What Is #Fatkini And Why It Went Viral?

FatkiniWhile during the lockdown period women are getting fatter as they continue cooking exotic dishes and eating and sleeping heavily, feminists have already tried to make fat or oversized females a fashion statement. There was a time when #Fatkini was indeed a trending campaign on Twitter and today I will tell you more about how feminists tried to make ‘being fat’ the new normal.

Time and again feminism has shown us how ugly they can become. Feminists asked men in Sweden to pee sitting down because according to them it is – healthy and hygienic; Feminists asked women not to remove body hair – because it is natural and removing hair is patriarchal oppression and considered as the objectification of women; feminists have asked women not to wear tampon as it is patriarchal oppression and patriarchal invention to subjugate the feminine gender.

Now feminists have come up with one more theory of celebrating fat female bodies as according to them it is – Right to feel happy.

Thanks to these feminists I am coming across a new right every day and my understanding of human rights is going away. With this new concept of ‘Right to Feel Happy’, I am wondering if patriarchy or men ever stopped women from feeling happy? Well, I am not sure.

The first thing that came in my mind when I saw #Fatkini going viral on Twitter is the objectification of women bodies. It is the feminists who want to objectify women bodies with this new idea. I have no issue if fat people want to celebrate or love their body but I have a problem with objectification by such people who always protest the same and being obese as one step closer to equality.

Feminists say that the figure of a Barbie doll with exaggerated feminine features is a symbol of patriarchal oppression and patriarchal dictate of female sexuality. However, what they forget is that male body too was objectified for ages and bodies with heavy muscles were made desirable and considered perfect male body by everyone. I feel that this kind of portraying one gender has nothing to do with objectification of either male or female body. What this means is a mere depiction of a healthy body and that has nothing to do with oppression or objectification. However, feminists have made it look like oppression. I wonder from when being healthy and desirable has become a symbol of sexism or oppression.

Thanks to this feminist theory now obese females are displaying their bikini bodies openly and feeling proud of that. Well, it is not bad to feel proud of whatever way one looks but the issue here deliberately promoting a lifestyle that may be full of problems.

Obese generally have more health issues. Many of them suffer from an excessive eating disorder and many other psychological disorders apart from physical ones. There is no harm in one being or feeling happy about whatever way one looks but when one is deliberately made to believe that this kind of body is natural or a perfectly shaped female body is a symbol of patriarchal oppression that only creates a skewed sense of sexism among people.

Hope young women do not fall prey to this false sense of equality and start believing that an obese body is desirable because it is free from patriarchal objectification. I also hope men are not forced to believe that an oversized, fat and unclean woman is what they should desire for now. This is a concern to men in society because they need to look for a healthy person as a mate. But if the concept of a healthy woman is skewed by feminists like this and fat and ugly women are projected as more desirable for men then our future generation will have serious issues.

This will also have a damaging effect on women. If there is a competition among women for becoming fat as that is projected as more desirable today, then our women will only be prone to an unhealthy lifestyle. Indian women are still better as they are not dependant on fast food and hence they don’t have obesity problem like the western countries today. But any projection of an unhealthy lifestyle will surely have its toll on these young minds. Feminists will be more acceptable to common people when they stop thinking in a sexist way and promote a clean and hygienic lifestyle.


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  1. I am not against feminism per se but the term “feminism” by its very etymology is a limiting. Terms like “Equalism” and the like are much more inclusive.
    But even then, examples like making men sit for peeing is not feminism but “gynocentricism”, which is something which should be discouraged.

    As far as normalising obesity is concerned, it is certainly not a gender issues but a health issue. Obesity should neither be shamed nor glorified. Yes, obese people can be happy if they want.

    And of course everyone has the right to feel attracted to whatever body type, personality type etc they feel attracted to ! Shaming them for the same is certainly is fake-feminism. If someone is not attracted to an obese person, that’s their prerogative.

    There is a large number of people who will use any philosophy at their disposal to further their cause. Feminism is used as well by a lot of people who don’t even fully understand what it is.

    Peace out !


  2. Hi Partha,

    Amir khan is spreading misandry in his show Satyameva Jayate.He is coming up with exagerated and conflated female foeticide stats.There might be many reasons that the number of females to males ratio is less.Such as low birth rate of women.Suicides of women due to health reasons.Death of more women due to natural disasters.Death of women in accidents.More death of women due to health reasons.But the only reason that is being projected is women are killing their daughters because they are women. It is time to boycott Amir khan and his movies and his shows.We online MRAs should spread the word to other people. Please make a separate article on this.Misandry has become a style statement.Today in Bus I saw the conductor rudely shouting on a man to get up from the seat reserved even though there was no women on bus.


      • Yes I totally agree.Im with you on it.But please take this fact to other MRAs and people too so that they may not be conned by Mr Amir khan for his TRPs.People believe that Amir Khan to be most intelligent celebrity.Thats why he may influence and inject feminism and thereby make the people suffer from Feminist Personality disorder.So my only plea to you is as you have a platform please spread this word so that his upcoming movies and all his shows are boycotted on a massive scale and only when he faces a financial dent ,may be he will recognise his hypocrisy and stop spreading misandry.


  3. That you felt the need to drop the term “unclean” when addressing how men may now be encouraged to date women who are larger (oh NOOOO, how terrible that men may actually date women who aren’t size 4 (American size) and LIKE IT, how terrible) shows me the disrespect you have for larger women. You make the automatic assumption that all overweight = dirty, mental and eating disorders. Where is the scientific facts in ANY of that. You’re spewing thoughts of hate and disgust for women who first and foremost deserve love no matter WHAT THEIR SIZE. But secondly for women who actually feel secure in their bodies in a society worldwide that shames them for being “different”.

    Oh, and P.S. whether it’s healthy or not, NO ONE has the right to tell someone else how to live.

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  4. I don’t have a problem with large folks but not those who spread lies about eating healthily and preventing their community from doing so. It’s harming their members and friends.


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