My Experience At Sheroes, Bangalore Summit

What will you feel when you are the only guy surrounded by around 70 or so immensely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful ladies all of whom are achievers in their respective areas? Well, let me confess I was a bit intimidated being the only male attendee barring two other male speakers in the Sheroes Bangalore summit this year. All other men who were present on the occasion were either technicians or cameramen.

Sheroes Summit, 2014
Sheroes Summit, 2014

It was not a surprise to me that everyone was surprised to see me in my carefree casual attire attending the Sheroes conference and vigorously taking notes. Questions were many, especially after my genre of the blog was made public. Eyebrows were raised but I was able to explain that empowered women could play important roles in achieving gender equality and thus my invitation to this summit was marked as a significant step towards men’s causes I write for.

Sairee Cahal at Sheroes Bangalore summit
Sairee Cahal at Sheroes

If someone asks me to summarise the Sheroes conference in one sentence, I will say it was the no-nonsense summit that I have ever attended. Well to put it in correct perspective, let me confess that there were only two occasions that had made me uncomfortable but those were relatively insignificant incidents. At the outset, let me confess that I was expecting a lot of feminist myths to float around and was truly surprised to see the only business being discussed there, apart from some women issues that the industry needs to address in any case.

But before I delve into the positives, let me talk about two negative incidents that kind of showed Indian men in bad lights and both came from the two male speakers in the sheroes meet, first, from Anurakt Jain, Director, New Initiatives, Inmobi when he started his conversation by mentioning about crime against women. It was completely not needed and out of place. When he did that I felt that he wanted to gain some brownie points from the gorgeous women present around. Every time a man does that I feel that he doesn’t have anything positive to show and hence he is demeaning himself in order to get noticed.

The second incident happened from another male speaker Manav Subodh, Global Manager of Corporate Affairs group at Intel. when he mentioned to Sheroes about the recent news of the rape of a girl student in a Bangalore school and asked the attendees to create a business around that social cause (well, we understand that post-trauma care is needed for victims) but what surprised me was that he spoke only about girl victims of rape. Surely, he tried to touch upon a subject that he didn’t completely know. He had surely not seen news like this where boys are raped by their female teachers –

Boy rape by a female teacher
Boy Rape

He also didn’t know that a 2007 WCD ministry survey on abuse of children found that it was the boys who were sexually abused more compared to girls and that survey was repeated afterwards.

Sexual abuse of Indian Boys
Sexual abuse of Indian Boys, Abuse of Children, WCD ministry 2007

Men like Manav creating hype around a topic they don’t know, made me think if he too wanted to earn some brownie points from the ladies present there, but then he revealed his secret. He told that he was working on UN projects related to women empowerment. I understood that probably he was a messenger of UN that wanted to create a business around women-related crimes in India.

It was shocking to note that in a business conference of Sheroes when women were talking about new technologies, innovations and business strategies and discussing some complex business issues, the only two male speakers of the conference unnecessarily brought women safety issues and one of them gave an idea of doing business out of it. Immediately I remembered women NGOs like Shakti Bahini that encouraged women to file false rape cases and charged money for their suggestions. A great business model indeed, propagated by men like Manav and affected by thousands of common men who lose everything on the simple accusation.

Two other names came to my mind, 1. Tarun Tejpal and 2. Khurshid Anwar.

Thankfully this was not elaborated further and people present in the conference didn’t take this note as seriously as I have seen in any other conferences. Probably the Sheroes audience knew the reality or they thought it was irrelevant. In any case, this kind of slow poisoning our minds only create deep-rooted gender discrimination against men and boys who are denied justice today.

Other than these two small incidents of spreading misandry by the only two male speakers present, the conference only meant business, even when women issues were discussed.

Attendees at Sheroes Bangalore summit
Women dignitaries at the Sheroes summit

For example, Facebook India MD, Kirthiga Reddy discussed gender discrimination. But she actually discussed gender stereotyping that happens in our mind. She gave examples of her children understanding gender stereotyping and reacting to that. It was never about workplace gender discrimination. In fact, when she answered a question on gender discrimination she clearly stated that she had never faced that issue in her working life.

Facebook India MD, Krithika Reddy at Sheroes Bangalore summit
Facebook India MD, Krithika Reddy speaking at the Sheroes summit in Bangalore

In the discussion of gender discrimination at workplaces she also debunked the popular feminist theory of the gender wage gap and stated that one’s pay is decided by how much negotiation one can do. From her experience, she found that women don’t negotiate much on their salary and hence they don’t get paid as much they could have got. On the contrary, she said that a man would negotiate till the end and hence he would get higher pay.

In any case, it was a well-known fact to the CXOs present in the conference that in today’s knowledge economy where the workforce is evolving continuously, corporate India can’t be biased to any gender. But this is what common people need to understand today.

Tea Break at Sheroes Bangalore summit
A tea break is a great opportunity to network

Earlier the day, the Sheroes conference started on a very positive note with Sairee Chahal from setting the right context for the day. She mentioned that in today’s technology-based knowledge economy the jobs are evolving and that is very important for women as they are in caregiving roles. She mentioned that only 5% of women are in CXO roles and only 17% of women are employed in the corporate sector.

Women achievers sharing their stories with media
Those small bytes can be life-changing for many

I remembered a recent TOI report that stated that urban women do not want to work after marriage. Urban Women don't want to work after marriage

Well, even though it is an individual’s decision to work or not work, we as a society can’t put the blame of women not working on so-called patriarchy and Indian men.

However, I will say this was one conference where such blame game was never attempted. These figures were taken at their face value and women were encouraged to come out and be successful entrepreneurs.

It was a pleasant surprise to me when Sairee told that “marriage and career are married to each other”, that in a way set the context of the conference that Sheroes wanted to find a solution to problems within the framework of our social constraints and keeping marriage and caregiving role for women intact. Once again I felt good to be an Indian and privileged to attend a conference where women don’t just blame everything on men and pass the buck to the so-called Patriarchy. This is the attitude I am fed up with when attending meetings of commoners and watching debates on TV. This positive attitude towards life told me that today’s feminists are probably thousands of miles away from real women and no wonder why feminism is turned down by the majority of women today.

In fact, Sairee’s opening speech also gave us a clear picture of bringing men in the conversation of women empowerment and women to make the difference themselves. Her mention that “we are not going to be treated differently” showed me a new ray of hope contrary to all popular feminist speeches where they feel proud to get alimony in-spite of being well educated and well paid and in spite of getting all benefits they end up blaming men.

Unfortunately, we don’t find such empowered women appearing on TV debates and thus our idea of Indian women reduce only to the portrayal of some greedy, unscrupulous women who want to screw happiness of some men in order to get empowered. In fact, I felt that it is in the interest of all women such sheroes need to come out and regularly take part in all open discussions so that greedy women who hide under the masks of feminists can be exposed. I realized why Sairee mentioned that she intentionally avoids all women’s day speeches she gets invited to.

There was another good conversation that I would remember from this conference. One entrepreneur while presenting her business mentioned a solution for the mothers. One of the female jury members who were also a mentor for start-ups corrected her saying – ‘say, parents’. Well, the message was clear, today no one can segregate a mother and a father based on their role and hence the solutions need to cater to both. In a modern knowledge economy, the gynocentric approach is no longer acceptable. That had forced me to think that feminists who appear on behalf of all women actually make fool of themselves and they are taking the generation further away from reality and unless real sheroes come up strongly in debunking such feminist theories Indian women will never be truly empowered.

Sheroes of Bangalore
Sheroes of Bangalore

The Sheroes conference also had a business case presentation session by different startup entrepreneurs. It was an amazing experience to hear out stories of how those women became successful without blaming patriarchy or men around them.

In short, if I were not invited to attend these Sheroes meet, I wouldn’t have known the real Sheroes around us. They don’t appear in popular TV programs and so we think they don’t exist. The greedy women who represent women in all forums, in fact, misrepresent women. It is a new challenge to these sheroes to show the world what women empowerment really means and how that can be achieved without blaming men. I feel privileged to hear and meet so many extraordinary women who I thought never existed in the modern feminist world.



  1. And what earth shattering, life changing, world healing, business innovations are these ladies sun rising? Please do let us know!

    Real women anchor family and society from home.
    They don’t deprive other women of a man to settle down and have a family, with by stealing jobs away in a limited and finite labour economy.

    This in turn requires both the man and the woman to earn to keep a family going. The end result of which are stressed children who receive none of the milk of life from their corporate enslaved parents.

    We have seen the fruits of this liberated mob in the West. We don’t and we won’t have this idiocy foisted on us in India. The Western man is aware of this travesty, and the Indian man, and increasingly, some women are becoming aware of this.

    Hence no wonder women are choosing not to work. So much for the malaise of so-called patriarchy.

    Back to work for me. My Mrs. is baking me a casserole at home. My boy doesn’t wear nail polish and my daughter wears a salwaar kameez with dupatta. No cell phones until they are in first year of college. None of the unnecessary liberation BS.


    • This is archaic concept. There are ways to balance both sides of life. If the needs of our life have increased, we can’t be blind to the changes in job and gender roles. There are ways to escape pitfalls you have mentioned.


      • @ Partha. I think Rishabh is closer to the mark than you are. How many of the Sheroes would do anything to aid the 350 million Indian men and who lack work in Mera Bharat Mahaan? The truth is they couldn’t even if they wanted to. Their woman-ness itself is a barrier to them being unbiased to the male situation and that is why they even feel the need to congregate as a female networking association. I mean … SHEroes is pretty much saying that’s what it is! Why is there no all male entrepreneurs group called HEroes? Oh! That would be sooooo sexist! God forbid if three women would be invited to attend. One would tweet about being surrounded by misogynists. The second would complain in an all women Breaking News programme, that she was molested by an industrialist and the third would write a feminazi piece to broadcast her rehash of the old patriarchy rubbish. This ability to see a conspiracy all around, to find only the female as victim and conversely both capable of dollops of humanity and yet ever more deserving of social handouts, is a biological and psychological wiring of women. I don’t think MRAs and MGTOWs have to join the other two ‘males’, (three, including you), to become white knights and manginas.

        Also, what Rishabh is saying is a social fact. The labour market is inelastic and limited. The world cannot manufacture jobs, let alone contain the hyper individualism and aspirations of all individuals, leave alone men and women. The gender roles will come centre stage and full circle, with the need to contain ourselves. And MGTOWs and MRAs are at the vanguard of this truth. Your recent two or three blog entries are wide off. The evolving consensus in the manosphere is that both men and women, and ultimately the child and society, as well as country and economy, are better off with strict gender roles, and not by diluting them.


        • I don’t know how much truth you have or how much research or data you have to claim that. I am also not sure how many of these sheroes will employ men, but what I know and understood that none of them would want to be noncompetitive in marketplace. So if men performs and proves to add better value they will stay in business. That even women entrepreneurs understand. Anyone in business will understand that. I don’t know and don’t want to predict whether women surrounded by men would write feminazzi articles and indulge in male bashing even when there is no negative thought against women.

          We can not just classify every activity of women as anti male. At least I can’t when I don’t see that happening. This kind of paranoid attitude will only prove us weak.

          Regarding my last two / three articles – this blog is everything that affects men and that includes latest fashion, health etc..This blog had been rebranded recently. Even though it will focus on men’s rights related issues.


        • @Rishab and @Bose, well said. I 100% agree with both of you. Partha, I am sorry but I have something to say.

          I am not saying that women are not intelligent or clever ! But before even these women
          call themselves as “Sheroes” and come up with a idea of this conference/summit; Why do
          they forget the FACTS ? Why don’t they accept the REALITY ? Why they are FOOLING
          themselves and (deliberately) being IGNORANT ?

          NOTE: I could have used more decent words but after seeing their (well, majority of them)
          attitude, I sincerely feel that whatever “words” I used are justified !

          Let’s start with one of this “Sheroe” and see how her day started:

          She pooped, wiped and flushed the Toilet.

          Sewage System, Flush, Toilet paper etc. are the Invention & Innovation of MEN.

          She switched on Air-Conditioner, ordered Breakfast on Phone and turned on Music.

          Power/Electricity, Air-Conditioner, Telephone/Communications, Music, Musical
          Instruments, Sound Recording etc. are Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by

          She used Washing Machine for Laundry, used Microwave to re-heat her Breakfast.

          Washing Machine/Dryer, Microwave/Stove/Refrigeration, Vacuum Cleaner etc. are
          the Invention & Innovation of MEN.

          She chatted with friend on Smart Phone, used Laptop to check Presentation slides.

          Smart Phones/Computers/Laptops/Chips/Storage/RAM, WWW/Internet/Email/
          Chatting/Blogs, Ethernet/USB/WiFi/Blue-tooth/GPS/Wireless, Television/Clocks/Fans/
          Remotes/Batteries etc. are ALL Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN

          She used Elevator/Lift to reach Parking place.

          Elevator/Lift/Generator/Power Backup, Electronic Gadgets/Security Systems and ALL
          ALL Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.

          She drove her Car to reach the “conference/summit” place !

          Transmission/Engine/Gear Box/Ball-Bearings/Tires, Transport/Locomotives/Vehicles/
          Traffic System are Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.

          She talked “blah blah blah” using Mike System and took “pictures” with others.

          Audio/Mike/Microphone System, Photography/Camera/Lens/Devices are ALL
          Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.

          Coming to their Education; Education system was Pioneered by MEN and ALL major Branches/Fields of Science have been Invented and Innovated by MEN. Mathematics/Botany/Zoology/Chemistry/Physics/Engineering/Geography/Economics/Commerce, to name a few.

          Coming to their Paychecks; Financial/Banking Systems are the Invention and Innovation
          of MEN. For example; Accounting/Book-keeping/Payroll.

          I didn’t even mentioned about other fields like Medicine/Pharmaceuticals/Surgery and
          GYNECOLOGY !

          Everything has already been made available and still they behave as if they “achieved” something and are somehow equal and/or superior to their opposite gender !

          Coming to the Facebook head of India. Mark can easily find HUNDREDS of MORE Qualified, MORE Experienced, MORE Hardworking, MORE dedicated and MORE Worthy MALES,
          right in Bangalore ! But still He choose somebody else; Well, everybody know the
          reason(s) !!!

          To ALL pathetic p*****s, Please don’t come-up with same old preposterous thing: “Women wee Oppressed”. Show me ONE achievement (singled handed or in group) since the time of BILL GATES to MARK ZUCKERBERG in the IT (Operating System, Programming Language, Anti-Virus or anything similar to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

          Don’t show me useless “entrepreneur” websites. They have been done on

          Why you call yourselves as “Sheroes” ? Jobs because of “FORCEFUL Gender Balance” ?
          Promotions because of “Equal Gender Representation” ? Extra/Additional Marks in open category prestigious entrance exams because of “Empowering” ?

          Guess what; Goodbye “Zeros” and Para”female”sites.

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      • No it is not an archaic concept. Women in the work place displace a man who could have that job. If you want to end unemployement for men take women out of teh work force and keep them at home where they should be. That will also solve another problem the falling birthrate of Hindus in India which is below 2.1 that needed for replacement levels. The only ones having babies are minorities. And regarding technology etc and women “If civilization had been left to women we would still be living in grass huts.” Camille Paglia


      • Partha on this one you are wrong. No it is not an archaic concept. Women in the work place displace a man who could have that job. If you want to end unemployement for men take women out of teh work force and keep them at home where they should be. That will also solve another problem the falling birthrate of Hindus in India which is below 2.1 that needed for replacement levels. The only ones having babies are minorities. And regarding technology etc and women “If civilization had been left to women we would still be living in grass huts.” Camille Paglia


  2. Real women (specially successful ones) don’t blame men for their condition. They work hard and rise in their life. They stay far away from feminists approach.


    • And real men eliminate the need for women to work outside home. They also help create work for other men to have the same opportunity to provide the woman in their life, the same security. Most men and women in our times won’t have the opportunity to pair bond and start or afford a family. This makes for an unstable social paradigm and an isolationist and atomistic outlook to the world. Feminazis advocating work for women are creating and fueling this imbalance.


      • Aveek, I understand what you are saying but now jobs and roles are evolving. Many jobs that existed earlier is obsolete today and new jobs are evolving. That is how more work life balance is possible. It is possible to raise children even with best care when both parents are working. Only we need to limit our aspirations. If both parents run for money and achievement this may not be achieved. Hence we need a balanced approach..


      • @ Aveek — I agree with you, but also please note, that while I understand you are taking a preventive approach, the man and woman on the street is a reactive creature. They will swing towards the preventive stance eventually, but only as a corrective. This is shortsighted and leads to an unsatisfactory waste of time, effort and resources. But that is how things happen, in a society where the male approach to comprehensive logically mandated systems are shirked. So much for the intuitive feminized approach. Until then, just enjoy the mess …. 🙂

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        • @Vivek, Namaskari Soukara !. Well said. Although irrelevant in this context; I worked in the past in Hubli (I can’t just forget Dharwad Peda !!) and Bangalore and am comfortable with Kannada. My favorite Hero is Ambarish Avare. I personally met Puneeth Rajkumar at Hubli (back in 2000 !) and Thriller Manju at London (during Telugu Association of London – TAL UGADI Celebrations in 2005). Both of them were down-to-earth and cordial.

          Honestly, in my life, where ever I lived and worked, I have seen that femicunts are more cunning, selfish, manipulative, opportunistic, arrogant, egoistic with back-stabbing attitude; when compared to MEN. Sad & Disgrace but TRUE.

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      • I agree with you Aveek, but would like to add the following avoid doing business with females look for male alternatives do not empower women by giving them money. For a female her work os ore of a hobby but for men it is their identity and how they support their family. So even if I have to pay a man more I will because he is supporting a family while she is not.


  3. Hello Partha, another enlightening write-up from you. And I am also impressed to know that you did appreciate good women. Sadly this had never been the case for women who never ever recognise a man; and instead blame them with fancy terms like ‘male-dominated society and patriarchal mind-set’. Feminists must learn from you… inspite of being a man’s right champion, also has the courage to acknowledge the right person irrespective of their gender.
    At the same time I must add about the two joker men whom you referred. These buggers believe that they will be able to impress women with their sympathetic talks. Little do they know that these jerks are mocking their own masculinity. Actually guys who team up for those teary soap operas or candle lights are never ever committed for social causes. They are more hypocrites and as you said are for lookouts for ‘brownie’ points. Dudes don’t be feminised, let your soul roar. You wont won a girl with your nods, be a MAN.
    Cheers to masculinity.


    • @ Anirban —- Feminization of societies in the West, has led to their disintegrated and distraught family life. Technology has not been able to compensate for it. Instead it has pushed the individual to become more isolated. In Japan, there are the Hikikomoris and grass water men, who want nothing to do with women or sex at all! In EU there are the NEETs, not in education, employment or training. In the Arab world (22 countries and Arab Spring!?), are men who can’t have family because of lack of opportunities while women are being ’empowered’. In South Asia are 500 million males, half of whom won’t bevemployed, married, or father a child and hence will get no social recognition. You’ve said it right, the world and men have been FEMINIZED, and no man or woman has been helped. In fact the cornerstone of humanity itself, which is gender binary, has been destroyed. Our generation and the next will pay a price for it. But fear not! We human beings, with appendages or not, are survivalists, and will adapt for self preservation. Read Rishabh above.

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      • In China divorce laws heavily favor men and feminism is repressed and feminists activists jailed and they are promoting more children In Russia they also started new family friendly laws to increase birth rates. In Russia they whip feminists. In both of those countries there are no big female politicians.


  4. Just noticed:
    Twice as many boys are abused in New Delhi, but it is a ‘hell’ for women?
    Twice as many girls are abused in Gujarat, but it is a model of ‘Progress’?
    Sigh! Only in feminized Indi-aaah! Yeaaaah behenji!

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  5. Feminisation has always been the motto of feminists. It started well planned with toiletries of men (including deo, spray, hair gel and now even fairness cream by our very own joker Khan). However we men can also not deny how unconsciously indeed we all have been used to these cosmetics (even me).
    A hairy chest is considered to be bad manners and unhygienic. Men who don’t sympathise with (even false) rape victims are nerds. Men who don’t cry with Titanic or clap at DDLG are jerks. Men who watch Neymar and whistle are unruly. This is how feminsation is on the verge of success. Everything MALE wants to be eracidates and sadly man dolls are also part of this scheme. The natural instinct of men have been chopped.
    Except a baby, random cash and a punching bag for stupid, unproductive feminine woes, women have no need for men. But what else are the objectives for feminisation?
    Partha it is request to please research on this issue. And friends what can we do to stop this feminisation on boys and men? Partha your assistance needed.
    Cheers to men.

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    • Why is there no protest by MRAs against the misandry in advertisements? How does it promote the model of the good family man for our children? Are we supposed to learn it from the products advertised by the alpha Romeo antics displayed by the Caricature Khans?

      Why do we allow PAGE 3 type supplements, that demean and objectify women by the ’empowered’ female models? How does it promote the model of the good family woman for our children? Are we supposed to learn it from Ms. Padukone’s 10000 volt cleavage?

      MRAs have to focus individually and collectively on straightening out the twisted social geography and cultural foundation of our nation. The BIG BINDI BRIGADE (as someone posted in another blog entry) has authored and scripted this antimale, antinational, antifamily, antisocial, antithetical disruption. Why don’t we address this without being distracted by designer shoes and networking over tea?


      • Anwar..not sure how long you are attached to the cause and how much you have studied feminism and anti-feminism subjects. But your thought process is right. We need to work together in attacking misandry. But probably you have not understood the stakeholders in this fight. Women and especially such empowered women are strong stakeholders in our cause. We need to recognize that. Today even UN recognizes that men need to be integral part in women empowerment. The coverage of this conference is not a deviation but to showcase a strong stakeholder for the cause I work for.

        Regarding men’s fashion…yes this is a complete channel for men. This is one stop website that means true help in all different aspects. Be it style, travel or health. But the focus will continue to be men’s rights issues. This article is definitely one for men’s rights to help you guys identify the right stakeholder..


        • The thing is that women should not be empowered. Empowering women is the first step to social disintegration and then take over by a group that doesn’t empower women. Women must be completely control and NOT empowered. Those that empower women will die and those who control women will prosper, that is how it has been through out history. For proof read JD Unwin’s “Sex and Culture” Oxford University Press.


    • Bless you Anirban. I am optimistic that the days of these femicunts are nearing. MEN all over the WORLD are fed up ! And a sincere request to “Manginas”: WAKE UP !

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      • Nah it wont happen. Historically once a society empowers women it is irreversible and eventually (on average 3 generations about 90 years) that feminist sciety collapses and is taken over by a male dominated society.

        Just think about the following in a war between a feminist society and a male dominated society who has the most motivation to fight? The feminist one in which the soldier can be kicked out of home on a whim of the wife, never see his children be false accused of rape etc Or the other where the man is in complete control of his wife and family and his home is his castle. I think it is clear the later actually has something to fight for and the former doesn’t.

        Are you really ready to face the bullets for a country where you have no rights as a man? And that among other reasons like low birth rate is why feminist societies implode and are taken over by normal male dominated societies.


  6. To Partha’s above reply to Anwar,
    Sir, then what do these strong and empowered women do to check the endless stream of obscene filth in our media? What do they do to advocate for repeal of gender biased legislations? Do they not have sons???!!?? Father? Brothers? Husband? Yes, yes. So caring they are! The UN? Are you talking about Emma Watson’s HeForShe crap?!? Where is the SheforHim? I agree with Mr. Rishabh, Mr. Aveek Bose, Mr. Vivek Kempegowda and Mr. Anwar Sajjad. An empowered woman is a selfish woman. And no sane man, will allow such person to run him down.

    Finally, fashion is the toy of immature minds. Men who want to change themselves and the life of those around them, don’t waste time on it. Fully agree. Why are you promoting the enemies.


    • Not sure why you see enemies everywhere. First of all I don’t think we need to consider independent women as enemies. If you know about women against feminism you will know they are egalitarians. We need to understand that they are important stakeholders and can’t be considered as our enemies. None of them were feminists in the first place. None of the business person can be a feminist or a masculinist for that matter, lest they will ruin their own business.

      Coming to the point what these women have done for men around them? I don’t know. What I know is they are creating jobs for the society and that will benefit everyone including men. If you really talk about misandry existing in media, I do agree but we need to bring that to everyone to make them understand that misandry exists. But for that we can’t blame all media or even positive media for that. This kind of attitude will show us as paranoids and we will lose value for ourselves.

      Yes, these women can do a lot to bring egalitarianism in media but we need to make them understand that. It is a slow a steady process. Remember even if we think there are negative stakeholders (which I don’t think) even then we need to know how to manage them. For any cause there will be negative stakeholders and we need to manage them (not HATE them). Everyone has their own value in society, if we try to ignore that then we will do biggest injustice to ourselves.

      On Fashion – If you think fashion is for immature minds, I will strongly differ as both men and women want to look attractive to the other gender. That is natural instinct in any human beings and only immature minds can say that fashion is for immature minds. However, if you don’t like that you may ignore. No one is forcing you to follow one particular fashion, but at the same time you can’t force anyone to follow you. You will understand this if you really respect yourself. Because if you do you will also respect others.

      Now one question for all of you – Rishabh, Aveek, Vivek, Anwar and you – Please tell me your contribution to MRM and the kinds of changes you have made so far for MRM. Also let me know if you have done any research and their findings…please don’t tell me you are only Facebook activists.


      • Aren’t we all?
        Which is why we latch on to real life HEroes such as your good self. I can’t deal for the others, but I’ve gone MGTOW. And I have begun to trade in the same currency the Feminazis and Rad-Fems use … denigration, denial, diminution and demeaning. And for everyone like you who has a blog, there are a hundred out there organizing quietly, slowly pulling the rugs under the feet of this misandrist society. So wrote your fashion reviews … cause the blowback’s a bitch of a blizzard. 😒


  7. Hate begets hate.
    Tell that to the ‘Good Women’ who keep quiet,
    and rely on ‘Good Men’ to keep it safe for them.
    ‘Eye for eye, makes world blind’ said Gandhi?
    Fine, let the conscientious bharatiya naari take off her blinkers. Fair’s fair. Until then, I wish them well … NOT!?


  8. I say even running behind money and having great aspirations is good but not at the cost of somebody else (mostly a male). My manager leaves at 3.30 in the evening saying she wants to be with the kids asking us to take care of the work. Other ladies is the team make sure they leave latest by 5.00. Only god must help me. I dont know how will I tell her “You ran away home early, it was me who handelled the work.” during the appraisals. Regarding the female acheivers, please dont assume things without knowing basic facts. If you saw a female acheiver from feminist company like accenture, be sure that she is there at that position due to the foolish rules of the company saying 40% reservation for females at all levels.


    • So here comes the way out. If you do not like something or if you think something is not right raise question immediately. I have done that multiple times in my career. I didn’t even leave my female boss in one of my earlier company. So instead of keeping your grudge to yourself, please vent out your anger immediately and move on. You know why these females get privileges and men like you always crib in other forums, it is because you guys never open your mouth when needed.

      In this article you might have noticed that I have protested Manav’s unnecessary mention about child rape and making a business out of it, I have done that even in forums where Supreme Court judges were giving bullshit stories to public. But where I don’t see problem I don’t unnecessarily show my anger.


  9. Hi Praveen, basically at Accenture, women are holding up only 40% of the sky!? LOL!
    While you have to provide a 100% ground cover, while your ‘A’ Team is on official leave / missing in action? That sux, brum! But look at the bright side. You don’t have to sleep your way to the top.


  10. People like Rishav, Aveek & ephub need to die off as early as possible. Actually, they are. These retards are suggesting that organizations should hire people i.e. only men no matter how unqualified or unemployable they are. I did not even bother to read their entire garbage because its really of no use at all. Many statistics like Pew suggest that mras(Male Retarded Antagonists) and anti-women’s rights forces are dying off and the supports for women are increasing globally. I would like to see where the blog will be after 10 years. But, don’t worry I have seen way worse anti-female material in the internet. Guess what, the world will still keep functioning, albeit with little difficulty if 99% of all males are killed off all at once. In fact, it might be a much better place to live in.

    However, I am surprised to see somewhat rational comments from Partha which is unexpected.


    • You must be a woman in a man’s body or a psycho angry mangina or a red haired femnazi.
      And yes Partha seems damn confused and hardly has any firmnesss,….swayed easily by pussy talks.


      • @nirvan Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Nobody cares about you. I am not going to fellate patriarchy like you stupid gay cocksuckers. I am in the Indian army and have killed my fair share of scumbags like you and I am proud to be Indian and to serve my country with honour. I really love women and slept with a number of them. Its really not that difficult. If you treat them nicely and change your stupid fucked up patriarchal mindset, you would be surprised to see how many of them willingly have sex with you. Thanks for the laugh though. Your first line made my day and btw, my FemShep Mass Effect character is a redhead. They are very cool.
        Meanwhile, explode in your own unspent energy. At least, this blog provides good entertainment and comic relief. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GAY LIFE !!!


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