Three Immediate Tasks For Indian Men

Today blogosphere is buzzing about compassion. The first thing that comes to my mind is about compassion for men, especially Indian men who have so many problems but there is no one to take care of those. Hence my post is about compassion for Indian men and boys.


Ever since I have started championing the cause of men’s rights I have felt that Indian men’s rights are all about law misuse, to be precise, misuse of dowry laws. However, like me, other prominent MRAs do understand that men in India have many other serious issues. The social mindset against men is crippling the male gender every moment and our future men and boys are made systematically more paralyzed and effeminate. In the long run, it will have serious detrimental effects on the male gender. Most of the Indian men’s rights groups do not have any resources except their activists and hence they can’t think of engaging in money intensive activities. Since men’s cause, in particular, have no fund allocation in union budget and all political parties are busy giving freebies to women and girls and making lives of future men miserable this is a real concern for Indian men today.

Most Indian men do not understand this gradual deterioration of male gender and the future of men in India. The much talked about boy preference exists in India because we think of boys and men as eternal providers and protectors and parents remain comfortable with their sons protecting them in old age. The son preference is one reason for skewed gender ratio in India, where parents with a son do not go for a second child but parents with a daughter try for a son as the second child. Since the universally proven natural gender ratio at birth 105:100 (male: female) we find more males getting birth in India even without any female foeticide.

But what Indian parents do not understand is that the national policies like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” are designed to deprive the boys. Beti Bachao campaign leads us to think that a lot of girls are being killed during birth, but that is not true. here is why? –

Read – Beti Bachao or war against Indian boys

Under present circumstances as an MRA, I find three very important tasks for every MRA including me.

  1. Adopt a boy

Boy crying, Boy
He doesn’t know how his rights are snatched away every day. Only MRAs can help him

This is a must-do activity for any MRA unless one already has a child. Anyone reading this article may find it gender-biased and originating from hatred towards the female gender but I have reasons for suggesting this to MRAs –

i. Adopting a boy will keep them away from the unnecessary glare of feminists, who may want to pressurize such MRA fathers by using their own daughters against them by misusing gender biased laws. This may happen because feminists, most of whom try to make some quick bucks by advocating women empowerment, need to weaken the MRM by attacking its crusaders.

ii. A girl child may be brainwashed by the feminist controlled education system to go against her own father. Since a father can be easily blamed for the rape of his own daughter, feminists can anytime frame such an MRA father under rape or sexual harassment. An adopted father is easy to nail down in this way. On the contrary, if the adopted child is a boy, it becomes the responsibility of the activist to free him from feminist created bias through their education system.

iii. There is 1000 crore allocated for women’s causes apart from another 1000 crore for their safety (Nirbhaya Fund). There is a National Commission for Women (NCW) and a ministry apart from thousands of paid NGOs working for women’s causes. So there is no dearth of people and organization thinking of the welfare of our girl children. But what we lack today is people thinking of the welfare of our boys. Only MRAs can do that.

iv. It is also essential to train our boys in MRA philosophy so that they believe in true equality and stop being provider and protector for women. Even though that will take our society far from any emotional bonding and will make it a materialistic world, but in the long run this attitude can save men from being treated like slaves and killed as criminals or homeless. Probably all such fathers will not have the opportunity to educate their sons at home free from feminist influence, but it is only these fathers who can understand the danger of feminist created education system aimed at eventually creating effeminate men in the name of gender sensitization.

v. In my limited experience of working with some voluntary groups in orphanages, I have found that boys’ orphanages do not get adequate funds. Not only govt. policies are against boys, but most private funds are channelized towards girls’ orphanages. The result, girls’ homes get abundant resources and the boys’ homes get nothing. Thus it becomes the responsibility of the MRAs to adopt boys and only ‘boys’ and work for their improvements. There is no gender bias here because all of us (including MRAs) do contribute to girls’ causes through our taxes (even without our consent) and there is NO need to contribute further for that cause.

The above reasons are good enough for trying to adopt a boy but I could not accomplish this so far. With relationships becoming difficult due to women empowerment, adoption of boys and training them to be good human beings is the only option we (MRAs including me) have.

  1. Shelter for homeless
If more than 80% of homeless people are men, then they are the biggest responsibility for any MRA

Worldwide, men face a great unrecognized challenge of dying homeless. Global statistics say more than 80% of homeless people are men, yet there is no welfare program for them. These men are easily exploited by influential and criminal minded people. The more our socio-economic conditions drive men to become homeless more will be the crime rate and drug abuse in society. The ever increasing greed of people is making life for simple and easy-going men more difficult because they can’t exploit anyone and only get exploited by everyone. These men are thrown out of their own property under various gender biased laws. The latest addition to this conspiracy is marriage law amendment or IRBM. This amendment directly talks about dividing a man’s inherited, inheritable and acquired property and giving the same to his wife simply on marriage.

Under such circumstances, men are becoming increasingly vulnerable to social abuse by feminist criminals. This way, men are increasingly treated as slaves and in future, this slavery will become unbearable with increasing competition to access the limited resources as more and more women claim such resources even without any contribution (IRBM is a glaring example). Avoiding women in all social transactions will be the only way but that may also be extremely difficult. Someone leading a red MGTOW life only can do that.

Future Indian men are under threat of being exposed to a life that will end as homeless for them without anybody caring about the issue. In India, there is hardly any NGO that works towards this problem.

I have a long-standing dream of starting a centre for the homeless men where men will be given all necessary training and vocational skills to be creative and become engaged with life in a positive and dignified way. Once someone loses one’s home, one is exploited in all possible manner. But if one is engaged in positive activities, one will be able to discover a new meaning of life.

  1. Empower the differently-abled
Eye, Blind, Differently abled
Help differently-abled men like blind men to have a respectful life

Even though the differently-abled people get govt. aid and get trained in vocational skills, I feel these programs are still not enough. There are already many NGOs working towards the same and we see products made by such people being sold in the market, too. I get amazed to see their creativity and wish if I could possess those skills and feel their potential is still not explored fully.

In terms of helping such people, I will still be biased for male persons because, under the present wave of feminism and funding war, any such men also suffer from social bias.

Another reason to empower such people is that with a change in nature of jobs available or created, we will be able to create more jobs suitable for such people and hence we will be able to value them more. Training and skill development of such people will be a challenge unless special care is taken. This is the reason, I feel this issue need to be addressed by us immediately.

This approach of empowering differently able people will help in empowering the masses and create a balance in society.

I feel I need to complete the above three tasks urgently. These are the activities that Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) like me need to take up to make a difference.



  1. Read your articles. I am really impressed that you take out time to write so that people like us can have an insight to the various social aspects of the society. . I would be really glad if you have anything to say about the falling prices of crude oil as well. How will India be affected by it?


    • Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your valuable comment. I deal with various issues and aspects that effect men. Falling prices of crude oil does not come under my writing genre and hence will not be able to cover that in any of my articles.

      Hope you will visit this blog again and share your opinion on various topics related to men, women, family and child related issues.


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