The Global Sexodus And Valentine’s Day Geeks

Global Sexodus

Probably there is no better time to talk about global sexodus than the Valentine’s Daytime. The day that is celebrated worldwide as a day to celebrate love is equally important to discuss the problem of sexodus. For those who are not yet informed about this term, this is referred to as “increasing apathy of men for any relation“. Men today are increasingly not showing any interest in women around them and rather preferring to go solo in life. A lifestyle called MGTOW is becoming popular among young generation men.

The video from Infowars below expresses why sexodus is a prominent phenomenon today –

So women, if you find men around you are putting you in friend zone before you could do the same, men preferring to go out alone rather than with girls, men not bothering to show the popular chivalry signs or men not even offering to pay expenses for their women friends, don’t be surprised, these are all signs of sexodus.

Sexodus and Gender Alienation

If feminism has done anything to the mankind that is it has created so much gender hatred in the name of women empowerment and shamed men to an extent that has made them go away from any relation. This onslaught is still continuing. The recent amendment to UK rape laws suggested “the accused should prove the victim had given consent to sex in any rape case”. This amendment has made all male lovers’ life in jeopardy. They can now be a rape convict at any point by the same person they loved.

The importance of such law amendments in other countries has deep-rooted implications for India as well. We have already seen how feminists have campaigned for marital rape and sought the death penalty for such rape-related crimes after Nirbhaya incidence. That is how feminists have traditionally worked. They have taken advantage of our male sympathy and forced all amendments of their choice making the life of common men increasingly miserable. To understand how UK’s rape law revision will affect Indian men, we need to understand this – whenever a new legal provision was set to be introduced in India, examples from overseas countries were cited and in all likelihood, the amendments to UK’s rape law may very well be introduced to India.

Sexodus and MGTOW

Today Japanese sex robots, sexy Chinese women pleading to men for marrying them or half-naked Chinese man pleading for his wife’s mercy in public for not handing over his entire wages to her come to us with no surprises. All of these are related to global sexodus. While some of these incidents are the causes, some are results. MGTOW which was not a known phenomenon until sometime back is a very common phenomenon in India today.

So geeks like me have chosen to stay out of this Valentine’s Day business. We found solace in our gadgets and pets. At least they don’t file false rape cases on their lovers. As the sexodus video explains, men are increasingly preferring to stay indoors and get addicted to online video games rather than taking long walks with their girlfriends. These men are not losers, women have just become too expensive or unattractive to them. A recent feminist attack on the online gaming community was nothing but a tactic to shame these men who are happy in their own way. However, I blame male feminists more for this. These are the nice guys who had earlier shamed ‘other’ men for anything those men did. But in a way, they ended up shaming themselves.

Sexodus, Valentine, Chinees Man Apologising
Chinese man forced to beg for wife’s mercy in public (Image courtesy –

The redfems have traditionally shown their true mischievous characteristics but it was these male feminists who were responsible for shaming their own gender including themselves. Thus I am not surprised when I see such men committing suicide. They had created their own identity crisis and thus this Chinese man is forced to beg his wife’s mercy today, to stay in his relationship.

Sexodus in Advertising

Global marketing companies too felt the same sexodus. Asus came up with this advert showing Asus Zenphone as one’s Valentine instead of hot chics around.

If we look at that ad, we see that the message and expression of love that once used to be for someone special have shifted to a gadget, a mobile phone. Today’s geeky generation have found their love in gadgets like Zenphone and they pamper themselves with it. We find, two lonely young hearts of opposite sex sitting close to each other yet pampering their own selves instead of trying to win over their potential mate.

Feminism And Sexodus

I find this ad to be a true representation of MGTOW men, sexodus and when men go their own way; women too don’t have any option but to adore the phone instead of a man. Both of them are victims of modern feminism and probably both do not know that. A man is continuously blamed and projected as a rapist or a molester and thus he found it safe to be alone and not paying any heed to the sexy girl sitting close by. The woman also thought of him as a potential rapist and found it better to be glued to her phone. Some sadist hypocrites who are probably lesbians but proudly call themselves feminists are behind this phenomenon called sexodus.



  1. Look at the hypocrisy. Slapping a woman is unmanly and slapping a man is empowerment. Wearing a jeans (woman) is power, wearing a button less shirt (man) is unprofessional. Rabir Kapoor is “Mama’s Boy’ and is funny while Piggy Chopra is a ‘Daddy’ Gal’ and is inspiring. Working mom find articles in tabloids and working dads are lazy bones with beer and English Premier. Post-divorce, Hrithik Roshan is locked inside while Susanne is shopping with Gauri in Dubai. The film ‘Sex and the City’ is an epitome of the liberated woman but ‘Hangover’ is a too sexist one. Piggy Chopra’s Mary Kom has a supportive husband but the supportive wives of the filmi cops, scientists are ‘poor dumb’ housewives.


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