Why I Am Skeptical About #ShameTheRapist Campaign

[This post does not try to create any notion that the rapists shown in the video should not be punished. They had committed multiple serious crimes as per the video and there is no doubt that they need to be punished]

Recently I came across a campaign called #ShameTheRapist by social activist Sunitha Krishnan. She demanded that there is a gangrape video that was being circulated on popular messaging platform WhatsApp for six months and people were consuming the video and forwarding the same to others without raising any complaint.

The first question that had come to my mind was –

“Are we so mindless, so criminal that we will happily (or unhappily) consume a video of a crime and forward to others (or not)”?

..and there came a strong objection in my mind. It can never happen that any normal human being (either a man or a woman) will consume the same in silence without raising their voice. It is just IMPOSSIBLE.

But according to her complaint, this video was circulated for the last six months. But these facts need to be established first.

The video clip recovered by her, victim’s face was blurred to protect her identity and then published on Youtube by her organization. But youtube was quick to react and ban the account of her organization, which they have protested on different social media.

I have seen the 30 sec clip on Twitter and the graphic content of the video moved me completely. I CAN’T believe such men exist or this video was shot without a purpose. I have many questions in my mind and unless these questions are answered I will be sceptical about this video –

  1. Who shot the video?
  2. Why the guys are grinning as if they have achieved something great when we all know rape is a crime?
  3. Why are the guys looking at the video many times and grinning, why they were so desperate to show their faces and reveal their identity?
  4. Even if they consider rape as an achievement, no rapist will ever boast about it leave alone sharing on social media. Why in this case they shared the video on WhatsApp?
  5. The activist Sunitha says, this video was taking rounds for six months, why no one ever raised a complaint anywhere? With rape being so much focus everywhere it seems highly unlikely. Even MRAs like me will raise a criminal complaint if we ever come across any such video. I am 100% sure that other MRAs will also do the same. We only fight against false cases but do not support any crime against women, especially the one shown on this video.

In this case, the video is murkier than I could ever expect. Anyone seeing this video would raise his / her voice against the culprits and that includes me and that does not mean the men on the video alone.

But I became suspicious when I came to know more about the activist Sunitha Krishnan from her tweets –

Sunitha Krishnan on boys

This tweet told me she could be a male hater sadist because when someone shared news of joy she immediately thought of those little children as rapists or molesters. I was taken aback by her male hating attitude. Do the parents raise their boys to be rapists? Then why is she shaming the parents or children or she is like that by her nature? Truly speaking all my respect for her is gone the moment I saw this tweet. I realized she is a staunch feminist who does not mind even making newborn male children as rapists. Dear reader, this may include your child as well.

The moment I realized that she is a staunch feminist and there were many paid feminist campaign before to shame India in general and Indian men, in particular, I became alert.

Then from this tweet, I came to know that she was the Nirbhaya advisor to Kerala govt.

Sunitha Krishnan Left Kerala Govt.

So she had to quit the post when she could not bend Kerala govt. according to her wishes. I don’t know what those reasons were but I can imagine those could have been even to implicate small boys on serious criminal charges.

Then I came across this tweet from her

Sunitha Krishnan Padma Award

So she was lobbying for Padma award. The moment I came to know this I smelled a rat? Is there anything fishy here? One question kept on coming to my mind, is this exposure linked to her wish of getting a Padma award?

Then I came across this tweet from her after her tweet about the gangrape video –

Sunitha Krishnan Car Vandalized

Oh, so her car was vandalized within 30 minutes of her raising her voice. But how is that possible unless the criminals in the video were not from an organized gang of criminals who knew her personally? But isn’t in the first instance she said that she picked the video from WhatsApp and do not know about the whereabouts of the criminals. Then how did the criminals know her? Or is this vandalizing the car attempt was by her or by people known to her who just wanted to add masala into the news? But this episode of vandalising her car made the whole video more trashy, my suspicion of a deep-rooted criminal conspiracy against India in general and against Indian men, in particular, came up.

So I checked in all my Indian circles and asked my friends from all over India if they have ever seen this video and none of them has ever seen this on WhatsApp, no other feminists or police or cyberlaw enforcers had seen this earlier, then how did this video come and why is it demanded that this video existed for months. But I thought of that as lack of my reach to people.

Please cast your vote here and let us know if you have seen this video before she has brought this out. Please be honest with your opinion –

But her latest tweet that was made after nine hours of her tweet demanding her car was vandalized says

Sunitha Krishnan Intimidation claim

So people started sending her pornographic mails, and I am wondering why she had not raised any police complaint regarding those mails? Why is she amused by pornographic mails? Isn’t she suppose to send those criminals behind bars? Then why she is silent and only venting anger on social network sites? Or this is purely fake, just a desperate attempt to grab attention?

I am so nuts, almost immediately I thought of her inner desire of getting Padma award. Oh, my sick mind! it thinks a lot.

We will not come to know what really happened unless the following are ensured and I demand to know the following –

  1. Whoever received and forwarded this video in any platform should be punished and brought to book simply for not reporting the crime.
  2. If after investigation it is found that this video was not circulated for six months then Sunitha Krishnan should be punished for making a false statement and creating a bad name for Indian society.
  3. We need to know the hand behind the camera and the mind behind him.

I don’t believe that any Indian will ever keep mum after seeing such a video. If they did, they need to be punished fast. If this news is fake and shot for a purpose as that probability is also there, then anyone who is trying to shame India needs to be punished.


*For other campaign analysis click – here


  1. This shametherapist campaign could also be attempt to malign govt or India in general. Yesterday Obama said something about India’s religious tolerance. Maybe coincide a feminist campaign against gangrape simultaneously so that people’s minds get negative news about India at same time and it multiplies the effect Western public may not know much about religious tolerance or in fact have good view of India, but with gangrape video they will get their minds filled with negative view of India so they will not analyze too much about Obama’s comment on India. Possible hypothesis, because as partha writes no one seems to have seen this video even though it was there for 6 months. Poll results are 100% no above.

    As long as an image of India is kept that there is lack of women’s safety, and other issues; these can be used as levers to bargain with govt to open up more in FDI and give better deal to US investors

    Negative image of rapes/women’s safety results in travel advisories and less tourists from western nations coming to India too. That reduces tourism revenues and can be huge bargaining chip.


    • Don’t be so idiot.. A video showing heinous crime is in front and u r searching conspiracy theory behind..

      Do you have any respect for women and law & order.. Book such motherfuckers first then we will talk about conspiracies behind..


        • @parthasa you can not be that naive. You would rather make up reasons to try to discredit #shametherapist than be an active part in making change.

          This is 2015 in case you are still living under a rock. Child predator consume crimes, pass it on & remain SILENT. One could argue about whether it is normal or not..but it happens. So, clearly a human being (either a man or a woman) will consume criminal acts & remain silent without raising their voice. It is just possible. You are a part of the problem. The good thing is if you choose to open your mind you can be an productive part of changing the criminal mindset versus just a hater who would rather blame someone for doing something (even if it ruffles feathers) then just sitting around trying to target her; like you.


        • Her intention can definitely be questioned when she has padma award in her mind. However, the criminals are caught and will be punished and I said in my article too all those who happily consumed it should also be punished. But we need to know the inside story first before we react. Because today. Going nude in public and having multiple sex partners is considered women’s rights not ours. I am not being naive but practical here. I know how these women’s rights activists become famous. It is good that the perpetrators in this case are caught, I hope many others who consumed such thing will also be punished.


      • As Partha said, when you saw Rohtak video, you were quick to blame the guys. Here also you were quick to do the same. We have seen even people having no sympathy when a guy commits suicide? Are men so disposable? Are men so bad that we never even think once before blaming straight forward? You are a man. If we believe the theory that all men are rapists, then you are one of them!! Please think deeply.


      • Partha please ask people not to slang and call names in the forum. Let this be a healthy platform with rational facts and not manginas finding it hard to accept them and calling names in utter frustration. Aman if you are those funny Karan Joker types, trust me it is not COOL.


  2. A real eye opening article. Already I was highly suspicious about how someone committing a crime can smile and laugh in front of a camera. But you provided more insight on how this female krishnan is after the award. Clearly, the whole incident is highly suspicious. These things will continue till people stop believing women’s version of stories without concrete evidence and fair trial.


  3. I am not suspicious of the ability of someone to record any crime in India. We all know the status of our judiciary and worse the police constables who are responsible to file FIR and report a crime for investigation. A system which is ripe with red-tape and corruption and bribe -it is not surprising .

    What is definitely questionable that I had not seen this video(thank god my friends are not that sick to forward this along). Social media and whatsapp etc have now become a breeding ground for criminals and terrorist activities- from terrorist groups hiring to pedophiles crawling the web looking for innocent victims -we have now progressed to recording videos and sharing -grinning no less.

    She maybe using this to achieve her own agenda for some recognition or award but that shouldnt diminish the intensity of this crime and justice process. We have to have stricter laws and ensure that criminals are brought to justice -in a short time. Like when we had the Paris attacks and lead to a nationwide search and extraction of the culprits-we need to act in similar way towards anyone who commits heinous crimes . A strong message needs to be sent


    • I agree with you, nothing should diminish the intensity of this crime. And that is why I demanded all including those men, and those who were behind the video and the minds behind making the video should be punished, including those who consumed.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Partha, the good thing about men is that they are unbiased. We, as men, never support rape or even other crimes on women. We adore women and expect the same from them as well. Yet society and movies preach us to ‘Respect’ woman. Why not also respect men or better respect All Human Beings as well? How many women we see (except Deepika Bhardwaj) who come up for candle lights protest for men? Some women exploit the laws for their benefit. I even saw the news and had the same idea as you. With social media we are very fast to report the slightest of offences and how come we keep numb for six months? A lie from this woman that must be exposed. She is one of those who is eyeing some award from our crippled government at the expense of other gender’s integrity.
    Cheers to Partha. Cheers to Mankind.


    • No one is unbiased. This could be a lofty ideal, but getting biased is only human, that I see coming from men and women both. Rape fantasies are psychologically ingrained in men, that’s what men were evolution wise. Acting out of that fantasy is a crime , what civilization taught us. But when the veil falls, all your super ego vanishes, male still remain as brutish as they can be. Men in general adore women in their own lives, rest of them are fair game for them, in general.


  5. Definitely rape is a heinous crime. But so is charging someone with fake rape. My point is just that on mere allegation, one should form a biased opinion. Already we have examples like Badayun and Rohtak. Let investigation happen. If this video is original, the guys shd be punished. If not, the ones who spread it should be punished. Just for people’s info, a rape scene can also be enacted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrBjc0TaL_g&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DjrBjc0TaL_g&has_verified=1


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