Movie Review – Dawat-e-Ishq


Dawat-e-ishq is a movie that tries to justify the misuse of Prevention of cruelty by husbands and relatives act IPC 498a.

The movie starts with a flawed statistics that even if dowry is outlawed in India in the year 1961, still every hour one woman is killed for dowry. Movie shows an article from the Times of India to support the claim.

However, the movie fails to bring the truth to its viewers. It forces its viewers to misinterpret the number of filed cases every year as the number of true cases. Also the movie shows a crime statistics under a different section (IPC 304B) to justify misuse of IPC 498a.

There are approximately 8000 cases filed under Dowry Death section 304B in India. These are the cases where the wife died under unnatural circumstances within seven years of their marriage. This comes to around one case filed every hour. However, filing a case under this section does not mean the death was for demand of dowry by the in-laws. In fact many bride suicides within first seven years of marriage are also included in these cases. That is why we see that in 80% such cases the husband and in-laws were released. The movie fails to bring the correct aspect of this crime and propagates a wrong picture of Indian society in this way. In a way the movie tried to vilify Indian society by projecting wrong statistics in the first place which is violation of Indian constitution.

The movie also shows punishment under section IPC 498a as six years which is in fact three years. I am surprised to see that the makers of the movie made such blunders in the movie.

The movie showed how the marriage of an educated and established Hyderabadi girl Gullu iwas cancelled multiple times due to demand of dowry from prospective groom’s side. There was no respite for her even when the guy fell in love with her. It was shown that even when her father was willing to give dowry the groom’s side demanded more and hence every time she had to break the alliance.

Frustrated on her fate as an educated and independent girl she came across a high profile dowry case where the husband and his relatives were sent to six years in prison for demanding dowry under IPC 498a. The wife Mrs. Radha Reddy was shown cheering for IPC 498a and proudly saying on news channels that she has got crores of alimony and flat and maintenance. She cheered for the section and said that it was because of this section IPC 498a women like her was getting justice.

Gullu got inspired by watching the news and she decided to use IPC 498a to her benefit. The plan was to marry a rich guy and immediately after marriage file a false case under IPC 498a and get huge money through out-of-court settlement. This money could help her fulfill her dreams of foreign education.

To fulfill her dream and cheat on prospective grooms, she and her father travelled to Lucknow and called prospective grooms in a hotel suite for discussion. They secretly shot videos of all conversations as future evidence. Eventually she met Taru who was not as educated as she was but was a successful businessman in Lucknow. After meeting him for a few days before finalizing on their marriage she fell in love with him.

She was in a dilemma as to whether cheat that guy by filing false cases. But she went ahead as per plan as she was afraid of getting imprisoned for cheating instead. She received Rs 40 lakh as out of court settlement for her complaint and went back to Hyderabad. However, in the end she repented and wanted to give the money back to Taru as she really loved him.

When they met, she narrated the true story to him and returned the money. It was the climax when everyone was expecting to watch Taru’s reaction to false criminal complaint and related cruelty that had happened to him as well his family. To everyone’s dismay Taru accepted her apology with the logic that when guy’s family seeking dowry for marriage is not a problem in Indian society, why should her act of misusing the dowry prevention act (IPC 498a) to her benefit be seen as a crime. He in fact ended up marrying the same girl who filed false criminal case against his entire family and extorted Rs. 40 lakh from them.

This part of the movie made all the couples sitting in the theater uncomfortable. Men were made to believe that it was okay to get such false criminal cases and harassed by women centric laws and pay money for out of court settlement. The audience was also made to believe that it is humane to pardon such women to the extent that one should think of marrying them.

What this movie wrongly projected to support the crime of legal extortion was to show that it is okay for a guy’s family to seek dowry in marriage (Taru says so while accepting her apology) where in reality it is considered as a crime in India and hence the misuse of such laws is also need to be punished.

This movie is a criminal attempt to justify a crime. This movie comes at a time when misuse of IPC 498a is a grave concern for Indian judiciary and Indian civil groups. Every year more women get arrested in such false cases than the women who get justice. There is no limit to which these falsely accused families are made to pay huge extortion money to such unscrupulous women, their families, legal groups, advocates and women NGOs in the name of mediation and negotiation.

In short, this movie is a mockery of suffering of real victims of dowry harassment cases as it tries to justify filing of false cases. This movie is also a mockery of victims of falsely accused innocent families who undergo tremendous trauma and some of whom commit suicide due to such false allegations. This movie is a shameful attempt to keep the legal terrorism industry going and extorting innocent families. It makes us believe that the entire production team and promoters of this movie might be related to this legal terrorism industry or supported by them.

We demand rigorous punishment for the whole team of Dawat-e-Ishq for producing such a movie.

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  1. Its a shame that the team of this film has gone to the extent of justifying misuse of a particular IPC section which even SC terms as ‘legal terrorism’.
    Shame to the entire team of dawat-e-ishq for dishing out a trash like this.


  2. What can we expect?
    – The poster is in Pink. To appeal to the feminazism demographic.
    – The title is ‘The Feast of Love’. A party for the princess, surely.
    – Its crass Punjabi Commercial / Paisa Vasooli production.
    (Yash Raj … after all).

    Time to introduce a MRM cine rank scale,
    to accompany your and other MRAs reviews,
    of films. So, we are spared the agony of watching them.
    Better yet, classify them summarily as PinkPropaganda.

    Speaking of films, why have you not given
    Padukone’s Kleeve-azh, the attention that is its due?


  3. Now a days men are perceived as demons!! Everyone trying to be Rahul Gandhi i.e. no matter what the problem is solution is “women empowerment”. Look at all the ads/serial on television, there bottom line is “women empowerment”. For instance, take Sony’s new channel Sony Pal, it is completely dedicated to women. Take “ideas” add- “Girls ko na ullu banawe”. Looks like everyone is trying to cash on women empowerment as it is currently the buzz word. Women being emotional fools, gets carried away very quickly. Another recent example is Emma watson’s speech at UN session, where she talked about gender equality. She asked men to support women in their lives to achieve gender equality. While nobody talks about women’s committing crimes. Looks at this:

    I remember you posted an article on FB where someone in Lucknow sent a detailed letter to UP CM asking to form men’s commission officially. I think we need to send such letters to PM and President.


  4. Time to boycott…Dawat e Ishq…Thanks for the review…….I saved my money and time….The same should be done by other MRAs…They shouldn’t offer money in any manner which is even in the slightest bit misandric.I am boycotting Parineeti Chopra and along with her the male mangina protagonist.I am also boycotting Emma Watson and whatever the product she advertises in future as long as she doesn’t renounce feminism.I am also boycotting the Harrypotter movies.This plan should be executed.It will devastate them financially.If you stop buying it,they would stop selling it.And also the same word should be spread to other people who may want to watch this movie.


  5. A great post and a good discussion. I am happy that there are people who think like me. I fully agree that the film is nothing but a mockery on the criminal aspect of the 498)a) and these clowns are en-cashing on the pseudo idea of women empowerment.


  6. The UP chief minister’s father ,Mulayam Singh Yadav,even though he intially avowed to ammend the rape laws in order to prevent arbitrary arrests and also punish the women who misuse the law and remove or reduce the draconian provisions of punishment under the law, bowed down and apologized when the national feminist infected media bashed him day in and day out.And as a result of this,there was a scheme to politically debilitate him.Because ,the Badaun incident, was potrayed as a gang rape cum murder in all over the national and international media ,for days together.But even then his son Akhilesh Yadav did not bow down and rather called spade a spade and asked the mangina,whiteknight,and feminazis to rather google the word rape ,inorder to find out the truth about false rape cases.But the media bashed him even more.Now it seems,Akhilesh Yadav lost his balls.He too became another whiteknight politician, who , wants to cash in the votebank of women ,by emotionally fooling them.He gave tax free status to a film called Mardaani.This movie,called Mardaani, in which the main role was played by another feminist called Rani Mukherjee,who also acted in another similar kind of movie,with the politically correct theme of ‘wimmin empowerment’,has ways of promoting subtle misandry.It shows that maiming and crippling on man’s penis is alright and should be applauded by a civilized society,In the film,we also see this Rani Mukherjee,the femininst cop,breaking the purview of her legal rights,which are must and should be followed by every law abiding citizen of India,in her pursuit to rescue a girl called Pyaari.While it is commendable to rescue a person in distress ,whether it be a girl or a boy,the movie ends with the most misandric thing ,I have ever seen.This cop,instead of arresting him and getting him prosecuted in a court of law,hands over the person who mobilized and transported some girls without their consent,to be murdered in cold blood by the very girls.So,the signal, being sent here is,it is ok for girls and women to lynch and snuff a person ,if he is a man,and he is bad.So ,this movie,intentionally or unintentionally is promoting misandry directly without even a veil.Disgusting.So, as a result of Akhilesh Yadav, giving tax free status to this gyno centric movie,all the while not responding to the repeated plea of the men in his state to establish a men’s comission,in order to curb the crimes perpetrated by women against men,and also to prevent the misuse of women centric laws and also so as to ammend them ,so as to provide equal protection for men,under the very same law,all the while imposing tax on a common man who is unable to feed himself and his wife and kids in this gyno centric society makes me vommit.Really,whats wrong with these people.How ,low do they stoop in order to get the vote bank.If only,he would not have proposed a tax free status,the tax collected thereby would have been used to set up a men’s commission.This is giving the impression to me that Samajwadi Party may not stick to it’s plan of ammending or scrapping the gyno centric laws.Eventhough I am not saying that he has turned completely deaf ears deliberately to the men’s plea in his state,his actions seem to suggest otherwise.Also there is also another thing which is worrying me,even though I have promoted Samajwadi Party to MRAs.It is affliated with the most gynocentric ,man hating party called Congress.So,I am beginning to think that even though ,Akhilesh Yadav has a true intent of helping men,I think he may not be able to because of the feminist constraints imposed on him.So ,we have to take a deeper look next time when voting for him.We have to make sure ,he really is committed to men empowerment as his father was.UP guys,please take note of this fact.


  7. While Im not as passionate regarding your stand on the films story, such concepts of desperation driving people to commit criminal acts is not uncommon in movies. It`s actually quite a staple; poverty driving characters to steal, past trauma causes compromise of ethics.

    In the case of this, movie, that desperation wasnt properly developed so it came of gimmicky and extorted. I agree with you about how the ending does give off a bad message, and in retrospect actually diminishes the woman much more so than the movie may have intended. Its okay for the girl to comit crimes in emotional impulse, then be forgiven and rewarded with marriage once their deceit is exposed? Yea… no.

    Take a look at my own Review of the movie here:


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