Kobe 9 Elite : Your Unmatched Match For Basketball

Kobe 9 Elite Promo

Designed by the designer Eric Avar following the specifications of Ace Basketball Player Kobe Bryant Nike had launched a new artistically designed formidable shoe for ace Basketball Players. This shoe named after the ace player Kobe has launched a year ago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. The shoe Kobe 9 Elite is set to rock global market on Jan 10, 2015, and once launched it will rock the men’s world with its formidable engineering, with elegant design.

Kobe 9 Elite - Outer SoleThese shoes are designed with Nike Flyknit in accordance with Nike’s ‘Nature Amplified’ design ethos. The designers believe that this shoe will redefine Basketball Shoes and combine power, strength, and flexibility with lightweight materials used and a completely new manufacturing methodology adopted.

There are three main technologies used to design these shoes – Nike Flyknit, Flywire, Lunarlon that gives the shoe its main features – Strength, durability, and speed.

Kobe 9 Elite - Features

  1. Nike Flyknit is a technology that was used for the first time in 2012 in running shoes. These are made from single strands of yarns, lightweight and incredibly strong. The company claims that this new technology is similar to the design of a spider web. This acts as a second skin and gives him engineered strength and flexibility.

The sole of the shoe gives an impression of Kobe’s own feet. It is based on pressure mapping of Kobe’s own feet, creating a beautiful pattern and giving much-needed traction on the court.

  1. Engineering of Nike Kobe 9 Elite
  2. Nike Flywire – Strong yet dynamic for lockdown through midfoot. Its wires loosen and tighten with the motion of the foot giving it a tight and comfortable grab of the foot.
  3. Heel – The heel is made of carbon fibre. This provides strong and lightweight stability to the sidewise movement of the feet.
  4. Foot Cushioning – Nike uses Lunarlon cushioning inside the shoes. This helps in keeping the foot in contact with the ground when the pressure mapping outer sole delivers the correct traction with the contours of one’s feet.

The multicolour flyknit upper with a reflective tonal graphics, a neon sparkled midsole and a print melange at the inner sole makes these shoes special.

Multicolor Kobe 9 EliteColorful Kobe 9 Elite

Print Milange of the inner sole - Kobe 9 Elite
Print Milange of the inner sole – Kobe 9 Elite

Nike is here to redefine male prominence and redesigned formidable male presence on the grounds of Basketball in an elegant and aesthetic way. The company claims that it reduces waste to the tune of 50% in the manufacturing process compared to high top traditional Basketball shoes manufacturing.

The newly designed works of art will be available in select stores from Jan 10, 2015, worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to grab one piece of formidable art if you are dreaming of a good Basketball career.

This shoe will not only be a head-turner for you but this masterpiece can prove to affect your winning the game. Add power to your Basketball career with this work of art. These prized possessions will surely be the cause to affect your wins and to rewrite the gaming history for you.

*Disclaimer – All images are from Nike Website

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  1. Huh? Wha? Hullo?
    How is this about Mens Rights?

    Feminism use ‘retail therapy’ to spur and spin consumerism and empowerment. Men and MRAs and MGTOWs should provide an alternative and antidote to the Feminazis’ confused, hedonist, materialust and narcissistic addictions.

    This article doesn’t belong in this blog.
    Please remove it.


    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. This blog caters to everything that a man needs. Well this is for a niche segment but there will be articles on Men’s health, fashion, travel and so on in due course.


      • Women are as a group responsible for disposing off a disproportionately large and percentage of disposable income … mostly their husband’s and little of their own.

        This is the grist of the consumerist mill. Which in turn is the cause of the environmental havoc being wreaked on the planet.

        MRAs and MGTOWs need to coalesce and define a coherent critique. We need to challenge the false empowerment theology of the Feminazis. Their high heeled Achilles Heel is exposed, and instead of targeting it with our hemlock tipped arrows, we are being sold Kobe’s designer footwear?

        I say, tear into them. Shame them for their self centered consumption. Even shame those men who buy fuel guzzling vehicles, have extensive wardrobes, are loud in lifestyle.

        MGTOWs must in their personal lives and public outreach live and display the example of contained, sustainable and simple living.

        I would argue that the excessive lifestyle has been the prime reason for the loud behaviour of the Feminazis.

        We need to turn up the volume against consumerism. That is the morally high position. Not joining the jezebels.


        • Simple living, internal happiness, are rarely seen these days. Expensive branded clothes, luxury cars, expensive purses, money spent on wedding and parties, and false social image (materialistic) have masked the the right way of living. But when it comes to shoes, the right shoes are very much important…I don’t consider the shoes as luxury as they provide the comfort and protect the feet.
          Travel- yes(not luxury travel , but to explore)… but fashion?.
          Partha, haven’t you mentioned earlier about Vedic ways of simple
          living and staying away from materialism, consumerism etc


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