Will Killing A Baby After Its’ Birth Be A New Right For Women?

Feminism has shown many colors recently. Especially if we follow international feminism we will know how feminism is showing its evil features every day. Recently feminists have crossed all limits by demanding the right to kill their own babies.

A bill presented before the Texas legislature seeks right for mothers to kill their own babies up to one year of age. Reason – it says that women undergo postpartum depression after childbirth and hence mothers need to have right to kill their newborns up to one year of age.

As we see that panelists raise the question about the inhuman nature of the bill and definitely no father gets this right. (I am sure fathers won’t ask for this right as well). This kind of bill shows us that women can be more cruel than any men.

What is more shocking is that the proposers of this bill say that every civilized country should have this law passed. This strengthens my viewpoint that a bunch of criminals (they may be conspiracy theorists or beneficiaries of new world order) are on the prowl to control humanity. This bolsters the age-old conspiracy theory of limiting humanity to a certain number. The reason, these super power people want to control the entire human race and enjoy all global resources. For this purpose limiting the total number of people is very important for them so that they can control the human race easily.

Today, it is under the wrap of feminism, these kinds of rights are sought as mothers right and as a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) I have every reason to believe that it is to limit the number of boys/men in the globe. Because feminists have already raised a voice in different feminist platforms that mothers should not breastfeed their sons or kill their male children because it is these male children who are going to oppress women in future.

Feminists have already started projecting all men as rapists and that includes HangTheRapist campaigners as well. The irony is these men are ignorant of such feminist agenda and they fight to kill their own selves under some feminist agenda. These idiots actually offer themselves to be treated like pigs by these feminist criminals. No wonder why feminist groups like Femen have the audacity to display the image of a nude girl holding chopped off testicles in one hand.


Recently some people devoid of any knowledge or understanding of rights asked Indian MRM to start fighting for Mother’s Rights. Little did they know that mothers’ rights can be so weird as to seeking right for killing their own baby under some psychological depression. I have no words to express my sorrow that still many human rights activists do not understand this dangerous propaganda of de-humanization under feminist banner. The earlier common people understand this cruel agenda the better it is for them, otherwise, the way India imitates US laws and feminists fight for those (like that happened for IRBM) very soon we will see these kinds of laws coming to India as well.


  1. “What is more shocking is that the proposers of this bill say that every civilised country should have this law passed. ”

    And India, of course, is a modernizing, civilized country, isn’t it?
    Which is why the CoW (Commission for Women), will push a similar legislation in the Lok Sabha. Only a matter of time. For how else, will Indian feminazis give proof of their solidarity to the international sista-hood?

    In less than one generation, Indian males will learn their stupid habit of pedestalizing the ‘आई-बला नारी’ … while Devi-worshipping her, is the reason for their social ills.

    Next illusion and institution to be shattered … INDIAN MOTHERHOOD!
    Good! Very good!


  2. This has nothing to do with feminism. It’s about mental illness. It’s just like how they treat other people who have committed murder and who might have been classified as insane at that very moment.
    I also need to stress the fact that men cannot – as far as we know – get postpartum depression. Therefore it will be impossible for a man to kill his child in postpartum psychosis – hence; men cannot be tried in the same way.

    What I find sad reading this is that you – as you state, a MRA – think men and women need to have some sort of standoff. Creating a us-against-them mentality. This is the kind of mentality that starts wars.

    Baby girls have been selectively killed for centuries in countries like India and China for being just that – girls. Boys are also highly regarded by couples who opt for genetic engineering. A fact that refutes your own conspiracy theory on women wanting to kill boys because they “are going to oppress women in future”.

    Feminism is about equal rights for everyone, no matter what gender, race or sexual orientation.


    • Objective comment. I like your reasoning. But if this is a mental illness these mothers need to be sent to the mental asylum and NOT given the right to kill a baby. I have never said that a father needs to have that right. I am against that too.

      Coming to the point that baby girls were killed in India and China is a myth today. If there is any foetous killed in India there may be many reasons behind that – like poverty, pre marital sex, unwanted pregnancy etc. The sex ratio between the age group of 0-6 yrs is no indication that baby girls are killed. There may be a situation where parents not going for a second baby after having a first son. But they are still trying to get a son after a first girl. There is no killing involved in that. Killing of female foetus in India is amyth propagated for ages by feminists without any base.

      Now coming to the last sentence that feminism is about gender equality….please do not fool yourself anymore. The truth is out in this blog.


      • They are not giving them the right to kill their baby, it’s merely a question of what kind of sentence they can receive. No one knows which postpartum depressed mother is going to go into psychosis and murder their child. You can’t just send every mother with the slightest sign of postpartum to “mental asylums”, then there would be very few mothers left to raise their kids.
        No one is saying ‘go ahead and kill your baby, it’s totally fine’. If the mother kills her child she would have to go through the same trial as any other child killer. To have the options of being sentenced to either prison or a mental health facility has been a normal practice for years.
        I also noticed that the video is from some pro-life show, which isn’t really the most objective way to get your facts.

        Yes, luckily, it has changed, but it’s not that long since it was still considered okay to abort a baby girl in India and China… And India still has the practice where the girl’s parents are expected to pay the boy’s parents for “taking her inn” when they marry.

        I grew up in what is maybe the country with the most gender equality in the world. But I also grew up with feminism. And that feminism has always had its base in trying to work for equality for everyone. As a woman in the western world, I have rarely had to fight for equality for myself. But I can see that women in countries like Congo, Iran and Saudi Arabia need equality. But so does the LGBTQ community. And so does any religious or racial minority of any nation. Stop getting caught up in the “femi”-part, it’s just called feminism because changing the name to something else just because it’s politically correct is just stupid.


      • Somebody here said that feminism is about equality.That is a bunch oof hot garbage.And somebody here alluded to so called inequality somewhere.Infact it is the feminists who have made us versus them.It is stupid to debate these people because obviously they are ignorant or they are plain hypocrites.


    • Men do get post partum depression.
      Australia has the highest rate of male post partum suicides.
      So there goes your feminine license. Revoked.
      No. Feminism is not about equal rights.
      It is a coercive collective bent on achieving the callous primacy
      of female supremacists a.k.a feminazis.
      Please take your false sermon
      to a distant and desolate mountain,
      as you already belong to a rival and fake religion.


      • If men get postpartum it cannot be directly connected to the birth. Women are physically and mentally drained for nine months before giving birth. I am not saying men are completely unaffected by their partner’s pregnancy, but I don’t think you can classify it as postpartum suicides – there must be some other factors than your partner giving birth.
        Nazism is a political ideology, not a word to add to other ideologies whenever you want to talk derogatory to people.
        And, yo, I’m not religious. There is no feminist God.


      • A reply for the below comment ” There is no feminist God”.Yes.There is a feminist God.It is the accursed Satan himself.Sorry to quote the sscripture here .According to the book ,”Satan inspires the people to ssacrifice human lives”.Finding reasons to justify slitting the throats of an infant is nothing but a thought inspired by Satan.How insane a pperson has to be to kill a suckling infant and then to justify such ana ct. Only when a person has a life threat and such a person defends by hitting the other person ,and that person dies accidentally.only then ,such a person be excused and freed of actual murder charges,with the onus of proof resting on the person accused to clear herself of such charges.Killing a newly born and even worst ,seeking reasons to justify ???????????????


  3. Shaik Rizwan: As someone who stands behind feminism I have never wanted or tried to create some us vs them mentality. I love men, really, most men are freaking awesome. And fun fact: no feminists hate men. If you hate men just because they are men you’re not a feminist; you’re an asshole. And the same with men hating women just because they are women.
    I find it sad that with the rise of the MRM more men are turning to a negativity towards women, a negativity that is as harmful to men as it is to women. It’s more important to stand together against general inequality instead of creating a battle between the sexes.

    I don’t enjoy having to “defend” feminism. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need feminism. Hopefully, in the future, we will all be equal and we could focus on more important issues like ending world hunger and poverty, creating more jobs, destroying all forms of nuclear weapons and curing diseases. But, unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

    As opposed to you, I think it’s great that we can debate this. We need to debate this. Debating is one of the best ways to educate each other. If you want to call me ignorant and a hypocrite, then so be it. I really don’t waste my time being offended by name calling. I do, however, find it a little bit frustrating that you cannot come up with a proper argument. But, don’t worry, the fact that you can’t find an argument supporting your views won’t keep me up at night.


    • The fact that I did not address you directly but still you chose to take the pain to give me a long and tedious reply inherently taking again the side of feminism at the expense of truth and justice still amazes me and is beyond me.There is an old saying people get stuck to their blind beliefs until they are consumed by it completely.The same goes with those associated with feminism.You can’t create a so called utopian equal and ideal society through unequal laws, quote un quote so called “positive systematic and social discrimination “, treating the males as disposable money making commodities,and snubbing their voice of concerns.This is not paradise This is earth everybody has to face challenges and rise above it through persistence and perseverance no matter what to get to the point of their self projected success.Things are made that way in the real world.Just because men are vocal about their difficulties and especially due to feminist laws and bullying doesn’t mean they are not facing the heat.They are just silently suffering.And the baloon may burst sooner or later.


    • I agree with you here thoroughly:
      My only point of dissension,
      is on the correct spelling of the rear orifice.


      • @ Jaya K. Menon

        Ms. Tarantito is projecting
        the definition of Feminazi Narcissism onto MRM!

        • Name-calling? Give that the Pink Privilege check.
        • Never any proper arguments? Ditto as above!

        Scroll down to see Victor Muni’s eloquent post.
        And she reduces it to Ad Hominem feminist stud-shaming.

        I guess that would make her the Joanne of Barks? LOL!


    • @Tarantito:

      In response to a branch in this thread, where you’ve stated that MRAs are name calling etc.

      Please note feminists (sheeples) and feminazis (vixens), are the Goebbels and Machiavellis of mud slinging and the Invectives Lacrosse.

      They’ve mastered this quite effectively, over the past century, and especially the past half century. Fragmenting social, family and community equilibriums by subverting the idea of equality itself. Destructing the moral ecosystem and human reciprocities.

      Do you and your feckless sisterhood, really believe that men are going to let this continue for much longer? Sure you do! It’s the blinkered mare and her unicorn pretentiousness after all!

      But no, we won’t. Not when we see slutwalkers, slithering down the promenades and esplanades. Not when we are short changed by the state. Not when we are tarred and feathered for the crimes and misdemeanors of a few bad apples of the past and present; and their transgressions employed as a political paperweight for all present and future males (that’s minor boys and adult men together.)

      The feminazis radfems have no idea of the discontent that is extant in males.
      Sure it shouldn’t be this way, the gender dynamics. But let’s see the silent majority of women change it.
      And they will, when it hurts their husbands and sons. This is the way women’s insecurities boomerang upon them. They only see through their gender prism. And that prism is their prison.

      Welcome to the human cage, ladies.
      Independence is the chimera sold to you by the consumerist media. And your degradation is the price you pay to preen in the falsehood call freedom.

      Men have been mindful of it for long, and it is the carnality of existence and the shaming of men by women, have extracted from the male mules our resourcefulness. Your venality has freed us from our illusions. We have learned that women are not paragons. They aren’t the beauty we extoll, but a Venus Flytrap deployed by nature to entrap, reproduce, entrap … ad infinitum. And we have seen your methods, and know you to be a bovine herd in heat, but unable to hoe the plough.

      We men thank god for that revelation.
      You ‘goddesses’ should thank me for this.


      • If you only used the same amount of time talking with women outside of the internet as you do making those euphemisms up… And so dramatic – you should contact Mel Gibson, maybe you can make a movie together using long, masculine speeches!

        And, okay, listen to this, how about you MRAs write like a dictionary on what you mean by the names you call feminists, so that we actually know what you’re talking about. Since it seems like you will never ever call a feminist a feminist.

        I do love how one of you have taken the curtsey to thumb down all my comments and thummed up the counterparts’. It truly makes me feel at home in the hostile environment that is the internet we all appreciate so much. You go, good sir. You go!

        I am trying to take you guys seriously. But y’all are making it so fucking hard.
        (I’m never gong to thank you for anything ever, so do not hold you breath)


      • Your ignorance and subjective view is astounding. Your going on about how all women are evil and all feminists are trying to take out the male population. I am laughing at the irony of this, you stereotyping an entire gender and movement, but yet calling every one else fascists. You making the statement that all feminists are extremists and want to have power over men is just as bad as saying all black people steal and smoke crack or that all Mexican people are lazy or that all white people are trashy, etc. It seams as though you have had some bad past experiences with women or feminists that gave you a sour view point on them. I’m sorry that you feel that way but no one has the right to discriminate. I for one am a supporter of feminism as a whole, not as the general idea that people have made it out to be today with extremist insanity that’s created this ugly stereotype, just as ugly as the stereotype that all men oppress women. The foundation of feminism and it’s Original intent, much like this country,was based on the idea of equality, but has been distorted and ruined for the minority over time.


        • So as a feminist, the first thing you need to do is to expose modern feminists. Instead you are shouting here and trying to prove me wrong whereas all I did was exposed your feminists friends and how feminists are shaping up. If you are a proud feminist (real one) then protest them not me.


    • Exactly what I was thinking. Extremists do things like this and then people stereotype the entire group. What they call feminism now a days is not feminism. Feminists fight for wemon to have equal rights as men, not to be above them. Any one doing things like that is not feminist they are just insane.


    • 3*3=9. MRAs: THE TWO 3s ARE OPPRESSING THE 9, AND HAVE DONE SO FOR CENTURIES! We do not actually have any proof of it – BUT THEY ARE!


  4. Ohh my God…Your humour sucks..Oh sorry …I mean rocks….You are great…I submit….Feminism is the best thing that has ever happened to the humanity .Now are you happy?….:).They are the best of the created beings….They are the most knowledgeable persons ever created by mother nature.They are the embodiment of peace.They love men…They teach men and women to respect men…I agree ,they dont do or say anything to offend ever….And yes……..you sure are worthy of given a noble peace prize :).


      • Feminism is an ideology, not a person. So it can’t have spine or legs. And perhaps you should google women against feminism and see what kind of ridiculous statements they’ve made 💁


      • @ Tarantito.

        Are you an utter simpleton or a numbskull? Or both?
        Do you selectively understand and / or dismiss rhetorics,
        that are inconvenient to misandry? Juvenile!

        Why don’t you take a slurp of your own prescription,
        and search the vile theories propounded by the feminazis?
        Losers. And you are the self appointed vanguard
        for gender equality?

        Why don’t you crawl back to your corner of male bashing
        Wordpress turf, and graze the green grass there?
        Because in that meadow, you may moo and mope,
        to your heart’s discontent.


  5. @Victor Muni

    First of all I think you need to start taking stuff on internet a little less seriously. And may I also suggest you read up on the fine art of sarcasm?

    Nazism is also something all y’all should do some research on. But if you’re too busy jacking off I’ll explain it easily; feminism is left-wing, nazism is right-wing. So calling someone a feminazi is basically like calling someone a republican democrat – it does not make sense.

    I don’t “bash” men, men are awesome! But I must admit I do like criticising and whining up butthurt MRAs like yourself 🙅


    • Great! Stroke yourself to a fever, doing just that.

      Left wing or Right wing … fascism comes in all shades.
      Your shade is a bright and unaesthetic bubble-gummy,
      Disney Princess Pink.

      Butthurt? Oh puh-leeeze! Don’t be so ‘Anal’.

      Oh no! We MRA’s don’t take anything on the internet,
      ‘less seriously’. Knowing the damage done by you
      untethered, misandrous lunatics … we have to install,
      the rule of masculine and rational order, in place of,
      the relativist chaos, ‘woven’ by you divas.


  6. Also
    This virus called tarantito is sent by feminazi drone to disrupt the meaningful discussions and awareness MRAs are trying to create.It is a ploy to distract and take the discussion to entirely new arena which has nothing to do with the topic in hand. Her presence only on this form which is dedicated to condemn killing of newly born babies and her constant defence of feminism only on this page especially makes me think that “May God forbid ,she may not be a murderer who slit the throat of a suckling infant.”.Finally let me announce that it is a bigger feminazi strategy to take over the internet.These things which call themselves feminists are collectively making an effort to get internet censorship laws to be passed so that the freedom of speech and expression may be scuffled as the internet happens to be the hotbed of MRA activity and also an alternate voice to main stream media which is presenting little to no truth and which has already prostrated to these things..Their intention is to heat up the discussion and nothing else.The more she says men are awesome the more I see she is a man hating monger which is showing a benign face with sweet words to hide a darker and more violent and bigoted monster which is behind it.To be precise this thing is passive aggressive toxic piece of trash.
    Spoiler alert:- These organisms have already taken over facebook,twitter and wikipedia.And these stooges will stoop to as low as the valley of hell fire to further their agenda at any cost.Shaming tactics is where they derive their sadistic pleasure.


  7. Lol women already have a host of Syndromes to kill their children. They can already murder with impunity and it is very difficult to prove it as society is too busy (and too scared) to beleive its possible that women are killers.
    Many kill and use syndromes such as pre menstral(during the time of her period this allows her to act like govt certified killer), battered women syndrome, angry women syndrome etc.
    When a women kills someone we feel pity like the poor thing she must have loved him and hence killed him by accident. This new law whould double all the murders. Disgusting.
    The more and more i see feminists in action is the more i question if women ever where the loving people we where told about or where just simply devils in disguise. I alreafy dont like abortion of innocent life. They argue it is not a life but now even by their standards they seek to end it.


  8. The myth that mothers are the best guardian of the child has to end.
    Mothers have long been using children as a means of milking money from their husband. They are least bothered about the safety of the child. in fact they don’t give second thought to eliminate the child if it is coming in their way. http://lifenstory.com/monster_moms


  9. It’s really sad that you guys have such twisted morals and thoughts about life like that… Keep destroying everything while women create those things that you so choose to destroy -All given by God.

    Guys got mad issues


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