talking about inserting the iron rod. See how Leslee tried to create her own story.
  11. When Mukesh said “you can’t clap with one hand” etc..he was speaking as if he was reminding a script or reading from a script.
  12. Clearly, India’s Daughter is edited when Mukesh says “a decent girl won’t roam around at night.” Why? His Hindi words and the film’s subtitle do not match here.
  13. In one place, the subtitle read “Pawan used to fight”. Notice that Mukesh never said that in the video. Clearly, it was edited/scripted for an international audience?
  14. In this video, Mukesh spoke as if he was reading a script. If it was an interview then his tone should have been conversational, rather he spoke everything with the same intonation, and in a plain voice. Shows his speech was scripted.
  15. In Leslee’s documentary, Mukesh Singh said “girls are far more responsible for rape than boys”, as he tried to justify his actions. But if he was trying to justify then why he was talking in a straight face and modulating voice without stressing on his points like ‘girls’ or ‘responsible’ etc? Clearly, this was scripted and he was just reminding a script?
  16. Notice the ease with which Mukesh used the English word “Juvenile“. An uneducated person could stress on “juvenile”, so clearly creates a lot of doubt about the involvement of Leslee Udwin and her possible instructions to him to portray the juvenile as the most criminal among the gang. However, later in court, it was proved that the juvenile was not the cruellest person.
  17. Notice, when Mukesh asked victims to be silent during rape, he lacked conviction in his voice, he was just monotonous and drab. Showed he was reading a script. If he was speaking his mind and really believed in those words, he would have used more stress on this point; he didn’t. Clearly showed he remembered a script.
  18. While describing the Juvenile, Mukesh’s comment “Juvenile was very sharp and good at harassing people”, was completely out of place. Does not go along the context. This line was put in his mouth to create a false impression to an international audience that even Indian juveniles are predators.
  19. Jyoti’s teacher said, they were poor and her father worked as a labourer, but again the video said they sold their land for her medical studies. How did a poor labourer has got lands to sell? Looks like a made-up story?
  20. Vinay (another convict in Nirbhaya case) in the BBC Storyville video looked scared of something and was just following someone’s instructions. Shows, these guys might have been threatened of something before shooting the video?
  21. India’s Daughter never shows us the questions asked of the rapists. Clearly, the speech was scripted and directed.
  22. Mukesh tried to stress on the point that Ram Singh brought alcohol on that day. Why did he have to put so much stress on alcohol? Looks fake..
  23. Leslee’s documentary had the wrong subtitle where Mukesh described Vinay as “he worked as a helper in a gym and that is why he used to fight a lot” but the video subtitle said, “He worked as a helper in a gym, used to fight a lot”.
  24. Mukesh said that Vinay used to chase girls and harass them. Was he defending his friends or convicting them? If elsewhere in the video he had always defended their actions, then why should he try to convict his friends? Looked so unusual.
  25. Mukesh’s lawyer said, “in our society, we do not allow our girls to roam free after 6:30” ..Anybody would know how wrong this statement was.
  26. Why did the lawyer say Indian girls did not have the freedom and did not roam around at night after 6:30? Anyone knows he was fooling around or that portion was edited?
  27. Everyone in India’s Daughter documentary stressed on one point, “a girl going out with her friend at night.” It was 8 Pm and anybody would understand that as the wrong statement? Too much stress on NIGHT? Clearly, it was told by Leslee and her team for the purpose of showing India in a bad light.
  28. Everyone in India’s Daughter tried to prove that the juvenile was most cruel. It was later proved in court that he was not. This video was shot in 2013 and was clearly scripted. Leslee Udwin showed the popular story that sold in media.
  29. Why should Mukesh show all others as the most dreaded criminals? He was driving throughout. Clearly, he could have been told to make others the most dreaded criminals so that he could get less punishment.
  30. The way Justice Leila Seth blamed Indian mentality, it told Indian men as rapists. This made it clear that it was a feminist video made for a purpose?
  31. Why Mukesh had to say that his brother had done similar crimes before? This comment was completely out of place in the video. It was forcefully put in his mouth and seemed he was reading a script.

Western media shamed India time and again with rape when their own countries have more rapes than India. Time to jointly protest this attack on India and Indian males.

Read News – Nirbhaya’s friend, who was with her on the fateful night calls ‘India’s Daughter’ a fake film 



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  1. The comments made by Mukesh is absurd. No man will speak like this to speed up his death penalty. This is clearly scripted and edited by that greedy loser BBC journo. Once again India is exploited by the West to showcase a degrading third world shameless nation capable of nothing.
    Does BBC or CNN has the balls to interview family members of the Jordanian pilot who was burnt alive by ISIS and provide us with graphic descriptions? For that case, no because it is a violation of journalism and its ethics. Double standard hypocrites.
    As men we do fight for our rights but never tolerate injustice to any mortal being—–even to women. Yes the Nirbhaya case was pathetic and even men protested for the cause. We sincerely condemn such crimes. There are men—–film-makers, sportsmen, singers, politicians, religious gurus who fight for causes of women. Sadly such people and parts have been omitted.
    BBC and that loser must be made accountable if the BJP govt has some balls.
    And this is not any ego issue, this is just respect for the deceased.


  2. Its good that you did the analysis. However it is very important that media realizes that the video was scripted and most importantly the foolish Indians. Whenever there is a rape news or woman molestation news in media, hell break loose among Indians. They don’t even try to check whether it is true or false.And our media knows very well that we indians are very emotionally foolish!


  3. I have some more points to add:
    – In the part 1:25, the narrator says the friend was badly beaten and the girl was dragged inside. These ppl are trying to hide many truths as in the later part, mukesh said that the guy had slapped Ram singh when he tried to caution them.

    Narrator again tried to malign India’s image by saying that In India every 20 minutes a woman is raped but did not bother to tell us how many of them are fake cases.
    In the videos showing protest, we could see men protesting more violently than even women. But she chose to ignore that and still tried to show that all men are rapists.
    In most parts of the video showing Jyoti’s parents, I could clearly see the intent was more on showing boys/men in bad light and society’s so called hatred towards girls.
    Also, they tried to show their own relatives in bad light here. Jyoti’s father describing his brothers as villains in a public show looks highly suspicious as if the intent clearly is to malign Indian society and men.
    Jyoti’s tutor also was more intent on showing so called attitude of society towards girls than discussing Jyoti. A person who is not a part of the family saying all this does not look normal.
    As partha said and I totally agree, the expressions in the convict’s eyes were more of like reading out a script written.
    In 7:35, listen to the tone of the convict “Barabar nahi hai ladkiyan”. It sounds completely fake and scripted.
    The things which is very surprising for me is that Mukesh seemed to have no second thoughts about trying to show his friends and brother in very bad light. They were always fighting, harassing girls hitting guys. He is indirectly trying only to prove them guilty. On the other hand he is trying to defend them by accusing the girl of getting raped. This is like contradicting his own statements. This looks very very fishy. At one point, he describes the girl as shouting “Bachao bachao” which gives a feeling as if we are listening to some story.
    The expressions and way of speaking by both the lawyers looked more orchestrated rather than an a real interview.The lawyer says “In our culture, we dont have any place for women!”. This statement looks very out of place who says “for us women are like gem in our culture” previously. Both statements are contradictory to each other and not expected from a lawyer. Was he paid a high amount for such statements?

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  4. That’s a quite evident piece you’ve written from your personal observations on the documentary, Partha Sadhukhan. Yet another melodramatic account from the medias to increase their channel’s rating with Indian yacht. Thank you so much for sharing the link with me. 🙂



    • Thanks Rahul. Keep your eyes and ears open about the incidents happening around. The men who had protested in large numbers after Dec 2012 are made dogs today by feminists. No matter what you do for women, some criminals will always be there to demean you. So first safeguard your interests..

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      • Thank you so much for your very valuable thought! World is still running behind the easy money making tips. Everybody moves in its flow; politics, religions and medias the prime strongest tools to destroy humanity globally. Unless and until we realize such melodramatic plays, a chain of similar conditions will happen again; it’s ongoing..



  5. Haven’t seen the film (and don’t intend on seeing it either), but it has done more harm and barely any good. While it is true that the mentality of illiterate people is to be blamed (no one can deny that we treat women horribly), stereotyping men could not be further from the truth.

    Well written and analyzed, Partha…


    • Problem is as a society did we even try to make them literate? if not, then we are equally responsible. Why is all govt. funds routed to feminazi programs? Why all focus to educating women and girls and why is there no cohesive plan to restructure free education system. Simply saying education is a right does not help. We as a society is responsible to ensure the same. Coming back to the film, the film was a desperate attempt to malign Hindus..nothing else.


      • One thing you fail to notice is the desperateness in Leslie Udwin to prove her fake points. Leslie is Jewish and according to Jewish books and religion, including other abrahamic religions ie Christianity and Islam, it is clearly said to kill and wipe out the races of Idolators and polytheists.


  6. When the rapist was arrested he requested the family of the victim to forgive him for what he did? His words on BBC documentary clearly contradicts his own words. Why did he change his words? Was he paid to do so?


  7. The BBC is the filthiest bastion of hypocrisy….and child rape.

    Jimmy Savile. For those who do not know, google the name. Savile raped countless numbers of children while an EMPLOYEE of the BBC. And the BBC tried to suppress a documentary on him, which is complete evidence of “India’s Daughter” being a propaganda film, for if the BBC really wanted to fight rape, they would have also broadcasted, without firing their journalists, the documentary on Savile. Read more at the below link:

    Not only that, but the BBC has done very little by way of reporting on the Westminster Pedophile Networks, even while having clips as old as 20 years documenting the decades long rape of little boys by English politicians, as seen in this youtube clip


  8. Hopped on here via your comment on my blog…:)
    The analysis is actually deep and interesting. I completely agree with the fact that video stereotypes the Indian males, but still, there are some bitter truths as-well behind the dialogues (even if they are scripted)

    The facts definitely do not spread the right message if mangled with.


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