Are You Aware of This Two Faced Monster?

Hello ….my old friends who still proudly proclaim themselves as feminists. Do you realize that your hypocrisy is increasingly being exposed in our society every day? You might have played with our emotions in 1983 and exaggerated a few bride burning cases as nationwide phenomenon to pass IPC 498a but last 30 years of misuse of this act has shown us how this has strengthened the business of lawyers, police and women NGOs. This has exposed the bias in National Commission for Women (NCW) as well. You might have played with our emotions to pass domestic violence act (DVA) in 2005 by showing bruised images of women and we all marched behind you without thinking rationally that we were targeting a gender and not a crime. You have done it again in Dec 2012 and many of us rallied with you for extreme punishment for rapists without understanding or rationalizing the definition of rape in the first place. But this time some of us understood your trick. We the MRAs protested this change. It was never unilateral but you still won on public sympathy.

Dear feminists we have had enough of this mind control games as we understand your motive today. We understand that people who spearheaded the HangTheRapists campaign were a bunch of hypocrites like Tarun Tejpal, Shoma Chaudhury and Khurshid Anwar who just wanted to fulfil their personal agenda by fuelling public anger. Some of them just wanted to get a license to rape and conveniently give their crime protection from feminism itself. That is why we see the same people who created social injustice by media trial and street trial vehemently voiced their anger against the same when they had to face the same.

Even the Devyani Khobragade case opened our eyes. This showed us that Indians who went out with candles for women safety actually were a bunch of hypocrites like Tejpal or Anwar who never wanted to stop crime against women. All they wanted was to capitalize on our emotions to help feed a bigger feminism industry. Probably many of them didn’t realize it when they were carrying those candles but realized it later. Like NDTV journo Barkha Dutt. She realized this after the recent case of allegation of rape against our Railway Minister’s son.

Two faced monster

Today as more and more people realize this hypocrisy, feminists are made to run for cover globally. Many who carried candles after Delhi rape realize that most of Indian rapes are not what happened in Delhi in Dec 2012, but what these models do to accuse the rich and powerful (sex on premise of marriage). So Ms. Dutt also had to come out strongly against such flimsy allegations of rape and wasting public and media time. Now NDTV and Dutt is caught in the wrong side as they supported the outrageous laws once, they have made use of our emotions to act against our own future, they have created a rage for punishing a gender and NOT a crime and the media today are made to look like fools.

Dear feminists, we understand your hypocrisy when we see your Texas counterparts ask for a right for mothers to kill their own children upto the age of one year for postpartum depression. We understand this hypocrisy because it is the same feminists who show concern for female feticide in India and make up many stories around. It is the same feminists who ask for rising the legal age of abortion in India. We understand this hypocrisy when you feminists ask for topless equality but oppose objectification of women by men. We understand your cruel agenda of castrating every man when we see the activities of feminist groups. When we see that feminists in France are demanding visiting a prostitute by a man should be made a criminal offence but not prostitution. We understand that you want us to completely forget the fact that many women voluntarily join prostitution for easy money and a high life and this applies to many Indian women as well. We understand that you feminists want to make men guilty of every sexual intercourse that happens in the world. We see the same in India when our rich and powerful are accused of rape for sex under premise of marriage but the same does not happen when a woman refuse to marry after a live-in relation. We understand the feminist hypocrisy when feminists refute health reasons for using tampons or having a shapely body or shaving that extra body hair. You say these are patriarchal oppression and part of objectification of women but you yourself rejoice when #Fatkini goes viral on the web. You want women to display their obese bodies openly and feel proud about it. Isn’t it objectification of women?

Dear feminists we understand that we live in a giant global society today and hence the global phenomenon becomes important to Indians as well. We know what Texas mothers or feminists in France demand today will eventually arrive in India. We have experienced the same earlier. The introduction of IRBM law, slutwalk or promoting nudity as empowerment to name a few such phenomena that has happened to us under international influence. Even NIrbhaya Act was prepared and passed under international influence.

Dear feminists, today we understand that feminism is a two faced monster. We realize that being in a feminist society in India we are full of hypocrites. That is why we see when a drunk girl beats up a policeman on duty in Kolkata or in Delhi and those policemen can’t protect themselves we still say women are unsafe everywhere. That is why we see when a girl beats up a boy on the streets other men join her and beat up the boy even without knowing what he actually did. Those videos go viral with everyone suggesting women to be like her. But when this happen to their sons, the same people say there is no justice for men. They come crying to Men’s Rights groups for help. But how can anyone ensure justice when those hypocrites themselves denied justice to their gender. When this hypocrite society can’t punish women for misusing taxpayer’s money and misusing govt machinery we fail as a whole and this is not going to continue any longer.



  1. Hypocrisy is available in abundance all over, not only among feminists, not only in India.
    Many, maybe most activists focus only on those forms of discrimination where they are victims themselves. They do not seem to be bothered about those forms of discrimination where they have the upper hand. For example, a man may fight against caste discrimination, but may condone or perhaps practise gender discrimination. Or a woman may fight against gender discrimination, but may condone or perhaps practise caste discrimination against other women and men.


  2. Just yesterday I have seen another misandric thing.A short stout woman with a big Bindi sat in an auto and reached office with me.Actually the fare is rs 20.But she gave him only rs 15.The auto guy respecttfully addressed her “mam it is Rs 20 ,please give me Rs 20”.The woman shouted at him and called him a liar and harshly and loudly said “NO”.The guy was intimidated and left with humiliation.


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