This Is Why Indian MRM Needs More Judicial Activism

JudgeRecently we have found that Indian MRAs are attracting legal troubles for their protest against misuse of gender biased laws. Reports suggest that in two such recent cases one activist who has filmed eyewitness’ account to disprove the alleged harassment complaint in a bus was threatened with a case. She is expecting another case in a separate incident for writing about an alleged misuse.

Many may be shocked to see this as an infringement to one’s freedom of speech or opinion but this is in line with the behaviour of fraudsters who would try to suppress any voice raised against their fraudulent activities. So MRAs raising their voices against all such fraudulent cases need to be ready for this.

MRAs are normally educated common people who have suffered legal atrocities in their personal lives. In most cases they are still fighting their own cases and any additional case for their activism will deter such activists from their activism.

We know that filing false cases and undergoing the pain of long drawn legal process is a provision that not only deny justice to common people but also ensures that money flows to the law enforcing agencies from all possible channels. When this has become a big business for many organizations how can they even tolerate any attack on their business model even if that is against their own country? In such cases, personal interests come first in promoting and safeguarding such fraudulent activities and MRAs are a direct threat to that. Common men outside these legal tangles think they are being protected by these laws as they are under heavy influence of paid media. Most of the MRAs too was like them before they have become MRAs. Only after anyone sees that filing false case is no big deal in India and Indian perjury laws can’t ensure justice, one realizes the importance of protesting against such atrocities. But then one becomes a target almost immediately.

So it should not be a surprise to any MRA if one gets such a false case in addition to one’s existing kitty of false cases. And here the men’s groups can come of immense help. Even though every MRA is part of some men’s group or the other and some may be associated with multiple groups but these groups being non-funded are still not adaptable to such change. At the individual level, many MRAs may be willing to fight it out but not at the group level.

But the irony is, this battle needs to be fought at a national level and not at individual levels. The presence of same group members all over the nation makes it a formidable force to make others fall in line with them when the battle is fought at a group level. I will explain this with examples.

All MRAs might have experienced online harassment when they have ever protested biased news reporting by any media related to rape. On mere allegation, every crime becomes a confirmed crime to media and common men reading those articles also start believing the same. Even when NLU researchers exposed that in most of the cases where harshest punishments were given the confessions of the accused were obtained by force, people do not believe such researches and continue to create unnecessary hype around such crimes. This is the reason when any MRA acts contrary to the popular belief created by media will be attacked and will be attacked in the harshest possible way. They will get death threats, grievous hurt threats and in some cases false criminal cases against them. Many of us have experienced this and this experience repeats every time media is used to create a sensation in the country.

In fact, men’s rights groups need to be prepared for such attack on them and have a strategy around the same. All these hypes created by media and then propagated by common people can be stopped effectively only when MRAs take such violations strongly and file some pertinent cases against people or media raising a false alarm or abusing MRAs openly. MRAs to protest people taking laws on their hands and creating prejudices.

Well, I understand that it is the duty of our courts to stop their own abuse but we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon as we have heard even Supreme Court judges commenting law misuse as acceptable. So when even the Supreme Court judges are not bothered about the law abuse how can we expect them to take proactive action in such cases? So Indian MRAs need to take that action in the initial stages even to appraise our courts of this situation and to stop people from reacting unnecessarily.

Now the question is why in so many years’ of the existence of men’s rights this situation has never arisen earlier. We will understand the reason if we analyze the successes this movement got in terms of mass awareness creation from any one of their activities earlier. We will realize that in the recent incident where one documentary film has completely turned the table upside down for the feminists had never happened earlier.

The case(s) filed against the activist are a clear signal of Men’s Rights becoming popular and a great danger sign for the feminists who were so far running a cool business of women empowerment. This success not only exposed the feminist organizations hiding behind the scene and creating new business opportunities every day from the news of crime against women, but it had also exposed NCW and the govt. completely. NCW in a hurry gave bravery award to women who later came out to be main criminals on the eyewitness’ account. Obviously when the impact is so huge, the MRAs responsible for it only invited trouble for them and if the movement wants this kind of success in future they need to be ready for such eventuality.

The reason why the filmmaker alone is targeted and not the group behind it is because the group has formidable presence nationally and the only way to make them weak is to target MRAs at the individual level. Now from our life experience, we know it is always better to handle such eventuality as a group rather than as an individual level.

Now the question is how Men’s groups can be prepared for such eventuality?

In fact, I would recommend that these groups make provision for funds for fighting such battles in courts. Battles when media or common people promote gender bias or humiliate MRM in open forums. Because unless this is stopped MRM as a movement will not make any significant achievement. It is easy for a group to take this up as the group members are present all over the nation and can be taken up as a new activism.

However, people (men) fighting the battle against false cases know how futile is any attempt to fight for this legal (or judicial) activism is where anything women related groups do, looks fair under the lenses of feminism and false complainants go unpunished with almost anything under the banner of feminism. So the question is what the MRA groups will achieve by filing some cases against common Indians for their stupid online activities against the cause.

The answer is short and we will understand the same if we look at the way feminists have behaved historically. However, I will take a recent example to illustrate.

Take for example the recent Rohtak bus incident. Immediately after the case, the mainstream media started fooling everyone. The biggest concern for many was a society not responding to the crime against women. Many women rights activists and Women’s Commission officials appeared on media and shared why other bus passengers needed to be punished.

It was evident that they were only trying to threaten the society to react in favour of women no matter what. When the video was clear that the women were beating the men, these groups have held the society responsible for not beating up the men further? Now that the onlookers have responded against the girls, the question goes back to the same officials, whether it would be fine if the society tried to beat up the girls in response? We all can understand what would have happened if the onlookers even tried to react adversely to women in their response. The winter session of Indian parliament would have been canceled for Rohtak.

So the society is systematically made blind to crimes based on gender by showing the muscle power (or legal power) of women’s groups. NCW, which is fed by income-tax paid mostly by men, flexes its muscle on the graves of the same taxpayers.

Now let’s take a completely different example. We have seen many Facebook pages on “Justice for…”. We have seen that even for rape accused Khurshid Anwar. But this is all fine when this is done by feminists themselves. Facebook will never remove them. Just imagine if someone ever created such a page for Uber cab driver. What do you think would have happened?

The legal threat is something that forces any common man to behave in a certain way. They immediately demand punishment for men simply on the complaint but exhibit completely opposite behavior for the same situation when the genders are reversed. If MRAs need any success for the cause and restrict people to behave properly then they need to be ready for teaching some people good lessons of their life.

This will deter common people from behaving erroneously and creating madness by showing their legal expertise and social activism without any knowledge or understanding of the situation. With the decreased madness created in the society paid feminist groups will not be able to arm-twist our politicians to pass outrageous laws. This kind of judicial activism (apart from filing PILs etc) will also force our courts to issue guidelines on people abusing our legal system and gradually it will fall into place. Else, this movement will be only a paper tiger and some will continue to battle it out in their own capacity and more people will continue to commit suicide without understanding what really went wrong in their lives.


  1. Merely collecting funds to fight legal battles will not solve the problem when courts are the real threat.MRAs will have to come on roads against feminists, media, politicians and judiciary.


    • it is not only about collecting funds, many of our NGOs already have funds, we need to channelize it properly. Coming on road with the strength we have presently will not make that impact. But that can happen in parallel. We have had many activism on road, what kind of impact have you seen? This legal fear will deter people from going ballistic about certain issues. When public anger is controlled and media is also controlled then judges will fall in line.


    • There is another point. Like the way we see cases are being filed against MRAs today, this will increase as MRM starts creating more impact. Then coming to street will not help. Only way out will be judicial activism.


  2. Our activism has been targetted only against certain laws and provisions. We think that if certains laws get amended, men can be saved from sufferings. This is a misconception.Our real enemy is police, judiciary and media.Even gender-neutral laws are being used/misused against MRAs.For example, section 66A of IT Act, 420, 193 IPC, contempt of court are used to suppress our voice.Our protests have been only against laws, and not against those cops, judges, journos, politicians who create problems for us.The street protests against 498a have shown some impact as we have SC guidelines now in our favour. But still it has not deterred police or subordinate courts from violating laws and SC guidelines.Now they are using 376,377, 406 etc. to send menbehind bars.We must understand that courts are not a solution, but the biggest problem for us.Fighting legal battles is not the solution, its the biggest torture in itself.If MRAs don’t dare to protest against courts, then they deserve what they are getting now.


    • Sections like 66A is being used against us only to deter us from our activism so that the targeted activists fall in line and do not raise their voice. SC guideline is not because of our street protests. Do not have such misconceptions. There was other judicial activism that was done, our letters feedback to law commission that has added but not street protests. Street protests do not get noticed in courts unless specifically brought to their notice. Or unless it is as huge as Delhi rape protest.

      Regarding SC guidelines being in our favour but not working, brings the need of more judicial activism and bringing the people to book for not following the guideline. It is the second step of activism that needs to go hand in hand with whatever we have achieved so far.

      Fighting legal battle is the biggest torture – yes. But as a group if we target some individuals who are historically working against the cause, it will break those people and many others around them We only need to carefully create cases.

      Just think of torture one would go through if one needs to unnecessarily take rounds of courts in diff cities for some comments. a few such examples will deter many.

      In any case if we don;t do it, others are going to the same to us. The trend is started and anytime we are successful we will experience the same. Get ready.


  3. Hi, I have been associated with SIF-Hyderabad chapter. I am a married person, no legal/illegal case on me, yet I am fighting for the cause. I have been quite active on social media and as you mentioned, I have been targeted by many feminists for fighting for men’s cause. They contend that we have short sighted vision and do not look at the big picture.
    As you said correctly that most of MRA’s are busy fighting their own cases and hence we need more people from outside world who are not entangled in legal battles and can take out time to stand for men’s cause. I discussed the same with my office colleagues, they tend to agree with me, but hesitate to come forward and fight.
    I think we need MRA association which is being recognized by govt.


  4. Idea is not bad at all. everyone need to understand there cant be …only this and only that steps solution. need to workout in several areas . as rightly pointed out by tejinder that protest has impact some can differ that they did not see it at national level but at local level every protest is countable. and yes partha there should be some sort of funding solution to fight against very strong feminist groups all over the country because MRA are busy in their own case and in most of the time they are running out of the money because of their own cases expense . movement is going on in right direction .. need to workout more effectively to create group at state and district level all around the country .. and then protest everywhere even in small bunch of group but in same day same time..It will have impact on national level for sure in coming days.


  5. Unless women also lend their voices to the MRAs there will be slow movement. There should be an outreach to involve women too. Most women see how wrong and one sided, unfair the narrative shouted by the feminists is. We are not sheeps to fall for their ‘cry wolf!’. What can be done to address this?!


    • Not sure if you are a woman yourself. If you are, you can do your bit in influencing other women to work for men’s rights. Well, you don’t need to join any organization or group, you can simply raise your voice diligently in all possible platforms in your own way. The platform may be FB, Twitter or any other social media platform like blogging or media connect programs and the subject could be rape, sexual harassment, homelessness of men or their health. Ask yourself, when men can go out demanding death penalty for men like Uber cab driver, will any woman ever fathom the idea of demanding death penalty for ROhtak sisters? If you think Uber driver is a sexual predator, think again. because in all his earlier cases he was released and when the sexual history of a prostitute is not seen in any fresh rape case, why should the criminal history of a criminal be seen in a fresh crime? Well arguments are many but women will not be able to digest them leave alone promoting them.

      I will not propose anyone to start a men’s rights group unless one is extremely sure about what is Men’s rights. Many MRAs themselves don’t know this and I don’t expect common people to understand it anyway. But they can always do their bit in their limited understanding.


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