How Satyamev Jayate Lies Exposed At INK Live 2014 Will Blow Your Mind

INK Talk 2014
INK Live 2014

I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to join the innovation conclave INK Live at Mumbai this year. This opportunity came to me for winning a blogging activity.

Such opportunities come once in a while and I didn’t want to miss this. Unfortunately for me on these days Tata Literature Fest was also held in Mumbai. But I accepted this as opportunity cost and decided to fly to Mumbai for INK Live.

Registration started at the venue from 8 am. I was surprised to see the security arrangement at the venue. Even airports don’t have such strict security measure. A few of the first day’s sessions were mind-blowing. I am waiting for those videos to be up on the web by the INK team so that I can blog about the sessions that I liked or disliked the most.

By the time I settled down I started glancing through the INK Live schedule and noticed that my favorite singers Shantanu and Monali was set to hit the stage and I was indeed very much delighted when Laxmi finally called them on stage. They sang my favorite Rabindra Sangeets. One of them was “Jodi Tor Daak Sune Keu Naa Aase, Tobe Ekla Chalo Re” (if no one comes forward with you, please proceed alone) was very apt for the conference.

Bengalis are always obsessed with Tagore’s music but at times they become the obvious choice as Tagore is the only one poet who had created at least one song for each occasion. For example, the song I mentioned above was apt for all the INK fellows and speakers who had set their own path and shown the way to others. They have gone down their success path alone.

Other impactful performers of the day were Team Indus, Arunima Sinha, Hamish Patel, Nameet, Ugesh Sarkar. One interview that I felt was full of lies was with the team SatyaMev Jayate. Directors Satyajit Bhatkal and his wife Swati Bhatkal spoke about their television show that I could realize was full of lies, but they were the only ones to get standing ovation on the first day at both the venues.

Lies of Satyamev Jayate Director

Swati told Laxmi that they conceptualized the show in 2010 when Aamir came to them and urged about a social show on television. They considered television as a strong medium to convey a message to the people and hence they have formed a small team and started doing research on the topics they needed to cover in their show.

The Satyamev Jayate (SMJ) team (Satyajit and Swati) were speaking about their episode on female feticide when Swati mentioned how she had met 62,000 mothers all over the country for that one episode. She mentioned that she was the only mother in their unit, she had to travel all over India to meet all 62,000 mothers herself. She wanted to capture the female feticide issue from a mother’s angle as the gender ratio at birth might not be the correct interpretation of female feticide even though she considered that as significant indicator.

To confirm their claim, the SMJ team also showed a video of a mother (with a blurred face) who they claimed had to kill her unborn daughter, which was her second daughter. They had to shoot her video when her husband and in-laws were not around and they had only four hours to convince her and shoot the entire video. The story of the mother showed that her husband and in-laws had forced her to abort her unborn child while she continued crying in vain.

The video was heartbreaking. It was mind wrecking, any normal human being will start thinking after the video that how could any person be so cruel to kill unborn babies like this. Even my eyes were moistened with their video, but soon my logical mind took over.

The following questions came to my mind –

  1. When the mother didn’t want her video to be shown publicly, why did Svati showed that on INK conference? Wasn’t it violating her trust?
  2. Why didn’t her team file police complaints in each case to punish those culprits but rather chose to make money out of those?
  3. How did the Satyamev Jayate team come to know about these mothers when Swati herself agreed that convincing a mother to talk about feticide is not easy?
  4. Swati herself said that she had to travel all over the country to meet those mothers and they were not at the same place. So the second question came to my mind was – when she had to travel, needed appointments from these mothers when their in-laws were not around, would have taken her substantial time. How could they manage the time, because even one-hour discussion with one mother would mean –

 62,000 X 1 = 62,000 hours = 62,000 / 24 days = 2583 days = 7 years

Since Swati had also affirmed in the same interview that she had met every mother personally to know their perspective, she wouldn’t have done this without spending at least seven years non stop meeting with the mothers. If she had to travel then this time increases drastically. When we know that the show was conceptualized only in 2010 and we have not yet reached 2017, we know how BIG lie the Satyamev Jayate (SMJ) team told us in the conference. But since everyone was emotional after watching the video no one realized that and Swati got a standing ovation from the entire crowd at both the venues.

Another question came to mind was why did they leave the mother’s house in hurry and never raised police complaints against her and her in-laws? in this way, they have only supported the crime that needed to be nipped in the bud. All these questions led to only one conclusion. The interview and the entire SMJ show was full of lies.

I was wondering why the SMJ team had to tell such a big lie and fool all dignitaries present there. One reason came to my mind was their propaganda since SMJ is being aired again. But once I could catch their lies, immediately I realized another reason for their working on mother’s perspective to understand the issue of female feticide. It is explained below –

For a long time, Men’s Rights Groups have been challenging the feminist created myth of female feticide in India. This was strengthened when we discovered from UNDP Human Development Report (HDR 2013) that statistically natural gender ratio at birth is 105:100 (Male: Female, when there is no feticide). In this article of mine earlier I have shown why India’s female feticide is a bog hoax –

Why India’s female feticide is a HOAX

If female feticide existed then male feticide also existed in India but that is never highlighted. Also from various men’s rights groups, we have always demanded strict punishments for mothers involved in the female feticide. The interview of the SMJ team only clarified that they just wanted to clear the confusion through their program, that it is NOT the mothers but the Indian fathers and their families who are cruel to the girl child. To prove that they needed a video like the one shown in INK Talks 2014 and claim that they wanted to capture the mother’s perspective.

In one of my earlier articles written on August 6, 2013, I have exposed how a similar lie was told by a foreign filmmaker Evan Grae Davis to promote his own film –

A mother who killed eight girls after their birth roaming free

Attendees of TED Talks were also fooled at that time. Actually, anyone who considers oneself as a human being will be shamed by these videos. When Indian MRAs filed a criminal complaint against him for not filing a police complaint against the mother for killing her children but for showing her happy face in his video, feminists came back with women crying videos for shaming Indian men. SMJ team too had not filed any police complaints against the mothers or families and hence the same criminal cases need to be filed against them as well.

This kind of malicious propaganda affects our psyche very badly and I shall explain the same below –

As a man when we see these videos we generate an opinion about other men that they are cruel and start doubting other men around us. While we consider other unknown men around us as criminals, they also do the same and end up hating us. In a way, men think of other men as criminals. But we don’t understand how false this is and happily give-in to the blatant lies and create misandry ourselves.

When a woman sees these malicious videos they start fearing men around them and start considering men as cruel. They become reserved, protective of their own selves and react violently even to seemingly trivial incidents. This happens because these videos enforce a sense of insecurity perpetrated by the men in their mind and gradually all men lose their values.

As a society, we create a mindset of stricter laws and generate opinion through such programs. Then one fine day an incident is blown out of proportion to pass an outrageous law that no one understands how damaging could be in future. This is the way new rape law was passed after the Delhi incident in Dec 2012.

A completely opposite perception is created in our minds when in fact women ask for killing their babies as a right but when those are never highlighted in media or shows like SMJ –

Cruel Feminism – Now mothers want to kill their babies after birth as a right

I was shocked to realize the truth and was shocked that all the INK attendees were fooled by the SMJ team.

So when Swati claimed of receiving 19 lakh letters (do you remember when you last wrote a letter??) for their episode on child sexual abuse or their story of how an uncle narrated that a father had raped his own daughter seemed other great lies to me. But sitting at INK Live I could not question them, questions were not allowed on the show.

The first day at INK Live ended with soulful music by Joi Barua which unfortunately was not that great.

The first day’s show had increased my expectations about the subsequent days. Especially at the INK live we were fortunate to have workshops for the participants. Every INK Live participant was given an opportunity to take part in two workshops. I have chosen the Origami and Dell workshops.

The second day the program had many interesting speeches lined up. Among them, speakers like Shravani Hagargi of Safe Hands, Kenneth Sebastian the Musician, Melati and Isabel Wijsen of ‘Bye Bye Plastic’ and Bhavesh Bhatia were outstanding. The story of the Bali kids and our para-Olympian Bhavesh inspired me the most. Both of them received a standing ovation for their outstanding contribution to the society. I was lucky to attend their speeches on the second day as my Origami workshop was postponed for next day.

The Day 2 at INK Talks ended with a performance by Dharavi Rocks that I missed as my Mumbai friends had called me for a movie. But I dared to move out of the venue as earlier that day Usha Uthup mesmerized us with her scintillating performance. Once again she had proved why she is considered as a great crowd puller and entertainer.

She made the crowd at both the venues stand up and dance. The picture at the INK live auditorium was something like this –

Usha Uthup at INK Talks 2014

I had no option but to tweet the image. Actually, I wanted to make others who didn’t attend this conference feel jealous.

Percussionist Bickram Ghosh was another attraction of the second day and he had shown innovation in music. His Jugalbandi with the drum was good to watch but I expected more from that show.

On the second day, Dell had organized a contest for the participants there. Participants visiting the Dell store could win a Dell tab if they were lucky. Many tried their luck but in vain. No one could win the tab until the end and I was the first person to try my luck and fail. L

However, I was lucky enough to meet another Mumbai blogger Oindrila De on that day at the venue. Oindrila has shared her experience about blogging with blogger platforms and it was good to know her at the venue.

The third day of the conference, November 2 was a bit relaxing. I missed a few talks as I had to attend the Origami workshop. The young artists who conducted the workshop could make us understand the basics of Origami in the timeframe given. I enjoyed the session while I did repent missing some awesome presentations and interviews at the main seminar as well.

The conference ended for lunch around 2:00 pm. But before that, it was Usha Uthup mesmerized the audience again with her scintillating performance in her sari. Her Kolaveri Di made everyone’s day and ended the conference in a happy and exciting note only to come back next year.

All the INK Live attendees took a group photo in the end before we dispersed.

Participants at INK Live 2014

At the end of the conference, it felt as if it was very short-lived. I only hope that it will come again next year and I will get an opportunity to be a part of INK Talks in 2015.

This blog is to thank Blogadda and INK talks organizers for inviting me to the conference. The ideas presented proved that it was worth my travel. I could be happier if I could expose the SMJ team at the venue for creating deep-rooted misandry and shame for Indian men.

Let us know what punishment you want for SMJ team for spreading lies against Indian men in the name of showing the suffering of women?

Update on 19th February 2018

The video is now uploaded to INK site, without of course the numbers and some other stories she mentioned in the interview. We will say, good editing job done. Cheers.

* First image courtesy – INK Talks website



  1. Partha, the calculation you have done has a minor error: It should be 62,000 X 1 = 62,000 hours = 62,000 / 8 days = 7750 days = 21.23 years. No one can work for 24 hours in a day non stop. Hence, the calculation should assume an 8 or 10 hour work day.

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  2. Dear Partha ,

    I want to attract some more lies by Satyamev Jayatay

    1 Satyamev jayatay team never raise law misuse issue

    2 satyamev jayatay team never raise Groom is burning in India

    3 satyamev jayatay never cover how rape laws are misusing by disgruntled women’s

    4 satyamev jayatay team never cover how Dowry laws 498a is highly misusing by disgruntled women’s

    4 satyamev jayatay team never cover 63k innocent males commit suicide by due to fake cases

    5 satyamev jayatay team spreading lias only to collect and grab funds for there NGOS

    6 Now soon satyamev jayatay team will explain society with the help of Deepika , Kangana & pareneti chopra , Aamir khan will ask them what type of men they want ? Ideal men quality

    But who will teach present women’s good ethics ? Why supreme Court declared 498a women’s are Disgruntled ? Society wants this answers but team satyamev jayatay showing wrong things for there own benifit not for the society !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amirkhan is one of the most successful opportunist in India. He has been selling lies since years. Satyamev Jayate is no exception. It is so surprising that Indians are so gullible and easy to misguide because they are sentimental fools. Amirkhan knows this very well perhaps better than all feminist put to gather.

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  4. What you said is true, indeed it is very valid finding. 20 years for one episode shows the extent of lies.

    Your explanation about how misandry is injected to men is very true. Our society is nurtured not to question.

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  5. Kuch ni hoga hmare desh ka sab vote ke bukhe hai. Just geather in number go for strikes no work and all if male stops doing work socho how will it effect on econmy nd votes


  6. @partha indeed a great article to read, honestly people fear to talk truth, being feminist is a fashion in India, turning soft or raising voice about fake women issues is all about getting attention in media, media talks about it to gain TRP, politicians talks about to gain vote… Look at Indian laws are they meant to provide justice, gaining vote and popularity is law makers focus while they draft such biased laws. Aadmi ka kya hai ..wo tho har din marta hai, aur besharam ke jaisa khada hota hai phir dhoka aur dhakke khaane ke liye. Jaada se jaade apni bhadas nikalage a kehake ki iss desh main paida hona hi paap hai, zindagi gujara karna usse bada ghuna hai .. do u expect such men to raise their voice for a better cause ?…
    Probably it would consume another 100 Years for people to understand crime doesn’t have gender.. thousands joined hand to protest around nirbhaya case, has any one came forward when mens are being burnt alive for not agreeing to Girls blackmail.
    About SMJ, Amir whole focus is to rule small screen now as he is old to be a Bollywood hero now. SMJ is nothing about one more Ekta Kapoor kind sop for entire family. He talks about his research team, probable he himself don’t know how small or big his research team is. Because of his attitude towards his male coworker or subordinates no one want to work with him (But kya kare majburi hai, biwi bacche paalna hai tho nautanki sehlo). Remember its first season controversy, how and where money is being directed. If he is such honest person then he would be least bothered about TRP, he would have gone with Doordarshan instead of Some Hi-Fi MNC channel. He would have been least bothered what society thinks about him if he talks about misuse of dowry laws. (He is well aware of biased laws courtesy his own first marriage, in Bollywood terms understable separations). Don’t he know how spot boy and other helping / junior artists gets beating from heroines because of their egoistic attitude? , can he show or help them any law to register a complaint –forget about law, can he ensure police register a case atleast. Be it media or Bollywood in India no dares to talk about truth the ground level reality, agar raste pe jaate huwi ladki gir padi thos 10 log aayenge uthane, agar koi aadmi giri dekho kitne aate hai ?
    Irony of indian mens is main sahi houn, maine kuch galat nahi kiya, ssaale ne hi kuch kiya hoga isliye police / court kacheri ke chakkar kaat raha hai..
    India main Satya/Truth matlab aurat/women = Satya mainwaye jayate – aap chillawo jitna chahe, wo court ya media ya raasta kuch bhi ho.. Hamesha aadmi galat hota hai aur a baat ek fellow aadmi kehta hai .. Jaroor tumhe bhi negative critics milenge ya ho sakta hai discourage karne ke liye dhamki mile .. kyonki tum ek aadmi hai .. aur wahi thumari galti hai ..


  7. Wishes to partha who has rationalized his thinking against spreading hatred on men in the society….
    It has become fashion and increasing trend by feminists of spreading hatred on Indian men.
    Men are made to think low of themselves and women think men are dangerous species they are living with in the society.
    What is the aim or intention of these aggravated feminists for breaking the balance of trust among fellow males and fellow females in the society?
    SMJ has always been an emotion winner and decided to focus only on lies to win that easy capitalisable women issues. SMJ unlike other TV programs never feels that a man suffers too. SMJ is a show created to win false favourism towards their show

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Satyameva jayate is one of the many gossip shows in which typical old medieval things that man is born to torture woman is showed, teached and preached since its beginning.
    Many times in the feedback portion of Star tv have given feedback
    stating to show real condition of men of India, but all in vein.
    Thanks Parthada for exposing their real faces….
    Satyameva Jayate………


  9. Vartika, I think you have completely missed the point. The point is not about supporting SMJ or not, not is not even Men Vz Women. Point is that our people are gullible fools and don’t even think twice before believing some outrageous data dipped in tears soup. Its high time we wake-up and dont fall prey to likes of SMJ. In the name id creating awareness its actually creating hatred. Amir khans personal life you should know to judge that the tears on the show are for real or its for the show called SMJ.

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  10. Unfortunately, my friend. I felt INK is a fraud. They smartly used (abused) the TED name and then started calling themselves an offshoot of TED. And things like that.

    They stole the concept. I heard there is a legal case against them. Many sponsors are cheated by saying that they are paying Chris Anderson from TED and not Laxxmi aunty.

    But the truth is now out. I heard about the fight between some members who refused to pay even 50,000 for their guests because 80% of the auditorium was filled with free pass winners and friends.

    If the base of the conference is fake and a lie – it means even the content have no credibility.

    This entire entrepreneurship movement that INK is aping is a fraud in disguise. The truth will come out soon.

    I am sure – there are many lies. Even the INK fellows found themselves cheated.

    The speakers and guests felt the hotels were cheating them/

    Too much cheating maccha. Too much fraud.


    • One information – Do you know that before airing their episode they had collected domestic violence against men information men’s rights groups. However, they have never aired the same.

      Here the number does not matter, what matters is intention. If they really wanted to end this crime they would have filed criminals complaints against those families. But they have not done that, rather they fled the places in hurry..shameful indeed


    • they showed \ publicized \ portrayed \ publicated incorrect ❛rape❜ statistics \ data once during mid 2012 and on another instance during march 2014 {𝑇𝐻𝐴𝑇 episode of theirs in which celebrity singer sona mohapatra sung a song bekhauuf rehnaa hai mujhe something and also park street gangrape victim suzette had also come to that episode in person}.


    • Posted by Partha Sadhukhan on Sunday, March 6, 2016


    • please check out the 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑠’ 𝑠𝑒𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 here ——————— especially Yajna007’s main–comment and his reply–comments inside other commenters’ threads


  11. Yes it is the truth Till date they they havent shown any cases of women taking advantages of law against men.
    But If u think this is the case then y u dint filed a complaint or contacted any media or taken any action
    May be as a owner of the show they might be not liable to file a case (I am not pretty sure whether they can file a complaint against all whom they have recorded as the victim shown have done their part).


    • Absolutely, they can file for the crime and I can file for abetment of crime as I have filed against Alan Grae Davis earlier. But it is their responsibility to file the case first because main social cause that needs to be addressed is stopping the crime and NOT boasting about creating false propaganda.


  12. In the state of kerala, there are less number of men in comparison to woman. Does this immediately mean that boys in Kerala are being killed after conception and before birth…? Anyway in this 498A scenario who wants a boy anyway.


  13. have you never watched SMJ last seasons episode on how” masculinity harms men” it was disgusting and the whole episode was shaming men badly. thank god i m away now from the clutches of feminism by being anti feminist because of this wonderful and caring guy that has come in my life who unintentionally taught me how to respect men and to stop shaming them because of their gender. by d way earlier i was a feminist and used to hate man badly . but i t was he who unintentionally explained and presented the tenderness and preciousness of male heart . but any how SMJ in their episode of domestic violence only showed violence on women but not on men , the type of language they use is so sexiest towards men .


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