Why I am a Men’s Rights Activist

A friend of mine once asked me why I was a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA). He also wanted to know if I have become an MRA because I harbour misogynist views because of my failed marriage and if my fellow MRAs are also a bunch of Misogynists.

After a deep introspection, I replied that I bear no hatred towards any woman including my former wife.  The reason I became an MRA is that I wanted to serve the society. The Indian economy is growing rapidly. Unfortunately today Indian society and culture is at risk of being obliterated by feminists’ assault.

Just as opposing Communism doesn’t mean opposing rights of the working class, same way opposition of Feminism does not mean advocating misogyny.

Hence MRAs are vanguard not only of men’s rights but also of Indian culture.

It is also surprising that no one asks Feminists similar questions even though they openly indulge in anti-male attitude.

I informed my friend that I have become Men’s Rights Activist because I realised:-

  1. Feminism is a virulent ideology that wants to strike a blow at the foundation of society i.e. the family
  2. Feminism is an international conspiracy and is highly organised with massive funding and resources.
  3. Feminists are indulging in cultural imperialism through the UN.
  4. Feminists want to irrevocably alter the nature of our society.
  5. Feminism is not an egalitarian view, rather it is about gynocentrism and female-supremacy.
  6. Feminism is slowly destroying the institutions of modern civilization through a process called gender mainstreaming.
  7. Feminists are tampering with our legal system and removing all legal safeguards for men so that they can be put behind bars on just mere complaints.
  8. Feminism has resulted in the destruction of Western Societies where there are rampant divorce, illegitimacy and incest.
  9. Feminism is against Religious and moral values.
  10. If left loose Feminism will ruin Humanity.


Guest post writing rules for The Male Factor

Amartya Talukdar
Amartya Talukdar

Amartya Talukdar has done his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Benaras Hindu University.

He is the founder member of HRIDAYA, a Men’s Right Organization that has spearheaded Men’s Right Movement in Bengal. He has organized many events and has counselled over 1500 victims of abuse of gender-biased laws.

He is an avid blogger and has received many prizes. He has been contributing regularly to Paul Elam’s online publication -A Voice for Men. He has also written books on Men’s rights.

One comment

  1. Excellent definition of feminism. Also to add feminism is demeaning the other gender. It is to feminise men and make them mute slaves.
    Look at the hypocrisy. Slapping a woman is unmanly and slapping a man is empowerment. Wearing a jeans (woman) is power, wearing a button less shirt (man) is unprofessional. Rabir Kapoor is “Mama’s Boy’ and is funny while Piggy Chopra is a ‘Daddy’ Gal’ and is inspiring. Working mom find articles in tabloids and working dads are lazy bones with beer and English Premier. Post-divorce, Hrithik Roshan is locked inside while Susanne is shopping with Gauri in Dubai. The film ‘Sex and the City’ is an epitome of the liberated woman but ‘Hangover’ is a too sexist one. Piggy Chopra’s Mary Kom has a supportive husband but the supportive wives of the filmi cops, scientists are ‘poor dumb’ housewives.


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