This Is A Story of Male Rape by A Female

The Scene

Evening time!

The moon overlooking the white bungalow in a posh location in Bangalore is shining brightly on a full moon day. A ray of light coming out through the gaps of heavy curtains on the other end of the glass windows tells the world that someone is there in the ground floor hall.

The owner of the bungalow is a successful businessman who needs to travel frequently for his business purpose. His wife Kamini stays in the house alone. She is in her mid-forties’ and is involved in various social activities. Because the house stays empty most of the time they have kept one student as a Paying Guest in one of their ground floor rooms. His name is Shekhar. He had come from Bengal for studies.


Peeping through the curtains would tell one the hall the beautifully decorated with imported stuff. The bar is full of different types of liquor. It seemed that the owner had frequent parties at home or business meetings.

The hall was lit by a soft light. At the center of the hall was a combination sofa set with a beautifully crafted wooden center table. There were two half-full wine glasses kept over the table. Two persons could also be seen sitting on the sofa. One was a woman and another was a man. They were closely hugging each other in a passionate position.

No sound came out of the glass panes but one could easily say that there was a celebration going on inside.

A sweet and invigorating smell engulfed the hall. It was acting as a stimulus with the liquor and taking the couple to new heights of passion. She was sitting his lap and passionately kissing him all over. Her soft nipples had become hard enough to pierce him through. Her breasts were hardened and erected as she took them up and rubbed all over his body.

The Celebration

She had removed her nightdress except for the panty. That beautiful printed pink piece of cloth was asking him to remove that instantly. But he seemed to be overwhelmed with the situation. He didn’t even realize when he was undressed to his wet inners. He just had an ejaculation in his pants and was having pain in his abdomen. But he seemed to have been overpowered by something.

A man who is known as the stronger sex and known for his physical strength is weak under his pants. Sex is controlled by his brains and his strong physique hides equally weak sexual organs those can be active only for one or two minutes and hold his fluid within himself. After ejaculation, he becomes a dead meat.

Many men would think of this as a celebration but his mind was surrounded by a lot of fear and shame. He was unaware of his situation, he thought he was pricked by needles all over the body when her nipple was pressing him down. She put his hands on her buttocks and wanted him to press them hard while she moans and groans. She slid her hands into his wet inners, she didn’t have time to think of cleaning the same. It was a wet and soft piece of flesh inside. But she was burning from inside. The fire that was ignited under her abdomen was unending and she was desperate to put out the same. But no water could help put out that fire. Only he could and he was a dead meat.

She slapped him hard twice but he didn’t respond. He only could say – “not any more”. But that didn’t reach her ears. She was in a completely different world, she didn’t bother about what he said. For last few months, she never had to listen to him.

But he didn’t respond after that. Rather he was more unresponsive and almost unconscious.

“Fuck you,,,” She shouted and kicked him in his groin and helped herself in getting pleasure.

The man fell down from the sofa and started writhing in pain. He was unable to get up. His celebration was over.

He was being treated like this ever since he had come there. He did not know what he had to do or who could help him. Initially, she accused him of rape and made him work as per her wish. Else she threatened of sending him to live in prison. He cried in silence and kept crying. He could hear her making those sounds while she was helping herself with her fingers. Her celebration continued for some more time on the sofa and she gave up when she got tired.

After some time when she was done and she gathered some strength, she collected all her clothes lying around the sofa and prepared to go.

“Bastard” – She kicked him hard once again while leaving for her bedroom.

He kept lying there in pain and crying out loud. His celebration was over long back.


Next day he discovered himself lying on the carpet in that big hall. The music was off but the carpet was wet. It was wet with his tears. He had severe pain in his abdomen and did not have any strength to move.

He gained strength after a few days. In these days he was just staying at home. He didn’t have the courage to go to any doctor, too.

He became normal after two days. The pain had subdued a lot in those two days. He had logged in to social networking site for updates from his friends and he came across this video.

Female to Male rape


Now Shekhar knew that he would no longer be a victim of Kamini. He knew what he had to do.

Female to male rape – now in India too. Is it an unexpected celebration or a crime for you?


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