What Does Rape Allegation Against Indian Minister’s Son Reveal?

On 15th August this year India woke up with historic speech from their PM Mr. Narendra Modi as he addressed the nation on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. As it was his first address to the nation as a PM the whole nation was eagerly waiting to see him set a new yardstick for himself. He indeed do that same as he opened the speech with –

PMO Tweet

Indian men listened to his speech in shock as he accused all of them as rapists or potential rapists. He just attacked Indian families and parents of letting their sons do whatever they want. Many men and parents were offended by that speech as if Indian parents teach their sons how to rape. But Indian men are used to this kind of misandric speech from their leaders else how will the leaders gain popularity so there was no unrest in India.

But that was not all, he has not given any credit to Indian men in building the nation when he said –

PMO Tweet

Even though most of the Indian farmers, labourers and scientists may be men but special mention of women and NO mention of men keep us wondering about what did Indian men really do? Who were most of the freedom fighters in India who laid down their lives for the country to get us freedom, who were those brave hearts who saved India from natural disasters or who are the ones who are dying every day in Kargil or fighting terrorist outfits?

They are mostly men and they are NOT the rapists. But our PM has termed men only as rapists and conveniently ignored their contribution in building the nation. He mentioned women in his speech as if women are the ones who are doing maximum sacrifice and hence they need to be specially mentioned and men’s contribution is not even worth mention. Men are only worth mentioned as rapists, our families are only to be blamed for making their sons rapists or killing their daughters.

He also said –

PMO Tweet

On the same day he took pledge of not making the surrounding dirty. That means not only environmental cleanliness but also political cleanliness as well. As he said –

PMO Tweet

As if he wants to think beyond his selfish interest and look for nation’s welfare.

After a few days came the real challenge for his government. His own Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda’s son was accused by a Kannada actress for cheating and rape.

Looks like Mr. Gowda didn’t teach his son ‘Not to Rapesomething that his PM himself preached on India’s Independence Day.  It looks like Mr Gowda has never stopped his son from doing this wrong. It shows that the PM who talks about not making his surroundings dirty, think beyond selfish interests and think for the nation is still bearing with this father in his cabinet.

Our PM said that law will take its own course in rape cases but only in this case we see that feminists raising the point why should media and society be used as moral police? Why should sex in the promise of marriage be considered as rape at all? But for so many years when innocent law-abiding and peace-loving common Indian men were accused of rape, their PM has only termed them as rapists and blamed their parents for that.

Only when the accused is a minister’s son we don’t see anyone demanding his death penalty. We don’t even see our PM cleaning his own surrounding, his own cabinet from a father, who according to PM himself should be held guilty for his son’s behaviour.

It is proved one more time that we live in hypocrite society, we all probably are.


  1. Before splitting your words, you should know the man you are talking about. You have just played with his words nothing less, I stand with his saying that if someone is doing rape he is not Alien, and his parents, society should take responsibility for not giving him value teaching.


  2. Brilliant Partha!! .. Looks like GOI thinks other the government every Indian men is a rapist, no one care how system and womens are raping mens every day..

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  3. The first thing that Corrupt and Blind Followers of corrupt are fearful of is, Questions!!! They do not want to Answer for their Hippocratic behavior.

    Good one Partha….


  4. @Partha

    We also need to do a detailed piece of this Psychological Game that is being played by the Powerful over masses by aligning with these Agencies like Feminists and NGOs and creating mass hysteria!! What do they have to gain and how it is possibly done… What are the reasons for the Masses to Ignore and feel “That they have not Done Anything Wrong” so it would not happen to them…… Who are the ones benefiting from it the most??????


  5. I had great hopes on Narendra Modi..Seems like he is another selfish self serving ignorant politician who creates vote bank by criminalizing men because they are born as men.This is God’s honest truth.After hearing his garbag ,now ,I am sure that he is same as any other politician.My only guess is this.He has been able to develop Gujarat because 1)There was no strong opposition to stop him from doing what he has done.2)He has been elected to power three continuous times by the people and that gave him immense possibility to do good. He is ignorant of the global anti feminism that is rising on the tide.I will definetely not vote to this deluded emancipator .Rather I will vote for Men’s political Party (which is going to be launched in future) or Samajwadi Party or NOTA.But definitely not this media projected white knight hero…Instead he should have tweeted that women who misuse the laws against men should hanged.Eventhough my comment will not go down with many people ,it will be too late when they realize the truth.Peace


  6. List of movie stars involved in misandry…..Amir Khan,Shah Rukh Khan,Farhan Akhtar,Kalki Koechen,Priyanka Chopra,Rani Mukherjee, Soha Ali Khan,Parvati Omankuttan,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Kangana Raunat,Apoorva Lakhia,Ram Gopal Varma Alia Bhatt …these are some of them.I will bring more of them ..Boycott all the products of these people.Let us contribute to civil disobedience…


  7. Some more celebrities who spread misandry…Rihanna,Emma Watson,Arjun Rampal,Chitrangada Singh,Yukta Mukhi …….boycott these people….will hopefully come up with more…..


  8. Off late I have come to know that facebook,twitter,and wikipedia have been occupied by feminazis.And not only that youtube
    is going to be also hijacked by these weeds.Recently I also came to see Anushka Sharma spreading misandry on an youtube commercial,So #BoycottAnushkaSharma.


  9. Shabana Azmi,Minisha Lamba,Sharmila Tagore…I will keep coming with more…please don’t ignore the list of names I am giving…I urge all those who care for the country to boycott all these people and the products they are advertising and socially ostracize them.


  10. Telugu film actor Junior NTR.

    Proof:- In a movie called ‘Temper’ released recently, in a dialogue with the judge of a court
    he says “We men are raping women right at the first sight of them.Do you have the dare to hang and kill us immediately.”


      • Telugu film actress Nandita, Hindi/Telugu film actress Ada Sharma,The most beautiful and attractive woman (exaggeration) manly woman Sonakshi Sinha.Please , I implore all of you to cause permanent failure to these by avoiding their movies.


        • The duo of Charmi kaur, Puri Jagannath.
          Proof ().
          In a telugu movie called
          “Jyoti Lakhsmi” Charmi kaur “All troubles of women are due to only men”.
          This Punjabi lakshmi also acted in another movie immediately after Nirbhaya incident where she decided to cash in the frenzy perpetrated by the media and (over) acted in a movie related to the incident.


  11. India’s Misandrist self righteous “Shruthi Seth”.Mtv Rowdies “Raghu Ram”
    My argument why I protest the tweet.
    First of all it is a good initiative that has: not been taken by any PM before.
    Second , as this is a selfie era where selfies are reigning in supreme on social media , it is infact a right step on the part of our PM to use it to convey message to it’s people.
    Third, it is certainly a beneficial move to the overall purpose of women welfare because if the fathers are encouraged to share a selfie (implied message to all is to be proud and give a message that you ARE proud and give the same impression publicly) the gap may most surely decrease.

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    • The above comments I have made regarding a tweet made by a certain Shruthi seth (comedy circus fame)who bashed PM Modi for encouraging fathers to take selfie.She uses social media for her so called intention to move PM modi into action for the sake of girls but if the same PM uses social media, he is nothing but a selfie obsessed individual.If she really is so concerned about only Women (as men according to her are experiencing paradise on earth while women are experiencing the fire of the lowest pit of hell in this India) then she would have made an appointment with the PM personally and contributed to the treasury out of: her own hard earned rightful income and submit a written request to the hand of PM(just how Aamir khan met PM personally) regarding what exactly she wants PM to do. She would not have bluntly spewed her anguish (or hate?) on social media.


  12. Telugu movie actress Raasi Khanna who in an interview to Sakshi weekly magazine when asked what punishment would you give to a male rapist, she says she would make sure the part with which he did the crime wouldn’t exist. Seems this cinematic dialogue wouldn’t come out but from a person who really would do such a thing if given a chance.She seems to be a huge danger to the men and their manhood.Or she is a perverted freak who wants to chop the reproductive organs. Does this woman also pronounce the same judgement to women who rape?.And what about the women who issue false rape cases?.
    Now all those people who incase have some self respect left, imagine a man saying the same thing about a woman rapist.And just expect the type of reaction from this gyncocentric world.So the situation has come degraded to such an extent that a woman makes such brazenly iMPOTENT statements but still the people love her and watch her movies, filling her pockets providing her with the luxuries of life.Shame. (:).


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