Shirtless Chinese Man Forced To Beg Wife’s Mercy In Public

This half-naked Chinese man is made to apologize to his wife in public for not handing over his entire wages to his wife. In China, the tradition (not law) is the man handing over their entire salary to his wife. The wife of this man found out that he was keeping a portion of his salary to himself.

Half naked Chinese man begs to his wife in public
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Now tell us what is your first feeling after seeing this image. Give an honest opinion, please.

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  1. Ki re India r khobor short pore gelo toh ? Ebar china te giye chokher jol felchis ? Thikhak bloggging/reporting korle sathik news er konodino abhav hoy na. Tahole dekhbi ar erokom alfal article likhte hoche na. Paisa o aste pare.


  2. Honestly I think that chinese tradition is good and it should be mandatory by law everywhere. The duty of a man is earning money for his ladies, wife, sisters, mother, etc. I hope the wife of that guy forgave him, anyway he did well to beg her mercy.


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